How to write an SEO friendly article

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How to write an SEO friendly article

How to write an article compatible with SEO If you want to develop your site and create high-quality articles, you definitely need to learn how to write a professional article compatible with SEO, and this is a collective demand, everyone wants content that tops the search engines because with all this great progress the written word is still for it Its value and ability to influence website visitors,

Publishing good articles regularly is beneficial in two ways: First, it boosts your company’s brand awareness. Secondly, it will make you a trusted resource in the eyes of search engines, which will reward you by placing you higher in the results shown to those who search.

This takes us to know what SEO is and how it works.

What is seo?

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SEO or search engine optimization is a group of techniques aimed at improving the visibility of a website in search engines, with Google being the most relevant in the world. These actions can be performed within the website itself by optimizing internal code or content, or outside the website by creating inbound links.

Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies aim to improve the position of a website in the ranking of results pages. They are called SERPs, for related keywords that capture the attention of potential customers and thus reach the conversion funnel or sales funnel.

Without a doubt, positioning SEO is one of the most important e-marketing strategies because it allows for increased visibility and more traffic that comes from search engines (organic traffic). Ultimately, SEO means more opportunities to convert leads into customers.

But what cues does Google consider for indexing a website and ranking it in SERPs? The answer may surprise you: more than 200. The “funny” thing is that these ranking factors are constantly evolving.

Google’s goal is to provide the most useful response to user searches and to achieve this, its algorithm is constantly learning. For this reason, SEO experts should be aware of the latest algorithm updates to keep competing for the top positions in the search engine

What are the critical factors for search engine optimization?

Google rates more than 200 signals to rank a website in the ranking of its results. However, we can identify the three most relevant positioning factors in 2021.


Content is the cornerstone of search engine optimization. Without content, it is practically impossible for a website to rank in search engines. For content to be effective, it must be relevant, useful, interesting to the user, and responsive to their search intent. In addition, high-quality content creates links naturally and encourages the user to share them through increased social mentions.

When creating content, it is necessary to take into account keywords i.e. terms that a user types or pronounces in a search engine to get their answers. An example of the keyword would be “Italian Restaurant in Madrid”.

The study of the word is the basis of content creation because without it we would be blind. Once the keywords are identified, it is necessary to place them in strategic places on the web such as H1 and H2 headers, URL or title tag. Below we will explain in detail how to write an article compatible with SEO.

User Experience

User experience is linked to Rankbrain, the machine learning algorithm based on artificial intelligence that Google uses to help sort and improve search results.

Google is progressing every day to better understand your search intentions and customize your results accordingly. The website that offers the most useful answer and that is easy to navigate is the one that will win the user’s favor, and therefore Google’s, making them in a better position.

Statistics such as click-through rate, bounce rate, or time spent on a page can help us learn how satisfied a user is with a website. Likewise, if the user experience is good. A visitor is more likely to be encouraged to leave a comment that rates the content positively or share it on their social networks, thus boosting the web’s relevance ahead of Google.

the performance

Website performance is fundamental to determining SEO positions because if it is optimized, the user experience increases. In this sense, download speed becomes important. Users wait on average 5 seconds for a website to load. If you don’t at that time, they leave the page in search of another result.

And its mobile usability is also of paramount importance. In the middle of 2021, when about 60% of searches will be made from mobile devices. It is essential that the website has a responsive design, that is, it is displayed correctly from any device, be it a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Why is SEO important?

in search engines. Everyone wants to appear on the first page of Google because with it the user’s chances of reaching the website increase. On the other hand, appearing on the second, third or fourth page significantly reduces the reach of organic traffic, that is, visitors who arrive from a search engine.

Two really strong numbers in this regard: Over 30% of clicks go to the first Google organic result, while 95% of users never make it past the first page of results.

If a company wants to be visible to its customers in the online environment, it must appear at the highest positions in the search engine ranking. This is the main reason why search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential component of the success of any business on the Internet.

The vision pursues companies investing in South Eastern Europe. However, this is not the only advantage of organic websites, but it carries other benefits such as credibility.

When Google estimates that a company’s website is relevant and deserves to be among the first results, the consumer’s mind reflects the idea that this business is legitimate. This way, users are more likely to put their trust, and with it their money, into a company that is at Google.

On the other hand, search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the internal marketing tools that have the best return on investment. SEOs drive traffic and don’t break into a consumer’s life with an advertisement, for example. This way, when a user encounters a problem, they go to Google to solve it, and if the company has done a good job of SEO, it will appear in the top spots as a potential solution for the customer. The big difference compared to other technologies is that SEO generates visitors organically without having to invest in ads.

Keep in mind that SEO is a profitable investment in the medium and long term. Although it is possible to see results quickly depending on the field of work, the average time for a website to be put in place is about 6 months.

Now, SEO is not a panacea for companies fighting in the digital environment. It is another mechanism to make yourself visible, but it is pointless to attract visitors if the website is unable to generate conversions and this is where other strategies such as web design or copywriting come into play.

In the end, it is companies that understand the importance of SEO and bet on it that will make a difference and stand above their competitors. This is what we explain about the importance of creating SEO-friendly content to improve your site’s ranking Now we will show you how to write an article compatible with SEO.

What is the meaning of writing SEO friendly articles?

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We have talked many times about the importance of content within a website and how beneficial it is to be able to write an SEO friendly article.

In fact, in all blogs, corporate websites and e-commerce. Writing occupies an important place to achieve goals in terms of online traffic and sales.

Contents should not only be of high quality. It must also comply with a series of rules to allow the website to reach the top positions in the search engines.

As many of you already know, in fact, when writing an article for the web, the text should be seo-appropriate. what does that mean? The term SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to this system that relies on different strategies and techniques to ensure that a particular website reaches the top results in the search engines.

What does it mean to be among the first results of a search engine like Google? This means that we will have a greater chance of visitors coming to your site, after conducting an online search, and therefore there are more chances for them to buy the products and services you offer.

To achieve this criteria that makes your article a leader in search engines, some elements must be taken into account in writing the article, including:

Most searched keywords

It is necessary to be clear about what we want to talk about. It sounds easy, but if we’re not completely sure what our article is about, we won’t be able to proceed with our keyword research. In fact, the so-called “keywords” are the basic component of search engine optimization. It allows users to find the content they are looking for through search engines.

To search for keywords that fit your website and are highly searched by users. You can use a series of tools like Google Ad or ubersuggest. This step is not considered a foregone conclusion and does not concern it, as it is a major step in writing the article.

Moreover, remember that in addition to keywords there are so-called long keywords which are very useful. It is those sequences of words that allow you to bring a specific target to the site, i.e. all those users who are interested in the kind of products and services we offer.

Choosing a URL from an SEO perspective

The url should be chosen from an SEO perspective, preferably short and containing keywords. This is for accessibility and usability needs. The short url is easy to save and can be more easily linked to the site it points to.

Choosing a good article title for SEO

Choosing an article title is one of the most important steps to writing SEO friendly articles to get an SEO friendly article. Writing the so-called “H1” can be quite complicated as you have to try to be creative and informative, preferably writing a simple title that contains the keyword. This helps us have a better chance of appearing in the first results of search engines.

It is not arbitrary or up to your personal discretion. There are rules that must be followed, in order to write a title from the perspective of search engine optimization, which are the following:

Title must not exceed 70 characters
The use of interrogative forms like how, what, what to do, these are all good keywords.
It is preferable to enter numbers in the address such as 5 steps to find out…..
Question and answer can be used as a Search Engine Optimization.

The importance of using subtitles in search engine optimization

Besides the main title and its importance, there are sub-headings or what is called H2 and H3. Using appropriate subheadings will make your article interesting and smoother. And it increases your chance of getting to the top of the search engine results, and one of the best techniques for writing subtitles is to use Google related searches.

Simply after choosing the main topic of our article, we can perform a Google search and at the bottom of the results page we will find related searches. In this way, we will be able to know what searches users are doing in relation to a particular topic. Through this, we will find other keywords that we can use in sub-headings

Set the title tag and meta description

Both your search engines and your users will need to immediately understand what they will find in your article. To help them, all you have to do is set the <title> tag and the meta description.

Title tag: The title of your article will appear in search engine results. In the standard version of WordPress, this is what you type into the box at the top of the blogging editor. On the other hand, a meta description is nothing more than a brief summary of your essay. It’s not very important from an SEO point of view, but it will allow you to make your users understand what they are going to read and motivate them to find out more. If you are using the Yoast SEO plugin, simply click on the Edit Snippet button. And fill in the fields assigned to set both tags at once.

As you can see, Yoast SEO allows you to “build” the SEO title of the article by adding variables, such as the title of your website. This will allow you to better introduce yourself to those who find your article through search engines and let you know how to write an SEO friendly article.

What is the proper length for an SEO title and meta description?

Your SEO title should not exceed 56 characters. As for meta description, the rules have changed over the years, but in principle it’s a good idea to keep between 120 and 156 characters. If it is too short, it seems that your article is not comprehensive enough. If it is too long, only a portion of it will be displayed, and the cuts will not be entirely the best for the user experience. Try to find the right balance.

Inclusion of links to external sources and other pages on your site

Prove to both readers and Google that you know what you’re saying, and including links to trusted sources in your article will help you be trustworthy. If you also put links to other pages on your site where your readers can find interesting insights, you will give your article added value. Google and other search engines reward both of these actions.

There are no real rules for distributing external and external links, but you still have to think about a few things. For example, avoid using anchor texts such as “Click here to learn more” or “Visit this link”. Instead, use short sentences containing the focused keyword of the article you want to redirect readers to.

Make your photos SEO friendly

Search engines are not yet able to recognize the content of the images you add to your articles. But you can help it with this by setting so-called alternate attributes, which are a string of words that are inserted into the graphic’s HTML code. content to give them meaning. This way, search engines will be able to assess your relevance to the rest of the article and reward you accordingly.

There are two types of alt attributes you should consider: the title attribute and the alt text. The title attribute is, very intuitively, the title of the image, which will be shown as a hint when readers hover over it. On the other hand, the alt text is an explanation of the image used by both search engines and screen readers for users. Setting these two attributes is very simple: just place the image in your article. Hover over it with your cursor and click the pencil icon to modify it. Next, fill in the fields assigned to the two attributes.

More Tips for Writing the Perfect SEO Friendly Article

كتابة مقال متوافق مع السيو

In addition to the items we’ve already talked about, you need to pay attention to a whole other set of techniques and strategies as we write our article on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Here are some other tips that will be very useful for writing online:

Do not use keywords randomly. It is important to use it well and neatly in the headline and in the first paragraph of the text.
Don’t forget to also enter your keywords in the article URL and in the description of the images
Pay attention to readability. A high-quality article is still a mediocre article if it is not straightforward. For this we will have to pay attention to our writing. Some tools like Yoast SEO for WordPress help improve this element.
Don’t forget to include links in your text. In addition to improving your website’s ranking, it can be a useful tool for directing readers to other articles or pages of your site.
To make the text more readable but also for SEO. Remember to divide the text with subheadings (H1, H2, H3), in order to make reading more smooth.
Use bulleted or numbered lists to make concepts more readable.
Emphasize keywords using text formatting such as bold,
Remember to enter the so-called meta description ie the description reported by the search engine under the title. This way you will have more chances to grab your users’ attention.

With these tips and strategies, you will be able to create SEO friendly articles that will help you improve your ranking in search engines. However, you need to choose the topics you want to publish on the site carefully. Do a thorough research before choosing your topic and find reliable sources that know How to write an article compatible with SEO and allow you to create excellent quality articles.

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