Duties of a web designer in a website design company in Giza Governorate in Egypt

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Duties of a web designer in a website design company in Giza Governorate in Egypt

Who is a web designer and what are his techniques? He is responsible for creating and designing media content. How do I become a meticulous web designer and what are the characteristics and skills needed to succeed as a web designer? Here you will find all the information, contact overview and new tips for the application.Nofal Seo shows you what tasks a professional designer has, what skills he should have and what his salary looks like.

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Definition of “web designer”

The designer deals with the style of web design, layout and design of the online website and the graphics, animations, images and videos associated with it. This includes complying with the design guidelines and implementing the company’s design, and the company’s image.

But what exactly is a website designer?

Who is the designer: He designs the media on the World Wide Web, such as a company’s website using its website.

The term designer is not a legally protected term, but you must have certain qualifications in order to become a web designer.

How do I become a web designer?

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What are the requirements and skills to work as a web designer?

You must be able to criticize, because you must always satisfy the customer’s desires and develop a concept that matches the customer’s desires. This is why the ability to communicate with the customer is so important.

Training as a designer

There are several ways to learn a profession of design – sometimes called a media designer. One possibility is training to become a media designer or a double degree in electronic and print media design. Another way to define yourself as a designer is to study. There is no exact course in web design here, but courses such as Electronic Media, Media Informatics or Graphic/Communication Design can be used to obtain designer qualifications.

In addition, some technical requirements are required as a designer, such as knowledge of “HTML/XHTML” for organizing website content, “Adobe Photoshop” for professional image processing Wireframes, “CSS” for design and layout, “JavaScript/DHTML” for side scripting Client, Java / JSP for server-side programming, “Silverlight” for creating dynamic and multimedia web content, knowledge of different drivers, web servers and many other programs.

The above professional competencies also include a desire for lifelong learning through various innovations on the World Wide Web and through many new programming applications. In addition, the artistic side also belongs to the creative sphere of work.

Competencies are now divided into can and can competencies, i.e. those that firms definitely require (must) and those that are desirable but not strictly necessary (could).

required skills

Very good computer knowledge.
Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.
Technical expertise.
Knowledge of computer science desirable.
Good knowledge of English.


communication skills.
Organizational skills.
artistic talent.
Prepare for lifelong learning.
Ability to work within a team.

What are the duties of a website designer?

The profession of the designer is very diverse. As a designer you have to deal with the planning and advice of the sites and the concept and perception of the client. The web designer learns how to plan production processes and design screens during training. Web designers deal with creating and improving websites.

Planning and concept consulting for clients.
Production process planning.
Managing websites for clients.
Design screen design.
Dealing with innovations and new programs.

Takes care of clients’ websites with photos, animations, and corporate design appropriate on the site. To do this, the designer must be familiar with different programming languages ​​and be able to master many applications.

In addition, it is very important to always stay up-to-date in the field of design and learn about new software and programming codes as there are constantly new developments and improvements in technical standards.

How much does a web designer earn?

The salary amount depends on several factors such as

Permanent work or self-employment.
There are different directions in which a designer can work.

These include, for example, advertising and communications companies, public relations companies, publishers, radio and television stations, and film or program companies. Designer starting salary is around $22,000 – $25,000 per year with high salary opportunities and good career perspective with more continuing education and longer professional experience. It also depends on who, in what areas you work in design, and what skills are available to you.

How can I apply as a designer?

You should first of all register your creativity with your potential employer and leave this in your application letter. In order to convince a future employer of your skills, you should introduce yourself briefly and preferably not use phrases, but make yourself curious.

If you already have work experience, such as a media design internship, you should also show this on your resume in your application. Your application must be attractive and compelling. Show the future employer why you believe in the profession of designer and why you see this path in the field of electronic media from your professional perspective.

Tips for applying to become a designer

If you have already prioritized in your academic training as a designer and focused on very specific tasks, put a special emphasis on application. Focus in the app on what works for you and what training content you want to deepen later. SEO Specialist


The designer designs the media content. We have summarized the most important facts about a designer’s job. A web designer deals with the layout, design, animation, and graphics associated with a website. So he cares about the style and design of the media.
You can become a web designer, for example, by training to become a media designer, a double degree in digital and print media design, or by studying, for example, in the fields of digital media or graphic design. Knowledge of “HTML / XHTML” Image editing, very good knowledge of English, creativity and organizational skills are among the skills a web designer must have.

Difference between web developer and designer?

The web developer should be fully familiar with all server-side languages and database management systems. The designer should do the project work from start to finish.

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What is the best web designer?

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