SEO Professional Ahmed Nofal

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SEO Professional Ahmed Nofal

When it comes, my friend, to optimizing search engines and getting your site to be the first in search results, you definitely need an SEO professional, who does all these tasks related to getting the first search results. Come with me to find out what are the advantages of an SEO specialist, how does he work? And what does it do? Is the presence of a professional SEO is necessary? All of these questions will be answered later.

Definition of the word seo

If we want to get acquainted with the tasks of an SEO professional, then it is first for us to know, what is SEO. SEO is a set of procedures that we follow that will increase the quantity and quality of traffic on your website. through search engine results.

محترف سيو

SEO Professional

If you are a website owner, you need to publish the first search results, and in order to do this you really need an SEO expert. Later, we will show you the criteria by which you choose a professional SEO and the foundations that make you the first search results. Nofal Seo Company is the perfect choice for you. Follow us.

Who is the professional SEO Ahmed Nofal?

The SEO professional is the person responsible for developing everything related to your site, in order to make it the first in the various search engines, and among these tasks is the site’s internal SEO and the site’s internal backlink. It also notes programming errors and finds a broken backlink that harms the site and follows up on the site’s content and keywords targeted by a kiss, you are struggling, my friend. In order to reach the first ranking in the search engines, and after you have already reached, stop for a moment and ask yourself: Have you become an SEO professional?

Of course not, all this does not mean that you have become a SEO specialist, a big world that carries many trends in the world of technology, websites and web design companies. And when it comes to the biography of the sites, one must think about the best web design company and the SEO company. They are the ones who provide SEO services technology.

When we talk about SEO and SEO professional, we must mention .Ahmed Nofal is a professional SEO expert in search engine management. It is the director of site marketing through search engines that helps you get your site up to the first page with a strategy to improve your site’s search engine

It also trains you on search engines by giving you an intensive SEO course, which makes you a professional.

Some of the results of a professional SEO


محترف سيو

محترف سيو

Search engine optimization expert tasks

A search engine optimization (SEO) consultant is first and foremost a marketing expert with technical skills who provides companies with tips and tools to increase their search engine turnover.

From a practical point of view

It analyzes a website and indicates the actions to be taken to make it SEO friendly. Improve its position on search engines.
Preparing keyword analysis to determine the most useful and appropriate to work on, to increase traffic and achieve business goals.
Determine the strengths and weaknesses of online competitors, which the customer can overcome in order to become more reliable towards his audience.
It studies the objective to identify the unmet needs of the audience and chooses the type of content to develop and improve to intercept potential customers.
It builds backlinks to increase the importance of the site in the eyes of Google and thus make it reliable in its place.

When do you need a seo specialist?

You need an SEO professional. In the event that your website does not achieve the desired success, it is necessary to contact SEO professionals who specialize in search engine optimization. They are well aware of the importance of optimizing your online platform from a local perspective, in order to attract new and potential customers. The help of an SEO expert is essential to making the most of the potential offered by Google and other search engines who specialize in SEO. In fact, they are able to provide the website with all the information needed to be found by the users.

In particular, within Google Local SEO optimization, experts know the best strategies for getting the most out of Google My Business. It is a useful tool that allows the company’s brand to get a high rating directly from the search results through some specific information such as:

Company Address
Accurate description of the activity
Opening and closing times
Phone number and other contacts
Customer opinions.

Moreover, with Google My Business. The user can interact more freely with the site by booking an appointment directly online, requesting a quote or using direct messages.

Moreover, among the local SEO strategies, SEO consultants will be able to: (SEO) from the proposal to create landing pages with a strong site in the region.

How a professional SEO works

The SEO professional works through an SEO company specializing in search engine optimization and does several important things, including:

Provides internal SEO reports for the site.
Aggregate a number of words in relation to Google search results.
Create a good backlink that serves the site.
Check website loading speed on desktop and mobile.
Write unique and long content of about 1,000 words or more.
Extracting the largest number of backlinks from trusted sites.
Internal SEO work for the site.
Writing good content compatible with the standards of SEO and Google search engines
Repeats the target keyword within the article.

What are seo services?


محترف سيو

SEO work is divided into different aspects, aspects that most of the time require the involvement of several professionals together.

In fact, if there is an SEO expert who must lay out the strategy, check the results and make all the necessary optimizations, then SEO work requires at least other skills:

Content Marketing: Pages need to rank the content by search engine and the content is both textual and visual. Good content marketing should be done by someone who has good writing skills in general and copywriting in particular. Anyone who has studied how to apply marketing to writing. The method of “packaging” images with text may be a skill that copywriters know, having studied digital and traditional marketing, but it is clear that it should always be supervised by those dealing with SEO strategy.
Web Designer: The way websites are created and managed greatly influences positioning in search engines. Speed, performance and user experience. If the site is slow, heavy, poorly organized, difficult to understand, or If the hosting is not good, the images are not optimized, if there are too many plugins, too many error pages…etc… the web designer has to step in to keep everything under control so it’s best to hire a web design company .
SEO expert in link building, links are the most important part of SEO, the element that, when all the antecedents are under control, quickly improves a site’s position. Among the search engine optimization (SEO) services. Link building is the one that directly involves the SEO expert, who has to do research to understand how the competition is moving on the search engine. The type of optimization strategy you are using is based on finding suitable sites that can be obtained.

The bottom line here is that SEO for your site is not impossible and you can do it yourself. But when it comes to leading the first results, studying the competing market around you, and applying all the criteria for SEO professionally in a scientific way. It now requires the help of a professional SEO.

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