How to do SEO for a Facebook page and get thousands of followers for free without paying money

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How to do SEO for a Facebook page and get thousands of followers for free without paying money

SEO on Facebook is that your profile is in the first results in Google. As well as improving your brand image, the goal is not to get a large number of followers, but to maintain the rich content that they are always proud of. We will learn how SEO works for a Facebook page.
Simple tips from Nofal SEO to optimize the search engines for your Facebook page

We will give you tips to improve your Facebook page and find it on Google.

1. Choose the name of the Facebook page.

2. Create a custom SEO URL (Custom URL).

3. Use strategic words to describe the page.

4. Include your contacts.

5. Create a network of backlinks to the various websites and social profiles of the company.

6. Optimize SEO when posting a status on Facebook.

7. Leverage Facebook Notes for SEO.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- How to SEO a Facebook Page?

2- How to archive a Facebook page?

How to do SEO for Facebook page

We offer you a SEO method for a Facebook page in a professional manner. Of course, we all have Facebook pages for our business, whether we sell products or services, and we know that the only source because the page grows and receives followers continuously is through advertisements and advertisements that mean money and expenses, and they do not receive. Well, I thought that you use a page Facebook as a forum for people looking for products to offer or services to sell?

In short, the idea is that you are doing SEO for a page, which is to configure your Facebook page to improve the search engine and target search words with search.

For example, you are a programming company that provides web design services. Of course, people who own programming companies know that this word is very difficult to have a first result in Google because it has very high competition and a terrible amount of ads, and like what is found in Picture No. 1, this word and its derivatives have about 10,000 searches Monthly, and if we search for the word in Google, we will find a number of sites that compete for it, whether ads, organic search, or even maps, and you will see this in Picture No. 2.

Ok, come, we search for this word on Facebook, we will find the world is very easy

Ok, why do I compete in the Red Ocean here? And I have a chance to compete in the blue ocean (social media sites or any other platform that has research). Surely you are asking yourself now is it not SEO for sites! Any entry to Facebook?

The idea, in short, is that SEO is a marketing style, and it is that you prepare any need for the search engine, and not a requirement of the Google search engine, but any platform that has a search bar and the user searches in it, so you can prepare the thing to submit to the user just what he searches to find you.

Ok, why am I talking about Facebook today? Because I tried this topic recently, and I came across a page for a client that provides services, and the results were excellent, and it was a really strange idea, especially because his domain was very difficult for Google to compete with sites, so I decided that we work in more than one other place, using the search for them, including Facebook, and the results were very good.

We must be in agreement on one thing, which is the behavior of the user who is searching is the same, whether he searches for the need that he needs in Google, Facebook, Twitter or anywhere as long as the person in front of the Search Bar is searching, and surely we all did it a lot before that, we search for many things on sites Social media, as evidenced by the fact that we have all seen the past period of social media sites, especially Facebook, began to take an interest in the subject of search, and we have many options that we prepare our content for the search, so that anyone looking for the product or service that we offer will find us.

In this article, I tried to explain the idea and convince you of it, and the next post, God willing, will talk about the technical issue. We will go through practical steps in preparing the Facebook page for the search engine and appear on your page with the words that you want.

How to archive a Facebook page?

To archive a group or page on Facebook, do the following:

Go to the Facebook website through any browser you have, then to the group you want to archive, then press the ( __ ) button and choose the Archive group option, then press the Confirm button, and thus your group has been archived.

It is also possible to return the group or page and cancel the archiving by opening the group page again and clicking on cancel archiving the group.

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