Good design specifications from the best design company in Sharkia Governorate, Egypt

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Good design specifications from the best design company in Sharkia Governorate, Egypt

A good design specification As the term implies, a design specification is a document that defines a project’s design needs. For the design team, this is a vital document since half of the project’s success depends on it. After extensive consideration, the document is created by the customer and contains very comprehensive and specific design requirements that must be applied continuously until the project is completed. With this list of requirements in place, designers will be able to achieve what the client envisions.

Why are good design specifications so important?

The importance of design specifications in the design process is well recognized. A set of requirements is used to describe the required solution in the specification document. A detailed description of the desired solution is critical because it increases the chances of a successful design. In order to have a clear description, there should be enough requirements data to move the design engineers from the abstract to the concrete solution in order to achieve the product objective.

The criteria for selecting a working concept are specified in the form of a design specification, which is a set of requirements that any solution to a problem must meet once it has been found. As a result, the function of the specification is twofold:

First: Create a solution space for design engineers to work when creating a product.

Second: Evaluate the proposed solutions to ensure that they are within the acceptable limits.

Why are design details important?

Communicating design details clearly is important because choices are made for a reason and are characteristics of good design. Choosing the designer and communicating the design specifications is this choice to the developer. The developer must properly and accurately implement these choices on a particular platform or in some cases work with the designer to address the limitations of the platform. For both the designer and the developer, measurements are important for creating a hierarchy, as well as an aesthetic point of view. The design specification creates the opportunity for developers to accurately develop and collect this information.

Good Design Specifications

There are many specifications of good design in web design companies, and this is what we will explain in the following:

Good design is innovative

The opportunities for innovation are many and unlimited. Technological development always offers new starting points for innovative design concepts that improve the practical value of a product. However, innovative design always arises in connection with innovative technology and is not an end in itself.

Good design makes the product useful

Good design improves usability and does not take into account anything that does not serve or conflict with this goal.

Attention to the aesthetic aspect

The aesthetic quality of the product is an integral part of the specification of good design. Because the devices you use every day shape your personal environment and affect your safety.

Good design makes the product understandable

It clearly shows the structure of the product. More than that, it can make the product speak, and explain itself through a distinctive design that shows the product in its best form.

Good design is honest

Design does not make the product appear more innovative, more powerful and valuable than it actually is. Good design does not try to manipulate the consumer with promises it cannot keep.

Good design is unobtrusive

Products that serve a purpose have the character of a tool. They are neither decorative objects nor works of art. Your design should be neutral, let the devices step back and give people space for self-realization and this is one of the most important characteristics of good design.

Good design is durable

Being far from the ordinary and therefore never present, it remains for many years.

Good design is consistent down to the last detail

Nothing can be left to chance. Ultimately, the inclusiveness and subtlety of the design is an expression of consumer respect.

Good design is eco-friendly

The design makes an important contribution to the preservation of the environment. It includes conserving resources and minimizing physical and visual pollution in product design.

Good design is as simple as possible

The more simple and clear the design without unnecessary elements, the better.

Good design is one of the most important basics of building a website, which we then have to improve its ranking in search engines by a search engine optimization specialist.

What is design?

In general, it is the process of visualizing and planning the creation of objects, interactive systems, buildings, vehicles, etc.

What are the methods of building design?

Shapes, graffiti, images, colors, shadows, light, space, and textures

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