How to optimize your website’s search engines and the necessary initial settings for it

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How to optimize your website’s search engines and the necessary initial settings for it

Nofal Seo provides you with the method of optimizing the search engines for your site and the necessary initial settings for it in steps and a detailed and simplified explanation to make your site the first in the search engines. In this article, we will discuss the importance of SEO for your site and the way to improve your site.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It differs from Search Engine Marketing (SEM) because the latter is a broader field that includes both search engine optimization and paid search engine optimization (SEA, search engine advertising).

How does SEO work on your site’s ranking?

1- Google uses its own tool to take your site’s content and appear in the search engine, and the tool is the google search console. This tool sends your site’s content in the form of HTML and through what is called SITEMAP, which is your sitemap.

2- Google starts evaluating your content through several basic elements:

Exclusive content.
The title contains the word the visitor is looking for.
The content includes the corresponding keywords.
Ease of reading the content of the article.
The presence of a navigation path within the content of the page.
Exclusive photos used.
How this article relates to the rest of the site.
Bounce rate on this article.
The strength and impact of your content on external sites.

3- Your site’s content is ranked in the first results. These previous points are among the first steps of the search engine optimization method for your site and the necessary initial settings for it.

What are the types of SEO with an explanation of seo for beginners?

To facilitate dealing with SEO, you must know what are the different methods, each of which has a role in arranging and improving the results of your personal site, and there are many sites that talk about this topic.

1- Internal SEO of the site (on page seo)

It is about your site page and everything inside it, its arrangement and content, and it takes care of Meta, H1, H2, images, keywords, the article, the arrangement and updating of the article, and dealing with Google tools to know the characteristics of the visitor and what must be provided in the content. And the content that should be removed is all this and more than the importance and specialization of internal SEO.

It boils down to your interest in the following elements:
Website content strategy.
Quality Use the keyword.
Attention to the h1 crown.
Use the appropriate content in the meta.
Facilitate reading the content of the site.
Make the line clear to the reader.
Distribution of keywords with high quality.
The site works on the phone with high quality.
Improve the https security certificate.
Always keep the content up to date.
Finding the use of internal backlinks and banning them from using them incorrectly.
Attention to ctr.
Optimize images with content well.

2- External SEO

And here we mean how famous your site’s content is, and it is called in another way backlinks or external links, and they are divided into two types: nofollow and dofollow.

3- Technical seo

He is primarily responsible for site speed, HTML and Css handling, page size, mobile site speed, crawl errors, and Sitemap robots Txt settings.

SEO factors within your site

We will explain the necessary settings at the beginning of creating your site, which is the first way to improve search engines for your site and the initial settings necessary for it

1- You should choose a domain that is easy to save and close to the content of your site, and you must check it before the purchase process.

2- You have to establish social media pages and explain what is displayed on your site, knowing that you must make the social media link close to the name of your site and the name of the domain.

3- You have to arrange a list of target keywords and the first 50 words should be very close.

4- You install the Yoast SEO plugin, which helps you adjust the meta description and meta title.

5- Configure the titles and description correctly.

6- Set a regular time to publish exclusive articles for your site.

7- Connect your site to Google Search Console.

8- Track what this resulted in within a week of doing it and see the results and evaluate your work through the Google Search Console tool.

Do you need a search engine optimization service?

In fact, Google recommends a topic in this matter that explains how important it is to purchase this service for your site and advises you with many information that will make you choose a good SEO company. And targeted visitors from Google, you should request our service now and always consult for free.

What are your SEO tips?

One of the keys to optimizing a site for search engines is finding the right keywords and using them correctly.

How much does an SEO course cost?

The cost of the SEO course varies from one place to another, but with Nofal Seo we have the best prices and we offer offers from time to time.

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