Explanation of the free and premium Yoast SEO addon, installation method, and the most important settings

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Explanation of the free and premium Yoast SEO addon, installation method, and the most important settings

Who among us does not dream of leading the search results in the most important words of his site? The Internet is filled with millions of sites in all fields and in all respects, but few maintain the lead thanks to the commitment to the factors of search engine optimization. The Yoast SEO plugin is considered one of the pillars of helping in the search engine optimization processes for the best SEO professionals in the world.

Yoast SEO is the most prominent tool in creating websites, especially on page SEO. Improve the content of your site smoothly and easily for both beginners and professionals as well. With simple steps, you can improve the content, determine your keyword, and find out what you are missing to ensure that search engines are ranked first in your important words.

What is Yoast SEO plugin?

The Yoast SEO plugin is concerned with improving and creating the internal pages of websites and helping them to lead the search results on the Google search engine and others. The tool is easy to use among beginners and of course professionals, and it is spread among WordPress websites and is considered the most popular. The world’s number one website optimization and configuration tool used by millions on the WordPress platform for its efficiency and quality in evaluating engine optimization factors.

If you are a beginner in improving your site, you can work on the traditional Yoast SEO that is available for free on the platforms, but if you are a professional who seeks to get the best guaranteed results, you can start from the next point, which is the installation of Yoast SEO Premium. But, what is the difference between free Yoast SEO and Yoast SEO Premium?

The difference between free Yoast SEO and Yoast SEO Premium

Website bloggers get a free version of Yoast SEO with ease, which enables them to get titles, keyword optimization methods, and customize the look of the pages to fit the constant updates of Google’s algorithms. Yoast SEO works on both WordPress, classic and modern editors and gives quite satisfactory results.

As for the Yoast SEO Premium extension, it is very different from the first, as you can now focus on more than one keyword as well as get to know the appearance of your article or blog through social media. In my opinion, the most important aspect of Yoast SEO Premium is its ability to suggest unique internal links that support your article.

We can get to know the difference between Yoast SEO Premium and Yoast SEO Free from the following comparison:

Note: To get the best results, we recommend using Yoast SEO Premium to take advantage of the features available in formatting, content, keyword focus and internal links.

How to install Yoast SEO plugin

Now it’s the turn to learn how to install the Yoast SEO plugin, and how to run and configure it. Beginners usually make mistakes in the installation of Yost, which causes many problems and can sometimes lead to counterproductive results.

You can follow the Nofal SEO guide to install and activate the Yoast SEO plugin step by step:

First, you must log in to your site

In order to be able to add Yoast SEO on your site, you must login to the platform using your username and password

Second: Click on “Add-ons” to choose the Yoast SEO plugin

By clicking on Add-ons, you will go directly to the Add-ons page to choose the extension

Third: Choosing to add Yoast SEO

By clicking on “most popular”, the Yoast SEO plugin appears. Click on the “Install Now” button. If it does not appear, you can search by “Yoast SEO”.

Fourth: Activate the add-on

In the same place as the installation, an activation button will appear to start using.

Yoast SEO plugin settings

After being able to successfully install the extension, you will start your second most important step to run and use the extension, which is adjusting the settings. Adjusting the settings in a wrong way and not completely correct may lead to not reaching the desired results or damage related to archiving your site data on search engines.

Initially when you open the Yoast SEO plugin, on the WordPress panel you will find the Yoast SEO tag through which you will manage the tuning features of your site. At first, you will need to confirm the addition via the link at the top of the page for the first time.

By entering this link, click on “Configure Yoast SEO”. Then you will go directly to the rest of the steps for adjusting the add-on settings.

Adjust the environment settings

These settings are to confirm the effectiveness and validity of the site for archiving on search engines. Below you will find two options:

Option 1: The site is active and ready for archiving
Option Two: The site is under construction and should not be indexed

You can click on the first option to start archiving the site normally

Site type settings

Moving on to the second step, you can select the type of site you want through several suggestions, choose the type of site you install Yoast SEO plugin on.

Site ownership quality settings

By clicking on the “Next” button, you will find settings through which you determine if the site belongs to an organization or a person. If you choose an organization, you will have to enter some other data, such as:

organization name
The organization’s logo

The logo of the organization shall be a picture in the scale of “112 x 112px”, and it is preferable that the logo be in the form of a square, as it is in the attached picture. But if the choice is a person, you will not need this request and you will only be asked for the name of the person only.

In both cases, you can complete the data for information on the social media platforms of the site. In the event that the site belongs to an institution, you can add the social media of the organization permanently, but in the case of individuals, you can modify this data, including the name and description of the user on the wordpress on the page.

Note: You can complete the settings without entering the social media data for the site, or entering one of them and linking them. The addition requires this data to complete the site identification cards on the search engine in a good, consistent and professional manner.

Search engine visibility settings

In the settings of what is known as “Search engine visibility”, the extension asks you to allow a certain type of content on your site to be indexed or archived on the Google search engine. In most cases, it is preferable for you to choose the default settings, in case you do not know what you want at the moment. In this step, it is suggested that you index all of the posts and pages, or one of them, on the Google search engine.

Authors settings

These settings specify that author files be archived, and indicate whether you are the only author on your site or there are two different authors to not archive files twice. In this case, you can tell Google not to archive these “noindex” files. If there is more than one author for your site, you can choose “Yes”.

Google Search Console Settings

What distinguishes the Google search engine is the addition of an important tool such as Google Search Console. This tool enables you to follow the work and results of your site as well as information about words and advanced pages in search results and many more.

You can link your account to this tool on the Yoast SEO extension, and there is no problem in skipping this point if you are not sure of the Google Search Console data, and you can obtain a confirmation code from it and link the tool to the addition.

Heading settings in Yoast SEO plugin

When your customers search for you, your web address should appear to them in a decent and integrated manner, which you coordinate through the Yoast extension. For example, as you can see in the following pictures, the name of our website and next to it is the company’s logo in a coordinated way that expresses the goal and strategy of the company.

As you can see, the title has a dash (-) format between the company name and logo, which is specific to the title settings. You can choose between “Title separator” elements to separate the name and what you can add, whether it is a logo, type of work, etc.

You have successfully installed the Yoast SEO plugin

By this, you have reached the end point of installing the Yoast tool, and you can now subscribe to the tool’s newsletter.

Yoast SEO plugin control panel

In order to start controlling and working with the tool on your site, you must make sure of some important things, related to site archiving, readability analytics, site maps, ….. etc. The Yoast tool settings are divided into three main tabs:

control panel (common)
Webmaster Tools

Dashboard Tab

After completing the installation of the tool, you may encounter any SEO problem on your site, and this is what the tool will alert you to on the Dashboard. The display of problems on the General tab includes some tips for solving the problem, and the so-called “configuration wizard” can also be accessed.

As you can see, there are no problems related to SEO on the Nofal SEO website, thanks to the continuous follow-up and follow-up of the latest developments and updates for the tool and the Google search engine, to avoid technical problems for SEO.

Features tab

This tab gives you some important permissions, such as activating some important features such as SEO analytics, reading ability, site maps, and admin list.

XML sitemaps are one of the important things that Yoast tool helps you with. The tool connects you to the site maps by clicking on the “question” help mark and clicking on “See site maps” to get it.

Webmaster Tools tab

This window helps you to connect to the different search engines Google, Bing, Baidu, and finally Yandex. Using the search engines’ webmaster tools, you can get the special verification code and put it in the corresponding field of the search engine to be linked.

How does Yoast SEO work on WordPress?

After the installation process is completed, the tool appears as a main component on the page dedicated to writing the post on your site, and this helps the article writers to improve the writing of posts to get the best promotion from search engines.

The tool is subject to many algorithms of the Google search engine, to understand what the engine wants and start guiding you while writing the publication to reach the best formula that increases the reader’s awareness and makes them able to interact with the publication, whether it is an offer, an advertisement, or even an indicative article

Yoast SEO Components

The Yoast tool appears on the WordPress publications page, consisting of two main factors: “SEO” and “Readability” conditions, or what is known as readability. Below we will learn about each factor and what are the conditions for achieving it in order to reach the best form of the text published on your site.

Note: It is important to know that adding Yoast SEO does not guarantee that you will be ranked first on the search engine, but it does provide you with some factors that you can follow to ensure the best quality of your article in terms of readability, and not for the entire back-end SEO process that has a major role in leading the results.

The main goal of installing the Yoast SEO plugin is to take advantage of the advice it provides while writing the article, to ensure the availability of the basic SEO elements that will help the site to produce the first results, without losing or forgetting one of the important elements of the article. There are many SEO strategies according to the goal of the site, so many factors have been taken into account to help shape the article to suit the goal for which it was written.

In the image in front of you, you will find the article keyword field, in which we write the target word of the publication, to which we will apply the rest of the factors. It is worth noting that if you install Yoast SEO Premium, you will get the opportunity to focus on more than one keyword, which will increase the chances of improving your article. The keyword should not exceed 4 words, which is the limit allowed in the tool.

The SEO addon has 15 main SEO factors, and they are, in order:

External links: They mean external links from another site that are in your article.
Image keyword phrase: It means the alternative name and title of the image added in the article and its match with the target keyword.
Pictures: They refer to the pictures in the article and the necessity of their availability.
Internal links: links to the site itself that are on keywords in your article.
Key phrase in the introduction: It indicates the necessity of the availability of the keyword in the introduction of the article.
Key phrase length: Indicates the length of the keyword
Key phrase density: the number of times the keyword is repeated and its distribution within the article
Key phrase in the metadata: Indicates the availability of the keyword in the meta description
Metadata length: It means the length of the meta description that will appear on search engines, and it is estimated at a maximum of 140 characters.
Previously used keyword phrase: Indicates whether the keyword has been used before or not.
Key phrase in subheading: measures the number of times the keyword is available in the subheadings H2 and H3.
Text Length: Measures the length of the published article, which should not be less than 300 words.
Key phrase in the title: Indicates whether the keyword is in the title of the article or not.
SEO Title Width: Indicates the length of the written article title
slug keyword: The keyword is in the article URL.

The tool evaluates the points for SEO in three colors, they are:

Red: indicates the points that did not meet the conditions of SEO and must be worked on.

Orange: indicates some minor modifications.

Green: indicates the completion of the point and its compatibility with SEO.

Google preview of Yoast SEO plugin

The SEO add-on provides an opportunity for website writers to get acquainted with the shape of the article as it will appear on the Google search engine, through a mobile phone or desktop. At the bottom you will see the slug box for specifying the URL of the article. Google displays, sorry for the article name and the name of the site, several words that describe the internal content of the article, and it is a prerequisite that it contains the keyword.

Readability Factors

In the image in front of you, the Readability tab appears, which includes several important factors that help you determine the ease and difficulty of reading expected for the reader. Yoast SEO depends on a set of reading factors, which are:

Transition words: They mean words that facilitate the process of reading and moving between sentences smoothly and wonderfully.
Consecutive sentences: It indicates the presence of 3 or more consecutive sentences that start with the same word.
Distribution of sub-headings: It refers to the distribution of sub-headings, and there must be a sub-heading every 300 words at most.
Paragraph length: Refers to large paragraphs that can cause difficulty for the reader.
Sentence length: it means the number of words that can be contained in one sentence, which is approximately 25 words.
Passive voice: It is concerned with the form of the sentence structure to be more clear to the reader.

Social networks in the addition of Yoast

One of the big advantages that distinguishes Yoast SEO Premium from Yoast SEO is this tab, which specializes in sharing articles on the WordPress platform on social media. This feature, available only in the paid version of Yost, makes using the tool not only for formatting and optimizing the article according to search engine algorithms, but for marketing it through social media easily.

Note: This feature can be used after linking your account on social media, Facebook or other platforms, to the WordPress platform of your site.

What distinguishes Yoast SEO Premium from the free version?

The paid version of the tool appears with a set of very important additional features, and we have already mentioned them in the previous comparison. Let’s summarize the most important of these advantages that will help you determine how important the paid version is, and which major bloggers on search engines are interested in.

Keyword targeting

As you can see, the paid version allows you to insert 5 main keywords and work on them, and this is a great thing that increases the improvement of the article for search engines. It is better for you when using the paid tool to match the main keyword with its counterpart in the article title, and the rest of the words are partially matched.

This feature means that you will get more free traffic as a result of your targeting of many keywords. Attention should be paid to the need to include a set of secondary keywords next to the keyword to take advantage of the multiplicity of target words in the paid version.

Unrelated content

Orphaned content is a new and distinctive feature of the paid version, which enables you to identify the articles of your blog and does not contain any internal links. Internal links link your content to the rest of the site’s content, so it becomes like a chain that appears to search engines together.

The presence of isolated content means that it is outside the scope of the search engine and users, and does not help you reach satisfactory results on its own. You see in front of you the form and location of the tab for isolated content inside the Yoast SEO extension, in order to be able to add internal links to complete the chain and start the improvement and ascent processes.

Redirect addresses


If one day you come across a page on a site that does not show any content, and it says “Error 404” in large font, then know that you have encountered a URL that does not exist or is broken. These broken links appear for many reasons, such as moving pages, changing the hosting of the site, or even when unintentional deletion, and this page has great damage to site improvement processes.

This feature can redirect from the old address to a new address suitable for the page, and tell your site visitors to change the title of the article or page to a new one, or use Yoast SEO Premium to direct to one of the solutions available to the tool, for example:

301: indicates that the page has been moved permanently.
302: The page has been found.
307: Temporary page redirect.
410: Permanently delete content.
451: The content is not available for legal reasons.

Internal backlink suggestions

As we have already mentioned the need to link the articles and pages of your site so that they do not become isolated and visitors cannot access them. The paid version of the Yoast SEO tool provides you with an important feature that helps you to link the process.

After starting to write the article and its sub-headings, the tool offers you several suggestions for articles or blogs that you have previously written on the site that are linked to the main or help keyword, and appear in the form of a “Yoast Internal Linking” checkbox that includes the relevant articles that you can link through, To make the article more consistent and related to the content provided by the site.

Social media preview

After you finish writing the article, the first thing you think about is marketing and promoting your article to get traffic. One of the promotion methods provided to you by the paid version of Yoast SEO is “Social preview“, which provides you with a view of your proposed post on your social media, which you previously linked to me using the Yoast extension.

Easily and by clicking a button on the share sign on the side of the tool, you will see the form of the proposed publication on the Facebook or Twitter social media platforms, with the ability to upload the images you want to display with the publication.

Pros and cons of Yoast SEO Premium

There is no doubt that Yoast SEO Premium is a breakthrough in search engine optimization, and offers many advantages and disadvantages that we can summarize for you in the following:

Yoast SEO Premium Features

It increases content optimization for search engines using multiple keywords and others.
It integrates a set of important additional features such as “Robots Meta” and “RSS footer”.
Provides e-mail support around the clock and throughout the purchase of the tool.
Provides important suggestions for internal backlinks

Disadvantages of Yoast SEO Premium

The possibility of slowing down your site speed as a result of all the features working simultaneously.
Many security threats to your site if the tool is hacked.
It does not provide re-link in case of changing the link.

Yoast SEO plugin evaluation

After completing the presentation of this distinctive add-on, which is one of the pillars of your site’s success, and which is indispensable in improving the search engine for your site, but are there other better tools that help professional bloggers or search engine optimization experts other than Yoast SEO?

On the other hand, there is a “Rank Math” tool dedicated to coordinating and optimizing content for bloggers. You can search for those who run their businesses on their sites using this tool, and get to know the most important features that distinguish it and the characteristics that distinguish it from Yoast SEO tool. We at Nofal SEO provide the best search engine optimization service and outstanding quality of content with a group of professional content writers, all of whom use the Yoast SEO plugin.

Who are the top SEO experts who use Yoast SEO?

Who among us does not know the wonderful Neilpatel, the famous SEO expert and owner of the company neilpatel, which specializes in the field of SEO and works for major companies in the world. Nile Patel, described by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top web influencers, and one of the top marketers around the world who uses Yoast SEO plugin.

But how do we make sure that Battle uses this special tool?

By clicking on the following link https://neilpatel.com/sitemap_index.xml, you will see the sitemap of the Nile battle site generated using the Yoast SEO plugin. Also, you can look at the Backlinko sitemap to discover for yourself the secret behind SEO optimization for these important sites in the SEO world.

Thus, we have come to the end of this article, in which we learned about adding Yoast SEO, how to install the tool and how to adjust its settings on WordPress, as well as learn about the advantages of free Yoast SEO, Yoast SEO Premium, and whether it deserves to be one of the tools of a professional SEO expert for the success of his work or not . You can contact us via the company’s mail if you have any questions about our article.

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