The best digital marketing company with more than 10 years of experience

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The best digital marketing company with more than 10 years of experience

We know that you are looking for a successful e-marketing company, so do not think that you are reading our article now by chance, there is no room for coincidences in the world of marketing and business. What you see in front of you is one of our marketing methods, and this method depends on optimizing the search engines for our site, and because you are a carefully targeted customer, the company has made efforts for you to search for it and not the other way around.

In this article, we will present to you one of the creative marketing methods that we rely on in our marketing campaigns, and we will learn together about the components and method of implementing this important strategy offered to you by Nofal SEO, the best e-marketing company in Egypt and the Arab world.

E-Marketing Sites (Marketing Channels)

There are many e-marketing platforms that rely heavily on a large number of visitors, and I will mention some e-marketing channels

snap chat
Google Ads
Website optimization in search engines (SEO)

The best types of e-marketing in terms of ranking

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Google ads for search
Content Marketing
Email Marketing (E-mail Marketing
Social media of all kinds

The importance of e-marketing

There is no doubt that e-marketing has now greatly outperformed traditional marketing in terms of saving effort and in terms of customer follow-up and in terms of exploring new customers on a permanent and continuous basis that is not affected by any changes or economic or health conditions.

Marketing prices for us as an e-marketing company

Our marketing prices vary, and the reason here is to use our marketing strategy that uses a giant effort in its implementation, which is an integrated system to obtain clients in a professional and very high quality without making any mistake. The company is not a beginner. Our experience in this field is invaluable. You can turn to another company as a company ME, which also uses the same strategies to work with us, but at a lower price, and not as the quality of our company in implementation, and the reason here is the experience in implementing this strategy.

Terms of contracting with Nofal SEO as an e-marketing company for your business

The monthly budget should be more than 10 thousand pounds per month
To have a professional website, and if not, we can design the site for you
Your net profit on the product should be good and not a small profit
Having a quality product
To have the ability to receive a large number of clients

Nofal SEO Marketing Strategy

The biggest problem we hear all the time from people about Facebook ads is that they don’t know how to sell and that all the interaction that happens to the ad, either comments, or messages. People just ask about the details and the price, but no one buys.

When a new customer comes to us, the first thing we ask him about is how do you sell? The answer is often that he makes an advertisement that is an engagement or messages, and sometimes a comversion, and the countries of the people who have a website and sell those who sell their products to them with content that focuses on displaying and selling the product very directly from the advertisement itself, and this is what happens most of the time and the result is the same problem that we said that Everyone asks about the details and the price, but no one buys. Of course, there are people who sell in this way. It is normal. We do not say that it is not working…it is working, but the sales, compared to the strategy we will explain today, is not completely different.

In order to explain the problem, why should we talk about the way the face book itself works?

You, as a user, do a lot of activities on your facebook mobile. Collect every thing you do. This need calls it signals. After that, the hope store collects signals in its database, and the Algorithm begins to be about you, who is the avatar. You understand who exactly and what you can like and care about. Because she wants to show you things that you care about, and this is logical, because it is in his interest that you prefer to open a face book all the time..

Algorithm Over the last years, this is all the time starting to develop in Facebook

In order to improve his area, to show you things that you are interested in, because he wants you to be there all the time. Then, we, as companies, make advertisements. It is possible that we target these people.

Or n target, you are in the end, you are a customer for us based on your interests, because you know who you are and what you are doing…… What you can like and what you don’t like, and so on and so many other things. The result is that you are a potential customer for us or for you. You ask them to be potential customers who can buy your product.

This is a simplification of the way that Facebook works, but the topic is very complicated. I mean, this is a form that explains why the topic is very complicated.

This picture is from approximately 2016, so you can imagine the topic has evolved in the last period and it has become complicated when I look at this picture and I think how many people have been in this field for 12 years. It is very complicated and all the time it is developing because it is in its interest that it makes you sales, I mean, this is his goal, he wants to make you sales because in the end he benefits.

You are now paying money in advertisements, but you will not receive a result. You will not achieve sales. You will be spent on advertisements, which will not happen, as this is the whole idea.

Ok, now if you make an advertisement… and the advertisement does not have a result, what does this mean?

In many reasons, what does it mean?

1- It is possible that the advertisement will reach the right people, and you have a problem with targeting

2- It is possible that the advertisement will not draw people’s attention even if they are appropriate, even if you are the target of the targeting, but the creativity is not correct. This is a problem with creativity.

3- It is possible that the advertisement is not convincing enough and does not allow them to take the action that you want. It is possible that there is a problem with the copy.

Many other problems that you will avoid if you implement the strategy that we are explaining today, God willing.

In order to put our judgment on the problem that companies suffer from, we must understand the types of customers who are on Facebook in 3 types

first type

They are the customers who are ready to buy, and countries will have a percentage ranging from 2 to 4%, and they will know exactly the problem they have, and they will be in the mood that they are looking for a solution and they will be ready to buy.

other type

These are the people who know the problem, but they are not ready to buy, their situation is not…. It’s different, I’m not ready to buy now. The problem is not so urgent that I want to solve it at the present time. These are the people who ask about the details and the price… People have the problem that the product solves, but they are still not ready to buy.

The third type: Countries are clients who do not know the problem in the first place, and the largest percentage of the market is countries of 70%, I mean, imagine that you are 70% of potential clients because you do not even know that they need your product, meaning the problem does not exist in the first place.

If you go to Facebook now and read your feed in the news, you will find that all companies are trying to sell the product directly to the percentage that is ready, but you buy and this is not wrong, I mean, it is not wrong and it is not right, I mean, no one will buy from you unless he trusts you and this is another problem, meaning the customer will only buy When he knows you and trusts you, and this will take us to a very important point, which is that you must build a relationship between you and the customer before he buys, and I myself believe that you do not need to tell the customer who bought in the first place, you need to let him trust you and then he will buy from himself.

In order to solve this second problem, we need to look at the relationship between the company and the customer in 6 stages that any customer in any company goes through.

first stage

He knows about this company for the first time. This is the customer’s first moment with the business. The customer here sees a message to you between the rest of the facebook or google or any other place. What would this customer know about yourself or about the product?

The second stage: the customer likes the company or what it offers here. The customer delves deeper into the relationship. I mean, here he can enter the website or take another action and make a comment or leave a message and so on

Oh either he likes what you say and sees what is right for him and completes it, or he says no, I don’t like it, and he leaves you and walks. Your role here is to know what you can offer to the customer so that he or she likes you or the product

third stage

He describes the company and the product. This stage is absolutely important because the customer is now impressed with what you offer, but there is still no trust between you and between you, and between you, you will be able to fulfill the promise or not, or he cannot determine or decide your presence.

If the customer believes the words you say or the words you claim, he will buy without what you say buy, I mean, he will reach the next stage after that.

What is left here that can make the customer reassure and trust in you and what is appropriate for him and complete or say no, I do not want to take us

fourth stage

He decides to buy the product, and he has confidence, so he decides to buy. Here, you must have a clear selling mechanism for the customer

I control the movement of the customer, he decided to buy, I mean, and his wife went to stage by stage until he bought

And keep in mind this point always, when the customer trusts you, he will buy from himself, you do not need to say buy.

Fifth stage: This customer decides (many people buy once, two or three from companies, depending of course the type of product and your fitness, how to do it.

Here, any customer who buys a product has expectations in his mind or has a problem that moves him towards buying the same product.

These expectations are either met with satisfaction or dissatisfaction, depending on you are your product

It is dependent on the delivery if your product or service reaches the customer in a state of satisfaction

He will buy from you once, two, and three, and he will be the customer of a lifetime, as he says.

That’s why you must tell the customer what you can do, no longer promise the failed marketing promises that all people are making now, we will work for you and ask you, but when you come to deliver this customer that he buys and you come to deliver what you promised him, don’t know and this is a big problem, frankly in Egyptian marketing, I hope people have business ethics and be It has a high business vix, because this is what makes you build a right business, and try to always say what you lead because sooner or later it will all be revealed.

And take it as a rule like this. There is no relationship that depends on lying, and we all know it, even in personal relationships.

Finally, the last stage remains for the customer to tell people about this experience

Based on the experience that the customer lived with the company, he started talking to his friends, family, and his circle of knowledge

If, by God, the experience is bad, it will speak to a monster, and if the experience is sweet, it will speak sweet

I still see some of the things that I believe in very much that anyone who makes ads must change their mindset a little, I mean shift a little from that you are making ads in order to sell to a different mindset that you need to stare at the customer after either he buys in 90 days and he will be working how

Will he tell people what, I mean, for example, he will tell people that the experience that I had with this company is strong and sweet, and people are over deliverd and did more needs and not…..and this is a new vision, frankly, that I hope people work with.

In marketing, it must be based on consulting

What would you do to let a customer or someone know you and not know anything about you at all, or about the product conveying that he talks about his experience with you in a good way, like his friends and family.

I mean, this is very important, and I mean, I promise you, if you do this right, I guarantee you that the problem of selling will be solved forever, and if it happens, you will no longer have a problem with the sale.

Here we are not talking about an advertisement and peace, we are talking about a complete system or in another way adopting a business right.

The marketing strategy must be based on 3 parts, or you must respond to 3 questions, which we call question strategy 3

1- What is the first thing you need to do to answer this customer, what is your position plane or position strategy

2- How do you keep the customer? This is the second question

3- The third question, which is the most important, how will your database grow, not just one advertisement, and salvation, not in a group of advertisements that take people from stage to stage, and in a very clear selling mechanism, who is the customer buying, how and the steps he takes

This is very important because in the end, you want to improve because it is you. All the time, you want to spend less and get a higher return from the ads that you spend.

Right now, how do you do this before you talk about what you will do? How do you have these needs before we start, because these needs we need in order to implement the existing strategy.

First thing:

We need the website, and it will have a sales process. The customer will go through the stages of his work, how until he buys.

second thing:

The face book bage You must have a Facebook page because a lot of people have a group and things like that. You can’t make ads from it. After that, you need as manager to be in the Ad Manager bar. After that, you need the face book pixel to be connected to your website on all its pages. This event and these needs means you understand. I am talking about these needs a lot.

The last thing is that you have the facebook shop. If you mean this is in one case, it is only that you sell products online.

Ok, now, what is the way that we are talking about today? Look before we talk about something. One of the very important things that I believe in. On a personal level, is that any need you want to deliver and achieve has a method or as they call it a recipe when you come here and talk about Facebook in A way that you can reach because you solve the problem of selling and selling well is better than anyone, and this is what we are going to talk about now. This is the way Facebook itself tells people to work with it, I mean, it is Facebook and recommend this method

The method is called power 5. In February 2019, Facebook launched it. I mean, it launched this method, and the text of the speech was exactly what they said about it.

the days of manually hacking your way to ad success are no more. Top direct response advertisers are now leveraging a specific set of automated ad tactics to unlock new phases for growth. We call these tactics the “power 5” and when used together, they have the ability to transform ad performance and scale across the facebook family of apps.

What does this mean when we were doing ads on Facebook, we used to rely mainly on our skill in media buying, and how can we test and adjust in order to reach the best return, because this is our goal and it took a very great effort and skill of media buying in the first place, which means a very rare skill Especially in Egypt.

Facebook has eliminated the need for a media buyer, meaning any company can now, no matter how small, medium or large its size, if you apply this power5, you will reach the same result, even for small budgets.

This is very important for the small business, I mean, I started applying this method myself from about November 2019 and every time we reached a better result than the old method that we used to work with. Or a similar result, meaning if we assume that we are at our media buyer scale, we will reach the same result. If we use this method, we will save a lot of time and medical effort. What are the elements of power5.

The first thing is auto advanced matching The second thing is Dynamic ads The third is Automatic Placements The fourth is Account Simplification The fifth is Campaign Budget Optimization In a very necessary rule here, you must adhere to it, and this is not what I am talking about on Facebook. You must use all 5 countries together because He reaches the best result, he means by it on Facebook, and he will deliver you the best result, and all the reception is originally on Facebook, especially in the recent period. This leads to a better result. I mean, we go into a little bit like this in the details of each one. Understand these parts, or you will reach you, I mean.

We will explain now that each one is what and how you can apply it to your business. The first thing is the auto advanced matching. The Facebook Pixel reads the data of the people who enter your site and records everything they do, meaning everything that happens now when the auto advanced matching is done. He records his data on the website, he downloads a book that is left with whatever, make presses the data he puts in you. Facebook takes this data and goes.

The people who have it, and your ad appears to people who take this same action in order to shorten it. I mean, the people who will buy from you will go to the people who look like them, and therefore they will buy them as well.

This will be activated from the Pixel setting. This is the place from which you are working. You will do it secretly, and we are applying my work, so do not run your brain now with the application

The second thing is the Dynamic ads

I am sure that you have seen it before. These are the ads that contain many products and are used very heavily for e-commerce companies. For example, I mean, enter now on Jumia or a market, and then go back to Facebook, you will find products that change your dynamics.

What happens here when someone enters your site and sees any product, one product or such a product, and then leaves the site and goes to Facebook, this is what I was still saying, do it, Facebook shows ads with products similar to mine, I mean, it is possible the same products and products He sees that he is this customer who buys it according to the algorithms he has and the data he has already collected from the people before that. I mean those who enter your website and prefer to show your ads to the same people. What do you do? You would prefer to be in front of him because this is his interest in this need

This is in relation to me, I mean, one of the greatest things I have seen since an hour I have not worked because you do it only once and you leave it in your brain, I mean you work in a dynamic way, you upload products on Facebook and then Facebook follows all the movement that takes place on these products

On the site, of course, and preferably, your advertisement appears for them until they buy, I mean, not until they buy, I mean, it has a period of 7 days now, according to the latest modification of apple.

It is for a period of 7 days after the view or after the click, it is not the case now, but this is the idea, he prefers to show your ad to people for a while until they buy

This is normal, and what is not normal, so Facebook allowed us to allow you to show products in the same way to people who did not see your advertisement or entered the website or know about your business from the ground up. All of this is with the same standards that apply to people who entered your site, meaning what is this? Facebook knows who is doing what all Signals are registered for, as we said about the way Facebook works. This is something that many of us have seen. I mean, when you start interacting with a particular ad or ads, you will find all the ads of the same type, and this is a very important point because you must know how to compete at the time among these people, because the same people who make Facebook for you as a competitor to other companies, I have this possibility. For the same companies, you must be understanding here when someone clicks on your ad. If they see your ad for the first time, they will appear to the competitors, so you know how to compete.

The second part needs to be called dynamic creative

This is a button that you click on while you are running a campaign. You will find it almost at the level of an add set. This allows you to make one ad, but in the end, it is not a single ad. It will keep a set of different ads done in a dynamic manner. You don’t need to do an ab test.

You upload a set of images or videos by order, a set of primary test, a set of headlines, and a set of description

And Facebook will take all the data that you put into it. This will be tested in a dynamic way, so that in the end it shows the best ad suitable for each person, because he knows this point.

I mean, for example, I like to watch short videos with a few words, so an ad like this appears.

You like to see a lot of pictures with a lot of words, so the ad will appear to you in this way, and it is preferable to test everything you put until it reaches the end of the best copy of your ad and circulates it to the people. This saves many hours of ab tests. You don’t need to do any tests at all. Basically, it will work. every thing.

The next thing is Automatic Placements

At the present time, 16 Facebook places will show your ad in them. When you do this feature, Facebook will go to test your ad in all available places, and see which place is the best place to achieve the best result, which is in terms of cost, and your ad appears in it. You will save a lot in the budget if it is applied in this way or if you use it, I mean.

In the old way, you specify the places where your ad appears. You can see that if your ad appears on the mobile or on the desktop, it will be better and people will respond in this way.

Now, you are not blaming it on Facebook. It determines which place is the best place for each customer. Here we will talk about the best place for this customer to interact with him if he sees your ad.

And we will talk here, respond to the part of your ad. You are the one who is Facebook, with a test to pasis on the dynamic creative that we did, and the ad starts appearing according to the location of the customer who prefers it. Not only that, Facebook is trying to find the best place to display the ad in terms of cost, and this is very important. If a mobile news feed Ghali, and he knows that it is possible, for example, that so-and-so buys. If he sees the ad in the column on the right, the ad will not show it, and so on.

With time, this will make the cost less, and this is something we all wish for, and most people suffer in it. This is a very important job for the media buyer.

Fourth thing is account structure

It is a method that makes it very easy for campaigns to work, I do not need to do 50campaign

They are 4,5 campaigns, I mean, this will be more complicated, and there is a job in the strategy here, all, but we will explain it in detail, and when we apply it, you will find the topic is simple

This is the old way we used to work.

Every account has such a campaign and every campaign has such an adset. Each one goes to specific segments or we show an advertisement in certain places or according to what we were doing.

Disadvantages of this method?

Frankly, it is very much. It is not at all suitable for small business owners. It is suitable for people who have a huge budget. It is not suitable at all, the old method, and we do not recommend people to use it in the ordinary way.

Any other defects?

You need a very large amount of time in preparing each campaign and more time in the process of creating for these campaigns on Facebook

The data that comes from this campaign will be a lot, so it takes a lot of time to read and understand it, and it takes a lot of time to run this campaign, and you sit and watch how many media buying campaigns are; it will be very difficult to overcome the overlap between the Audience because you are already With test Audience

Finally, the most difficult thing is to distribute your budget, because you do not know how to act as you say in the media buying. They suffer from this situation, and this will make you in the end compete with yourself, which in turn will raise the cost with you, and we have seen it all the time with customers, you find many people who say that I started at a low cost And every day it increases and this is because this method you are applying mostly, this account is not simplified, not as Facebook says.

The new method will allow you to reduce the number of campaigns that you need to do, which in turn makes it easier for Facebook itself to better communicate to a potential client, who can buy your product in a very large proportion and know all that we are doing, we try to rely on Facebook to deliver the customer who can buy, but we We prepare for it. I mean, we are trying to do it. This is the way.

This is the structure you are working on at the moment

We said this Account simplification allows you to creat maximum 5 campaign Of course it is possible to create more, but we are talking here about a campaign that is ever green, so as we said you do such a campaign, you take every campaign for a customer from stage to stage until he reaches his purchase beard because it is a problem we see all the time With people, they are working on the campaign, one working on prospecting, and neglecting retargeting, remarketing and all these needs.

This is our structure. This is what we are working with for the clients, all of them currently. It is divided as you said. Prospecting, Retargeting and Remarketing. In the Prospecting, you do campaigns, the first one is comversion and this is what leads people to the website, the second one is to keep messages, and this is the same as the Audiences .

Audiences are present in their most important names

This is how we will talk in this part of the practical application in detail how to create the Audiences and how to creat all these campaigns after this in Retargeting and this is what we want to become Comversion and Remarketing to become Comversion and in DPA which is Dynamic Product ads that you run the Campaign as we said in the Dynamic ady like this… this is what the ad account looks like in the end, there is no million left. Campaign is only 5 as we say

Fifth and last thing is the Campaign budget optimization and this is the part that leads you to the equation that we are all trying to reach, originally this is the function of the media buyer…

What is the right message? Who is the right customer for me as a business? What is the right time for me to go to this customer and be ready to buy?

How do you do it in the old way, which is you as a media buyer, you prefer to try and see your numbers and based on the numbers you see and the results that you reach, you decide 3 things that we said about them

On Facebook, before Power5, you were doing a campaign and it is determined by the ad set level. The amount you will spend. If, for example, you have a Campaign, you will spend $50 per day with 5 adsets.

Every adset will spend $10, for example, now. What will happen? Every adset will spend the $10 regardless of the result you get. No way, he will spend the 10 countries on the adset, whatever is left of the ad placement, the Audience, and these needs.

But in the new method with the same data from the Campaign, but instead of setting the budget at the level of adset, you do it at the level of the Campaign itself, and we will see this part in action

What happens is that Facebook prefers to try, and based on the result, it changes the budget, so it decreases in the adset, which gives a bad result, and increases in the adset, which gives a good result.

If you look here, you will find that Facebook achieves by itself the 3 elements that we said about them.

It shows the right message to the right person at the right time, which is why we said that he has already canceled the Media buyer job, so you don’t need to completely fill your brain with this part.

This will deliver you over time if you have a sales machine operating 24 hours, answering people you don’t know and converting them to customers step by step without your intervention.

All you have to do is provide in the ads. All you need to sell is the scaling part.

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