A complete digital marketing course from a famous digital marketing company + certified certificate

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A complete digital marketing course from a famous digital marketing company + certified certificate

The best complete e-marketing course offered by Nofal Seo company to learn everything you want about marketing, with the best e-marketing courses on the Internet. If you are interested in the field of e-marketing and are looking for a course that enables you to work professionally, discover the secrets of e-marketing, as well as identify the causes of sales and great gains for major online marketers, then you are looking in the right place

Now with the best e-marketing company, you can go towards professionalism in the fields of e-marketing, and learn how to do e-marketing via WhatsApp and the most important strategies on the Internet.

The importance of e-marketing has reached a great place due to continuous technological progress and the inability of traditional marketing to provide the desired results, but let’s start and learn about e-marketing and discover its secrets and how to apply and reach professionalism with Nofal SEO.

Best accredited marketing courses

Get now the best e-marketing courses from the largest e-marketing site in Egypt and the Arab world, accompanied by experts specialized in e-marketing, to take your first steps towards the world of professionals, in marketing with steadfastness and strength. We will provide you with the company’s e-marketing course completely and adequately, and you will not need more courses anymore, and the course consists of several parts, namely:

Marketing content
E-marketing via Facebook
via Instagram
E-marketing via Twitter
via snapchat
e-marketing via youtube
Google Ads

Who offers an e-marketing course?

Business owners who do not know the appropriate marketing methods for them.
Website owners who are looking for ways to increase traffic and sales.
Beginners looking for freelancing skills to achieve the highest sales.
Young people who seek to increase their income through the Internet and start their own business.

Components of the e-marketing course from Nofal SEO

Marketing content

Content is one of the main marketing pillars, and also the core of marketing campaigns to increase your customers’ interest in your product and encourage them in an attractive way. If the content is the joker, then you are with the best professional. Writing articles by a professional SEO can benefit a lot if you want to create a marketing campaign or a constructive strategy, to get positive results and quickly.

In this part you will learn:

Understand how to write attractive marketing content or information about a product or service
How to write persuasive ads that compel people to make a purchase
How to improve brand reputation and build trust
Building relationships with clients through structured content marketing
Distinguishing from the rest of the competitors in presenting your service or product
Leverage content marketing in other marketing strategies

E-marketing via Facebook

Social media has become important and essential platforms in e-marketing, especially Facebook because of its wide spread and the ability to reach the category of customers you want easily, and through tools and options specific to Facebook.

You can take advantage of Facebook and learn about its secrets and ways to use its tools correctly to improve your targeting of your potential customers, and define it accurately to increase your sales by making pages or special groups for your products, and promoting them with modern, tested and very successful strategies, other than making site ads. You will also learn with us how SEO works For a Facebook page and get thousands of followers, and this is what we will learn in a complete e-marketing course.

In this part you will learn:

Create an ad account and choose the location and budget for the ad to appear
Correct targeting methods, what is the custom Audience and how is it used?
How to spy on competitors and outperform them
How does messenger bot work?
How to prepare reports for your Facebook marketing campaign
How to use the advanced features of “Facebook Business Manager” professionally
How to take advantage of the Facebook Pixel and its proven and advanced tracking strategies

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a distinctive interactive social platform, which you can take advantage of in many stages of marketing and not only take private photos and publish them on your personal account, but with easy and simple steps and through the course, you will be able to attract thousands to your personal account and build a strong relationship and great trust with your audience.

Use the tools and features of Instagram to create advertising and marketing campaigns for your products that will bring you continuous and significant profit with the best online marketing course. When you learn methods and strategies from experts in the digital marketing industry, you can gain new followers and increase your profits in a way that exceeds your expectations.

In this part you will learn:

How to create a powerful account for your business and start marketing correctly and professionally
Research the competitor and its hashtag and discover its marketing plan
How to get 10000 real followers in record time
How to adopt a professional identity for your brand and differently from the rest
Convert your new Instagram followers into loyal and loyal customers
Ways to attract followers from your target audience effectively and quickly
When and how to use hashtags to gain followers
How to create effective marketing strategies to increase the number of your followers
How to measure interaction and how successful it is and how to increase interaction during your campaign
Convert your successful Instagram stats into sales

E-marketing via Twitter

If you have an account on the social networking site “Twitter”, but you do not know the hidden marketing forces of it and how to use them to convert followers into potential customers, this distinguished course will qualify you to create successful campaigns with proven plans to increase your followers, even to successful sales, if you can reach Thousands of followers automatically, you can convert them into great customers and build trust with them in a professional way, with Nofal SEO, which is one of the best places for e-marketing courses.

In this part you will learn:

Create a professional Twitter marketing system to continuously generate leads
How to create successful and professionally targeted advertising campaigns
How to define your advertising campaign goals, best practices and strategies for its success
How to define your audience and target segment with advanced targeting options
Continuously increase the number of followers of your account in simple steps
Prepare and create conversion tracking codes for your advertising campaign events
How to create custom audiences for Twitter ad retargeting
How to convert followers of your account into permanent customers
A strategy for your own budget and bids for ad campaigns
Increase the reach of your tweets to reach more followers

Snapchat Marketing

You can carry out a large and precisely targeted marketing campaign to your audience through the “Snapchat” communication site and achieve the highest profits, by following many procedures and steps that you will learn from senior e-marketing specialists, to reach the largest possible number of followers.

Gain professional marketing skills and methods through a complete e-marketing course, approved by the largest e-marketing companies.

In this part you will learn:

Use the “Ghostcodes” app to search for a target audience
How to create a Snapchat profile for your business professionally
Effective, effective and successful targeting methods
Many ways to attract thousands of target people to follow you and convert them into customers
Data collection and analysis methods used by marketing professionals
How to communicate with your followers and complete sales easily

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the ideal place to promote products and services more effectively, through short videos explaining the services or products. Now with the complete e-marketing course, you can learn how to use YouTube professionally to grow your own brand, through the full course from Nofal SEO and by the best e-marketing specialists in Egypt.

In this part you will learn:

Create a successful YouTube channel and get great views
Increase the number of subscribers to your channel and ways to publish videos professionally
Create high-quality videos on a budget with attractive titles and descriptions
Improve and grow your channel using analytics in a short period of time
Earn money from your YouTube videos

Search Engine Optimization

No one denies the importance of search engine optimization “SEO” in e-marketing operations, according to the “moz” website, through the best SEO company in Egypt and accompanied by the best SEO specialist in Egypt and the Arab world, you will learn the secrets of search engine optimization and how you can benefit from them In e-marketing operations and practically in record time.

Get with the largest comprehensive course in search engine optimization “SEO”, with the best SEO professional who helps to advance in search engines, and enjoy a unique experience in e-marketing, specifically in making the most of search engine optimization through the largest experts in e-marketing intensively and a developer that suits with the Google search engine.

You can benefit from Nofal SEO, the best digital marketing company with more than 10 years of experience, through a detailed explanation of a complete online marketing course for search engine optimization, its secrets, and large and successful SEO strategies.

Features of a complete digital marketing course

In this course you will learn:

Raising the ranking of your site to get the first place in search results steadily
Conduct a keyword research to choose the most appropriate keywords for your SEO strategy.
How do you configure your site to be friendly to search engines?
How to catch basic and major keywords and issue them
Learn the secrets and management of major search engine optimization tools such as “Semrush”, “SEO Power Suite” and others.
Backlinks and ways to get a strong and reliable backlink from search engines and from the largest sites on the Internet
The most important proven global SEO tools, successful SEO strategies, and professional backlink building
How to configure your control panel in “SEO”, through “Google Search Console” and “Google Analytics”
Optimizing your site for search engines and linking it to Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics
How to double the speed of your site easily
What is skima, and how do you invest in improving the search appearance of your site?

Training certificate from Nofal Seo company

You can obtain the most powerful and approved certificate in e-marketing, from the Nofal SEO website and the largest international companies by communicating to obtain the course and passing the exam for the course, and with the help of a specialist and SEO expert / Ahmed Nofal, you will obtain an accredited and documented certificate. Now you can get a complete e-marketing course or an e-marketing course in search engine optimization (SEO) easily and quickly.

What’s the online markiting?

As “optimally” pointed out, e-marketing is the use of the Internet and digital media capabilities, to help sell products and services. These digital technologies are a valuable addition to traditional marketing approaches, regardless of the size and type of business.

E-marketing involves creating a strategy that helps companies communicate the right messages, products or services to the right audience. E-marketing is superior to traditional marketing in its impact on the audience, thanks to the new tools and options that have expanded its capabilities.

If you are about to start and want to strengthen your brand and compete with the largest companies and do not want to lose the importance and strength of your brand in the future market, it is necessary to have a presence in the virtual world, and also to properly know the ways to attract customers and make successful marketing plans and effective strategies, Hence the importance of e-marketing, which is the way to attract customers and sell your products online in an attractive and effective manner.

In practice, e-marketing includes the use of a company or entity website in conjunction with online promotional technologies, such as “SEM”, interactive advertising, email marketing, and affiliate marketing, among others.

Factors to consider before applying e-marketing strategies

There are six basic steps that any business must consider when seeking to implement e-marketing strategies, and they are:

Marketing Research
Online Public Relations
Online associations
Interactive ads
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing

In the complete e-marketing course from Nofal SEO, you will be able to make plans and build proven and strong strategies using e-marketing tools professionally and know their secrets to beat your competitors, spy on them, reveal their marketing plans and play on their loopholes.

If you are looking for a complete online marketing course for free?

Do you think that a complete free e-marketing course will make you a real professional in the field of marketing, in fact, you will lose your time and the reason is that the marketing processes have a wide and variable study, so you must go to the people of experience and knowledge in the best web design and e-marketing company.

The difference between our e-marketing course and other companies?

The difference is that you learn on your own with a real coach and the training is on real marketing operations until you see for yourself the results and implement all the marketing operations in the same way.

You will get the title of marketing expert from the company. You will get an electronic marketing course as it should and will always remind us of the good. You can inquire in a comment, email, or call us at any time to know the details of a complete e-marketing course.

What is the best digital marketing course with an accredited certificate?

Marketing course from Nofal SEO company with SEO expert Ahmed Nofal

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