Reasons to update your website from a web design company in Suez

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Reasons to update your website from a web design company in Suez

We are now aware of the importance of having a website for your company or business, because of its strong contribution to increasing sales, and because most attention today is directed towards e-marketing, so we offer you in Nofal Seo, a web design and development company that develops web projects with open source programming. We provide you a scalable and secure SEO friendly website. Invest in the best business tool and in this article we will show you why to update your website.

What is a web design company?

A web design company is entrusted with the work of everything related to the study and development of a website, starting from the visual aspect consisting of texts, images and electronic contributions, to programming the site itself, through specific languages ​​such as “HTML, CSS” and JavaScript traffic, applying good design standards.

The web designer takes care of the website implementation with special care. With the aim of achieving effective communication from the point of view of fees and from the point of view of the user with regard to usability.

Aspects of visual communication, brand promotion and interpretation of its communication codes, through the digital tool, are delicate tasks that require deep and varied skills.

You can create a professional website, which reflects the expectations of your goal and fully explains your business vision and mission, all you need is the best web design company in Egypt.

14 reasons to update your website from a web design company in Egypt

We previously knew what a web design company is, now we will learn about reasons to update your site. There is no better or more cost effective way to advertise your business than on the World Wide Web. The trick, however, is not just a website, but the right website development. There can be many decisions that go into updating your website and we have broken down our 14 main reasons into the following categories:

the design.
Ease of use.

First: the design

visual appeal

When people visit your site, they see it as a reflection of your organization. If your site looks professional and is loaded with useful information, your readers will see you as an authority and expert. Likewise, if the site looks poorly designed and/or outdated, they will make the same assumptions about your company. The website should highlight your product or service and the layout should look harmonious and consistent. This is one of the top SEO tips.

mobile response

The Arab world is now a smartphone community. We spend as many hours online on our smartphones every day, twice as long as laptops and computers. If you take this fact into account with Google’s mobile update of April 21, 2015, ignoring the mobile market is a risky business.

In conclusion, if you haven’t updated your website in a while, chances are that you may be driving your mobile users and potential customers away. Find information about responsive mobile website design.

Technology and Coding

Is your web browser compatible? Is your source code valid (HTML and CSS)? Does your website meet basic web standards? And is the programming technology and/or (version) outdated? An important factor you should keep in mind is to increase usability in web design. Web standards change drastically every year and website creation techniques become more advanced to comply with the latest standards.

Second: Marketing from a web design company

Effective use of calls to action

Many dating websites lack effective calls to actions that convert users into customers. A call-to-action (CTA) is a button or link that you place on your website to attract leads into potential customers by completing an action on your landing page. Are the ‘USP’ and call to action clearly marked on each landing page? It is also important, is it interesting enough to convince the visitor to complete the desired action?


Your website’s first impression will be the overall design, but the reader visits your website because they are looking for useful information. A website redesign can also allow you to reprocess how you communicate with all your visitors and write a simple copy, on target and more effective – remember, in the modern world you only have 2-4 seconds to attract new visitors. Website content should be considered the most important thing, as it helps in determining the effectiveness of the website. Fresh and unique site content is a very important factor in encouraging people to revisit your site frequently.

SEO and website update

Just like a website, digital marketing and SEO may need an update. If you do not update your website it is sure to fall into the search engine rankings. Search engines consider websites with newer content to be the most relevant to web users. Your content may be gold, but if it’s the same content it was 5 years ago, software in search engines may not think it’s relevant anymore. Redesign also gives you a chance to rethink your keyword targeting and your website’s overall conversion rate. . The way people search and the way they search has changed drastically over the past few years, even more realistic with the explosion of smartphone devices in use now so you should take an SEO course to apply it to your site scientifically.

Third: ease of use.

Provide ease of movement

When we talk about user experience, we are referring to the overall experience of visitors with your site – more than just its appearance, user experience includes how easy it is to use your site, how fast it is, how easy it is to find information and how little friction is when visitors try to complete whatever action they are trying to complete . Your website navigation should focus on driving the right visitor towards a must-see experience.

Is your bounce rate high?

The bounce rate is the percentage of people who arrive at your site and leave without visiting a second page. A high bounce rate is a clear sign of an outdated or poorly performing site. Website users usually leave the site quickly without visiting other pages simply because they don’t find what they’re looking for right away or they don’t like the look of it! Do your visitors leave as soon as they come to your site? How does your website compare to estimated industry standards?

Location – If your company is a local company serving clients in Egypt, you should expect a high bounce rate from outside Egypt. If you are a local business, definitely segment your traffic to understand how the traffic within your area is performing and to avoid being skewed by irrelevant traffic.

Medium – People who come to your site through different media like website referral, email, social networking, direct, organic, paid, casual, offline, press releases etc. will have different expectations mostly and may have different bounce rates Significantly.

Site speed

Your website’s load time is a key factor in people staying or leaving the site and never coming back.

Fourth: time

Easier to update the website You should be able to update your website yourself. A modern website based on a CMS like WordPress makes it easy to manage, avoids any messy code, and you simply write what you want in an organized way. This way, you can personally add or alternate your content based on your specific goals, while constantly improving your website. The web design industry is constantly improving itself. This includes keeping chart designs updated, blogs updated, photos updated, and timely posting of promotions and announcements.

You will reduce the risk of being hacked The stories of hacked websites and social media feeds are becoming more and more frequent. Flaws can arise on any new or old website, but the potential for vulnerabilities affecting an older website is much greater because it relies on older, less secure coding technology and code.

Site Integration For the vast majority of businesses, integrated websites are essential to deliver the required levels of service. We’ve outlined our benefits of website integration here. Your customers expect access to a blog, contact form, support form and, if applicable, shopping function, all in one easy-to-use site. You will require a single login and quick access to accurate and timely information at all times. Integrating your site with order fulfillment, tracking, billing and CRM systems reduces the potential for errors and confusion. Many small businesses start using a range of open source tools for different activities. Only to force it to use a complex, error-prone, and time-consuming strategy that involves manually copying information from one system to another. A website update is an ideal time to find ways to save admin time and improve customer service.

In short, the above information from a web design company highlights the most important and most popular tags to look for. When you want to know if your site has become “outdated” or not. Although there may be other signs that you need to update your website, there should be enough here to point you on the right path and you can hire a web design company.

What are the languages of web design?

Web Design Languages HTML. CSS. Java JavaScript Python SQL. PHP.

How to design websites?

Registering the business name is the first step, then finding a reliable company to host the site, preparing the content that the site will address, and finally building the site.

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