SEO expert Ahmed Nofal helps you to top YouTube search results

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SEO expert Ahmed Nofal helps you to top YouTube search results

How do you appear among the first on YouTube? Today, I’m sharing with you all the secrets of top YouTube search results to put your videos and channel at the top of YouTube rankings. YouTube has more than 1 billion users worldwide. How do you stand out among so many people, channels and videos? Without a doubt, it is not easy, but today I will explain some tips, some well-known and some real “secret tricks”, which have helped us gain more traffic to your channel and properly optimize your YouTube SEO videos for more views.

What is search engine optimization on YouTube?

SEO is a set of techniques to generate YouTube search results, known as SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). It includes a series of web-related technologies and strategies, from design, loading speed, content, data, tags, keywords, and much more. YouTube is a set of techniques aimed at getting a video or channel to be ranked on YouTube.

The SEO on YouTube is a set of techniques used to make a video or channel on YouTube, achieve visibility, generate traffic and get many subscribers.

That is, the YouTube SEO strategy attempts to properly display on YouTube all the information that this search engine needs to understand what your videos are and why they should be featured in certain searches of its users.

How does YouTube search work?

تصدر نتائج البحث يوتيوب

Now, there is a drawback in how YouTube search results are ranked that search engines cannot understand the information in images or videos, so YouTube relies on traditional SEO to understand the information in your video and in the data you provide in the video title: description and tags file name, etc.

A great advantage of learning about SEO marketing, i.e. properly optimizing a Google webpage in SEO, is that it is not much different from optimizing a YouTube video in SEO, since YouTube is owned by Google and they share a lot of Data and search algorithms.

Therefore, the video data that you index in Google will be quickly looked at, and if indexed correctly, the YouTube search engine will fully trust the text data displayed by Google.

How are YouTube search results published?

We explain some important points about YouTube SEO for beginners that help you in the top of YouTube search results.

Start by searching for and analyzing search engines and the best keywords

Keyword research is one of the most important processes in any SEO strategy, and it’s no different from being on top in YouTube search results. Video keywords will help you organize your content better and give your YouTube channel a better focus.

You can do this the traditional way. Write something on YouTube and brainstorm all those related words. Additionally, there are free tools like Google Trends or Ubersuggest that can help you do that.

Just as the google autocomplete results are very valuable for keyword searches from a website, the choices that youtube indicates (the youtube autocomplete function) throws you will also be your channel, don’t ignore it, make more of it!

Name your video file before uploading it to YouTube

تصدر نتائج البحث يوتيوب

YouTube can’t understand what’s inside the video, so it will rely on the name of the video file on your computer to get an initial idea. The file name of your video, before uploading it to the platform, tells YouTube more than you think. For example, renaming a file Your video gives YouTube an idea of ​​what your upload is about. Choose a keyword for your video, consistent with the video title and easy on YouTube’s search engine.

Create a great title and use keywords

The title is a critical factor for the YouTube algorithm to consider your video. Take advantage of keyword research to create video titles that are friendly, meaningful and clear enough to be understood by search engines that will be very useful to you. Your video title should be simple and contain the most appropriate keywords to describe what Spin it around. The effect of the title will determine the percentage of clicks your video will get.

Write Optimized Descriptions to Lead YouTube Search Results on YouTube Video

A video description is a great opportunity to grab your audience’s attention and provide them with useful information. Many miss it, but it is advisable to write very long and long descriptions, as a CTA, links, or anything extra that you want to include and you know can be useful to the reader will be welcomed.

It’s not about explaining or transcribing the entire video, it spoils yourself! It’s about strategy in communicating with your audience. Don’t be afraid to write and let the first three lines YouTube shows in your videos entice your audience to read the rest.

The description can help you gain more subscribers and, if it’s interesting, get people to click Show More to continue reading. You have 1,000 characters to use in the description, but it is generally recommended to use between 300 and 500 characters.

Spend time adding video subtitles

The subtitle or closed caption function that you will find from the video editor itself, within the YouTube video manager section, is very useful when it comes to achieving greater visibility and better positioning within YouTube and its associated search engine. So is Google’s search engine. Adding subtitles to a video manually takes some time, but your video will reach the hard of hearing and foreigners, using the automatic YouTube translator.

Using this YouTube technology, at the same time, will allow you to reach a larger group of users, including people with hearing disabilities, for example, but also people who do not speak your language, since YouTube has an automatic translation system to translate into the user’s language.

Translation and explanation

Video transcripts or subtitles are added when rating in the YouTube algorithm, but it’s not a good idea to leave them in the hands of the automatic subtitles generated by the platform, since they usually contain errors, time and typing. The most appropriate thing is to edit the subtitles yourself, or rely on a program or application that can help you with this.

Translate texts and translations into other languages

The ability to globalize your channel should be your dream and you will come close to doing so if you provide subtitles for your video in several languages ​​for your audience.

The best thing is that you don’t have to record the video for every language, it will be a waste of time and money! You can rely on YouTube’s machine translations or, if you can, have a translation verified by professional translators.

Set relevant tags for your YouTube video according to your SEO strategy

تصدر نتائج البحث يوتيوب

Tags make it easy to find your video, but only if you use relevant and popular tags. Top YouTube search results

Take a little time and do your research! Search and select the tags that are most searched for by your target audience, using long keywords or phrases.

There are a number of free and easy-to-use tools that you can use to research your own niche tags, or why not keep an eye on your top competition.

Create a custom thumbnail (cover) for your video

By default, thumbnails of videos appear as video overlays in the results lists, as they are automatically generated by YouTube, with a snapshot selected for your video. It is very good, because it makes the work a lot easier and the vast majority of videos use this automatic method.

But the stats reveal that those channels that perform best on this platform are the ones that upload custom thumbnails for their videos, using eye-catching images that capture the user’s attention, fulfill the content, and invite them to do so. Click and view the video. It’s worth taking the time to create a personal and impressive cover photo (thumbnail) that will catch your audience’s attention, you’ll notice the difference!

Recommended image size is 1280 x 720 pixels in PNG, JPG, GIF or BMP formats. So let that creativity fly and make an impressive cover for each of your videos.

Create calls to action (CTA) on videos

Action, in English, is necessary to end the oppression of the audience and convince them to do the action you want, such as subscribing to your YouTube channel.

Be as persuasive as possible about this and show them the way, with one click, to become part of your loyal audience. Remember that the number of subscribers to your channel is one of the factors YouTube will consider when placing your videos in their results lists.

Invite them to subscribe

Gaining subscribers is one of the main goals of any YouTube channel, so you should be strategic to invite the audience to subscribe. Gaining subscribers sends a powerful message to YouTube, telling them that your videos are good and provide a great user experience.

Usually, it is usual to place an invitation to subscribe at the beginning or end of the video. It is up to you to be persuasive and bold to do so!

If you are adding subscribers, it is because users have a good experience on your channel to further this achievement, it is important that you focus on your new audience.

To do this, it can always be useful to upload your content on a specific day and time of the week, that way the audience will be attentive to what you have created. These early days of ‘love’ are vital to creating a strong bond between your channel and new subscribers, so don’t waste them!

Create YouTube playlists based on keywords to top YouTube search results

YouTube playlists are useful for better organization of channel content and for additional text-based content (and targeted keywords), which will result in more views and, again, a better picture versus YouTube without it. You will definitely take it into consideration when putting together your videos.

Take care of your YouTube channel’s authority

A lot of times it’s easy to get hundreds of likes and views on a video individually, but that doesn’t mean you’re doing everything right. To achieve an overall rating in your business, you need to take care of your channel’s authority. This means, promoting the channel as a whole, not just promoting the videos individually.

A clear example of this is when someone uploads a video to YouTube and makes it reach the audience. And then time passes, a long time, and no one knows anything about that person who managed to spread this video so widely. What happened? He didn’t bother paying attention to his channel!

What I’m saying is that you have to worry about issues like the title, tags, and everything else I’ve talked about in this post, but also about how much content you’re creating, how often you’re creating it, and if you’re showing it, in one piece, as a channel. See where I’m going, right? All of these things will be essential to properly managing your channel’s authority.

Encourage interaction with your subscribers

Any strategy to drive YouTube search results aims for one thing only: gaining the trust of the public. Your strategy will not be complete if you do not think about interacting with the users in it.

The best way to get what they want is to ask them, encourage them to express themselves in the channel and give value to their opinions. Read and respond to comments, show empathy for their messages, and show them that you are close to or equal to them.

The more you interact with subscribers to a channel, the better the videos you’ll upload, as you can bring them closer to what your audience already expects.

Post comments on your videos!

Like I said, engagement is important to your channel, and responding to comments is part of that interaction YouTube hopes its users will get.

The more willing you are to create a seamless connection with your subscribers, the more authority your channel will gain and the more feedback you will get. It’s a dynamic feedback that will be very interesting for the audience and useful for how to rank YouTube search results and for your YouTube videos.

Prioritizing User Experience (UX) in YouTube Results

Google is king when it comes to User Experience (UX) His efforts to make his users happy are numerous, and he would be no less careless in this on a platform like YouTube. How do you serve the audience? How do you prioritize their participation in your channel?

time is money

In my experience, I know that most people who come to YouTube prefer actions to words. Explain! If someone wants to exhaust reading a couple of long, boring, hard-to-understand pages, they will instead look for an old recipe book or read it on the web.

Those who go to YouTube because they want things that are specific, simple, understandable and fast. Time is very important in the multimedia world in which we live. Prepare your videos trying not to be unnecessarily long, but use the first 15 or 30 seconds to give your audience interesting messages and get them to watch the entire video.

Sometimes a picture will speak for itself! If you have a 15 minute video but you spend the first two minutes making an introduction that no one cares about, I assure you that people will think your channel and videos are a waste of time.

Keep your audience

User session time is a very important step for YouTube, as is the bounce rate, and dropout rate for users when they enter the site, which is measured on websites to see if they are useful to the user.

If someone comes to watch a video and leaves the channel at the end of the video, YouTube explains that the channel was not helpful to that person. Conversely, if a person continues to watch video after video before leaving the channel, it is because they have become addicted to the content they have obtained, which is the purpose of this platform: to keep users on it for as long as possible.

Understand what the user is really looking for

It is possible to understand a user’s search intent using SEO, but there are some SEO magicians who try to guess it rather than discern it.

This is not an impossible task. In fact, it’s easy if you know how to do it, and I hope you do! Those who have simple, real and human language.

Thus, when someone searches for certain information on YouTube, you will have a better chance of ranking yourself and appearing in that search if you put natural, relevant and useful titles for your videos.

Put yourself in the shoes of your audience and imagine the words they will use to find your content.

Give simple answers

Do you remember what I told you about the importance of time? Well, without a doubt, YouTube’s success is due to the fact that this platform has found a practical way to inform, educate and entertain, among other things, to maximize our time. It will not change!

The statistics don’t lie! The most viewed YouTube videos are between 4 and 6 minutes long on average. Well-managed brevity is gold for the channel.

Use YouTube EndScreen and cards

Cards are annotations or notices that are created and placed on videos to sponsor other videos or invite audiences to subscribe to a channel. It is very easy to create and very useful.

For EndScreen or end screens, these are similar to cards, but are reserved for the end of the video. It’s a bit more detailed and more visually appealing. You should know that there are certain parameters that you must meet in order to create final screens suitable for YouTube, and among them are the ones that are useful to the user and are not only used for advertising or other benefit.

Don’t forget about local SEO, too on YouTube!

Your YouTube channel should also consider local SEO, so how can that not be the case?

If you have a business online or on your channel that offers products and services, it is helpful to leave the door open for local searches during YouTube SEO.

Add a title (in Advanced Settings you can do this) and include the place name (city, for example) also in the title, tags, and in all parts of the video where you include keywords and key phrases.

Be consistent with YouTube SEO!

Consistency is necessary to maintain a good YouTube channel position and to be successful over time.

Earn video views from other web pages

تصدر نتائج البحث يوتيوب

The more traffic you generate, the better results you’ll get, that’s for sure! But what you have to worry about and play around with is how to get that motion that translates into video transcription.

A good strategy is to get people interested in your videos from platforms outside of YouTube, so it can be helpful to select sites like LinkedIn, for example. This network is highly visited and there you will have the opportunity to share opinions, texts and videos that can help you gain more views, copies and subscribers.Discover the perfect social networks to share your videos and get views that will help you rank better on YouTube.

Study the market! Find common questions or topics on LinkedIn, or on the social network of your choice, and provide answers to them. Start with a short, engaging text and end up saying something like “If you want more information, you will be interested in watching this video.”

Sharing your videos in other communities will connect you with new users while gaining popularity on YouTube, it sounds cool!

Promote your videos from other social networks

It would be unwise to ignore other social networks and focus only on YouTube when what you want is the globalization of a channel.

Since millions of people are communicating daily on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc., it is very useful for any YouTuber or channel owner who can expand their horizons by promoting videos on this or any other social network. vice versa. This is something I also mentioned to you when I told you about SEO strategies on Instagram.

Choose the social network that suits you, and there are also tools with which you can monitor the presence of your content on these social networks, to improve your strategies and strengthen those that give you good results.

Connect to your social accounts from your videos

Connecting your YouTube channel with your other accounts on social networks, and any site you want, is positive for you to gain more audience, and this broadens your horizons. You can do this by linking from the video description.

How do I support my YouTube channel?

In order for your YouTube channel to become popular and start making money from it, you need to promote it. We often think that such promotion requires a large financial investment. But in fact, you can use many free tools to make your content stand out from the rest. Readers of this article will know how to support my YouTube channel at the lowest cost.

YouTube Algorithm

How do I support my YouTube channel? When you start promoting a YouTube video, your goal is to give it a boost. Once the algorithms detect that your content has become popular, they will prioritize it. These are the metrics that algorithms pay attention to when choosing which video content to promote.

How often do you upload new videos?
How often do people play your videos?
How effectively do people interact with your content? (How active are they liking, sharing, and commenting on it?)
When did you watch your video? (How long do people watch it?)
Average session time? (How long do people stay on YouTube after watching your content?)
How quickly does the popularity of your content increase?
New video?

How do I support my YouTube TV channel?

When people watch videos, they tend to skip ads. But they can’t do that when a vlogger is going live. The most profitable way to advertise is to place your channel ad on a live video from a YouTube influencer. Viewers will have no choice but to pay attention to him!

YouTube Promotion Services

On the Internet, there are dozens of services where professionals can help you on how to support my YouTube channel. They can review your channel on their blog, improve your metadata, or make your videos go viral on social media.


It has the following benefits:

Save time
increase performance
Eliminate errors that occur due to the human factor

However, most of the services that allow bloggers to automate their YouTube promotions are very expensive. One possible way to save money is to pay for YouTube automation and use free tools to promote your account on other social networks.

How do I support my YouTube channel without paying?

Create a short channel name and eye-catching videos. Ideally, names should contain less than 60 characters, otherwise, they may be truncated when displayed. Put your keywords as close as possible to the beginning of the title.
Create video descriptions for your content. The maximum length of each description is 5000 characters.
Avoid clickbait. It may be effective in the short term, but it has undermined your reputation in the long term.
Do a keyword research and include relevant hashtags. The easiest way to find popular and compatible Google hashtags is to use YouTube’s autocomplete feature when searching for a specific topic.

YouTube Promotion

New YouTubers often suspect that organic promotions are enough to make their channel popular. Well, if you can spend money on paid promotions, that would be great. But it is realistic to collect a large number of followers with minimal cost. Channel subject matter is a decisive factor. If people are interested in it and you know how to provide new and valuable information about it, you have a good chance of success.

Top tips for how to support my YouTube channel

Tips for my YouTube channel Always follow the Community Guidelines. Before launching your channel, please read the YouTube Terms and Conditions carefully.
Interact with your audience. Reply to comments, even if they are negative. “Heart” best comments. Post response videos.
Create playlists. When one video ends, the next video will start streaming automatically. YouTube’s algorithms often recommend sequenced playlist videos to other users.

invest time

Marketing your channel will only achieve the desired results if it is systematic. Plan ahead for your content and stick to a consistent schedule, eg three new videos per week. Your audience should know what to expect of you.

Before creating a new video, think about why the community needs it. How can you help people solve their problems? Why should they play your video and not your competitor’s content? Spontaneity will not help you promote your YouTube channel.

Collaborate with other channels

Other YouTube channels are not treated in the same niche as competitors. Instead, try creating links with them. They mention your channel from time to time and you will do the same. It will add authority to your content and help spread the word about your channel.

When looking for potential partners, consider only those channels that have approximately the same number of subscribers as yours. Also, they should target their content to a similar audience. To select channels for cross-promotion, use the Social Blade service.

Promote yourself on other channels

Perhaps on social media, she has few followers on other social media platforms. Then you need to mention your YouTube channel link in your profile description and share your new videos on these platforms.

Ask your friends and family to support you. Once you share new content on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else, the people closest to you should like, share and comment on it within 24 hours. This will make your posts more visible to other users.

Ask viewers for help

Tell your audience that they will be happy to read your private messages. Decide which communication channels they should use: comments on your videos, email, or something else. Your fans will be happy to know that you think of them and value their opinion.

Viewers can suggest new themes and concepts for your videos. You’ll appreciate it when you run out of ideas (which inevitably happens to all prolific bloggers sooner or later).

Take advantage of the Community tab and YouTube Stories

These tools may not be available to some content creators. But if you can use it, you should. The Community tab allows you to post questions to your audience and promote upcoming videos. Stories are short-lived videos that are only available for seven days. Your subscribers will know their vision ASAP.

Get traffic from Google

On a typical search engine results page, YouTube videos will rank higher than most blogs or text articles. “How do I support my YouTube channel to get there?” Beginners will ask. When choosing what content to include in the SERP, Google relies on the following parameters.

Titles and description. It must include keywords.
Keywords mentioned in the video.
commitment. The more active people interact with your content, the better.
Categories. When you upload a new YouTube video, you need to rank so the system knows what it’s about.
attachments. Thanks to them, the algorithms will better understand the context of your content

According to statistics, YouTube videos appear in 70% of the top 100 search results on Google. It’s your perfect opportunity to grab people’s attention.

Interact with the YouTube community

Some channel owners (Youtube users) may not want to cooperate with you. But you can still reach your viewers and direct their attention to your blog.

Subscribe to channels that cater to the same demographics as you.
Watch their videos, comment, like and share.
Mention their content on your blog.

This would help you expand your followers.

Customize your thumbnails

When we open a new website, the first thing we see is not letters but images. It has to do with how our minds work. YouTube automatically creates thumbnails for all videos, but sometimes their quality can be poor. Alternatively, you might consider creating custom thumbnails. Here are some recommendations on how to do this.

Select a high contrast close-up.
Convert it to one of these formats: .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, or .PNG
Make sure that it fits within the 2 MB limit.
The optimal resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels.
To encourage clicks, add colors and text.

If you prefer another resolution, keep the 16:9 aspect ratio. If you are missing decent photos, feel free to use the ready-made ones.

Google Ads

You can use Google Ads not only to place ads, but also to choose keywords for your YouTube videos.

Open the Google Ads Keyword Planner.
Select the right keywords for your content.
Search Google for each keyword.
Analyze the best search result for each keyword.
Edit your keywords to see what niche you can fill.

Your goal is to get Google to show your videos on the front page. Your channel search leads YouTube and Google search results when someone searches for certain popular keywords.

Organizing a contest or giveaway

It’s a very effective way to engage your audience, but only if you stick to the following principles.

Write simple and transparent rules for the contest or giveaway.
Present viewers with an award they will appreciate.
Follow YouTube contest rules and other policies.
Promote your activities on other social platforms.

As a result, your followers will grow. There will be more likes and comments below your videos. In addition, you will be able to collect data from your viewers to better plan your next activities.

Insert your YouTube videos

You should monitor the posts that bloggers and journalists write on the topic of your blog. You can contact them and ask if they are interested in including your videos in your texts for free. Most texts only make use of multimedia content, and you’ll get an effective upgrade.

Encourage viewers to follow your channel

It’s normal to ask your audience to watch, follow, and comment on your YouTube content. You can ask your viewers to press the bell icon if they want to receive notifications about your channel’s updates. Users of this social platform are quite receptive in this regard.

As you can see, effective promotion of your YouTube account does not necessarily require large investments. But it takes a lot of time and effort, which is why automation is so vital. Start using Postoplan for maximum performance! This modern, affordable and versatile service will help you get the most out of your YouTube promotions.

How do I support my YouTube channel?

You can promote my YouTube channel by investing money in it. It would be reasonable to try the free approach first that we mentioned above.

How do I support my YouTube channel without money?

Create attractive names for your channel and videos, use popular keywords and collect interesting descriptions. Interact with your audience, organize contests and giveaways. To save time and effort, automate as many processes as possible.

How to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube quickly?

Create first-class content and upload it to your channel constantly. Follow the recommendations in this article and try to make the most of each tip.

youtube seo tools

Keywordtool tool to choose the most important keywords.

youtube seo tips

تصدر نتائج البحث يوتيوب

If you’re starting out as a YouTube user, this is probably what you haven’t noticed yet. So that you can start working on SEO for your YouTube videos, in addition to recommending these YouTube channels to learn SEO and get higher on YouTube search results, today we are going to give you five YouTube SEO tips that you should undoubtedly consider if you want to get For better performance:

Keywords: Choosing the keywords correctly is essential, as they will determine the searches in which the video will appear. In this sense, you should follow some tips to select keywords that are most similar when doing so in Google searches.

There are paid and niche tools on YouTube, like vidIQ, that show a lot of information about keywords: most viewed videos for the term, related words, and more, but there are also free keyword research tools that will help you in the process. To determine the most appropriate for your content. In the same way, you can manually perform a search in YouTube’s search engine and see the content suggestions that search brings up.

When you have a whole list of keywords, if it’s too long, you can use tools like KWFinder or SEMrush (both paid) or Google’s keyword search engine to filter all the words in the list and keep only those with low competition, because at first they’ll be the easiest to the situation.

Finally, it is important that the keyword is uttered one or more times during the video, as YouTube makes automatic transcription of the video and takes into account that the term is mentioned.

Optimize videos for Google: When you search for any term in Google, videos often appear among the first search results. This is because Google prioritizes videos in certain searches, usually those that contain the question “How…”. For this reason, in videos for reviews and tutorials and also for those on sports topics, it is important to pay attention to the optimization of SEO for Google, so that it is displayed in the search engine results, which will attract many visits.
SEO OnPage: Optimizing a YouTube video is not the same as optimizing a blog post. In this sense, you should take care of the labels, because on YouTube you also have to enter the titles and intro, and take into account other key factors to determine the position of the article.
Improving user retention: One of the main factors for placing a video on YouTube is user retention. If someone gets to the video, they watch it from start to finish, the YouTube algorithm receives a signal that the video answers a question and that its content is of high quality, so it will view it more times.

To improve user retention, avoid long introductions and don’t include ads in this space. It is best to use the introduction to make a quick summary of everything the user will find in the video.

Channel optimization: Channel optimization not only requires good coverage and a profile picture. It is also necessary to put the keywords in as many places as possible and pay special attention to their description, which should be as clear as possible.

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