E-marketing and its impact on sales

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E-marketing and its impact on sales

Do you want to know how to increase sales and compete with top startups? And the impact of e-marketing on increasing sales Read this article to the end and discover 5 very important tips to apply in your e-commerce.


Marketing is a very broad term. When approaching their concepts, we are not just talking about planning and selling, but about strategies, concepts and methods that adapt according to the needs of consumers. With the development of e-marketing, new strategies and techniques appear and it becomes increasingly difficult to know how to apply them assertively.

It is essential to understand how it works, how it has emerged and its advances so that you can plan the strategy that best fits your business model.However, implementing marketing tactics in the right way is not easy, it is necessary to pay attention to many details especially setting a goal in Consider so the actions taken will be in the interest of your success. It is a fact that when marketing is applied correctly, it brings great results.

The importance of e-marketing

The effect of e-marketing on increasing sales e-marketing helps direct companies towards their target audience. Today you cannot stay out of the market, marketing professionals must be able to understand what the market or market environment known as the macro environment is saying.
In marketing, four main elements namely product, price, promotion and distribution intervene in order to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals.
On the other hand, in marketing and e-marketing, its objectives are not only to increase sales, in order to achieve the above-mentioned objectives, the marketing culture must be strengthened within the company, focusing on delivering value to customers, organizational changes, resource allocation, strategic group analysis and evaluation.
Marketing today is so important that it has become one of the most important departments within the company. But what do we mean by marketing? It is a discipline dedicated to analyzing the behavior of markets and consumers. Thus, the function of the marketing department of a company is to analyze the commercial management of companies in order to attract, retain and retain customers by fulfilling their needs. For this reason, the field of marketing is vital not only to the success of the company, but also to its existence. Without it, the company cannot survive. In other words: without marketing we will not be able to know the consumer and therefore what he wants or seeks. E-marketing is the link between the consumer and the company, and through it we know what, how, when and where the product and/or service is requested.
Thanks to marketing, companies determine which market areas they directly target. Thus, if a company can know and understand its target consumer, and give them the quality they are looking for, it will create a strong relationship with them and increase their sales exponentially.
Marketing is often associated with advertising, but this is only a small part of it. Marketing involves many things: product design, price, distribution, etc. Promotion is one of the essential parts of the marketing department of any company. How will they contract a service or buy a product if they don’t know it exists? It needs promotion so that the consumer knows it and thus can access it. Ultimately, marketing generates profitability and anticipates future customer needs and thus, is the head of the company.

The importance of e-marketing in the modern era

The Importance of Marketing and the Current Situation Every company began to discover the importance of marketing, firstly because international competition imposes it on them, and secondly because of the emergence of new and unknown segments of the local market. A new idea emerges that realizes that a company’s success depends on how well they understand and meet the needs of the market, both new and old that are changing day by day.
Developing the after-sales service by communicating with consumers.
Provide marketing offers.
Know the addresses of consumers and communicate with them in a quick way.

The effect of e-marketing on increasing sales

We have already shown that traditional email marketing and sales strategies are increasingly ineffective. With the arrival of the Internet, this power is in the hands of the consumer. We know that 60% of the purchase is made when the consumer contacts the seller. He searches websites, does his own evaluation of products, and manages the development of a solution that meets his needs. Knowing that the dynamics of the consumer-seller relationship have changed, after all, how do you attract prospects into a conversation? How do you coordinate sales and marketing teams and achieve success for your business?

Do you want to know how to increase sales with e-marketing and compete with large startups? So, read this article to the end and discover 5 very important tips to apply in your e-commerce.

The impact of e-marketing on the marketing mix

The marketing mix is ​​putting the right product, in the right place, at the right time and at the right price. The hard part is to get it right, as you need to know all aspects of your business plan. On the other hand, the marketing mix is ​​mostly related to the 4Ps of marketing, 7Ps of service marketing and the 4Cs of service marketing that were developed in the 1990s. So the marketing mix basically consists of four pieces A key creates a successful business image. Price, location or venue, promotion and product, known as the “4 Ps,” are the foundation of what your company is all about. After all, selling the right product at the right price is a good business deal.

E-marketing affects the marketing mix – product, price, place and promotion – in different ways.

E-marketing can affect all four areas of the marketing mix:

Product: Customers can download products (such as music tracks or e-books) immediately upon payment.
Price: Customers can easily compare prices via online sellers, so prices should be competitive.
Where: Selling online provides another way for customers to make a purchase anytime and wherever they are.
Promotion: Promotions or “flash sales” are easy to implement through an e-marketing website.

The impact of e-marketing on the consumer

Currently, e-marketing has become one of the preferred means for consumers to make their purchases, mainly due to the evolution of consumer behavior. “Mobile Habits” and “Electronic Consumer Profile”, more than half of Internet users have made online purchases or transactions, qualifying them as faster and more convenient than traditional purchases.

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The difference between e-marketing and traditional marketing

Traditional marketing differs from e-marketing, in the management of traditional marketing resources takes place in a physical environment, while in e-marketing it is not necessary to work in a physical environment and the intermediaries disappear.

In this way, marketing is divided into two environments: strategic marketing and operational marketing, the first being so fundamental, that if it is not thought through, we will implement operational actions that may or may not be successful.

These environments are clear in traditional marketing, but with regard to e-marketing: if the strategic goals are not clear, actions will be taken that will not be able to identify the needs of the company, and in this way the importance of creating a clear vision and marketing strategy for the company.

In other words, e-marketing can set up guidelines to follow during the buying decision process and the critical factors that come into play when a customer does the same, it can be one of the most complex analyzes where different elements come into play.

5 Strategies to Increase Internet Sales

At the same time as the historical growth of the electronic market, we have to analyze why so many companies closed one year ago in the market. Many entrepreneurs are encouraged to start a new business with low investment capital and end up skipping the stages and prerequisites to ensure long-term performance. Anyway, even with a little investment, we always want to improve internet sales and long-term success, right?

social networks

The first suggestion on how to increase sales through e-marketing is to invest time, creativity and interest in the social networks that are most used by the audience you want to reach. The interest in social networks is no longer a difference, it has become a requirement for many customers. Considering that a customer spends a large part of the day connected to his favorite networks, conducting this online dialogue simplifies your daily communication. In addition, to contribute to the formation of a more fair and equal relationship between the company and consumers.

Many entrepreneurs have even left online marketing portals to conduct exclusive sales on social media. However, the most consolidated manage to act in multiple channels and serve customers through different channels.

To increase sales with e-marketing, it is necessary to:

Be online.
Be active on social media.
Understand in advance which networks your audience trusts most and feels most comfortable with.
Be creative and have a networking personality. This way you will enhance the brand image in a positive way.

Use the names of the major brands

How do? through the markets. We know that it is difficult to provoke a conflict of consumer interest with many brands and companies that are known to the public. To overcome this inconvenience and increase sales through e-marketing. In this way, you will be able to count on the trust and reputation that these brands have already established in order to have your own space in the market.

Focus on after-sales service

Many companies invest a large part of their money to gain new customers and forget that it is much easier and less expensive to retain old customers. The after-sales service is one of the golden keys to improving the loyalty rate and increasing sales in e-marketing. For this advice to be really effective, it is necessary to develop an e-marketing business plan and document all these strategies. In the end, a customer who has already completed a purchase with you, has good experience, has already gone through all stages of the sale, knows his problems and the solutions offered by the company. This method is one of the most effective strategies to ensure the continuity of this relationship.

Facilitating the consumer experience

It is worth noting that the diversity of payment methods and their ease of use are the best allies of this strategy. The easier and faster the options a customer has to finalize their purchase, the lower the chances of canceling them because they are incomplete. Be attentive to e-commerce indicators to understand the rate of incomplete purchases.

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