The keyword and its importance in the success of your business on the Internet and ways to get it

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The keyword and its importance in the success of your business on the Internet and ways to get it

One day, your home phone rang to tell you the national airline that you had won a free flight to Sydney this October, and the phone hung up. Of course, you will arrange your affairs, pack your luggage, prepare a map of Australia and go to the airport, only to discover that it is indeed a free flight to Sydney, but the city of Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. You certainly won’t be able to stop yourself from shock, especially when you know that Canada is in its autumn dress and not spring as I arranged. Herein lies the importance of the keyword. The secret lies in all the articles and topics published on the various search engines in this important term. An important article on cooking cannot top the search results for the Olympic Games. Today, we will understand the role you play in the quality and popularity of your content and how we can identify and choose the best.

What is the keyword?

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It does not necessarily mean that the term “keyword” or “keyword” means a single word that is focused on in an article or topic, nor does it mean that it is the only important word within the article.

But how to be a keyword if it was more than one word?

The keyword is the word that is focused and targeted by the content writer, and it is the focus of the article, research or content talk, no matter how many directions and diverse its branches.

It may be one or more words. It is not a requirement that it be a word in the literal sense, but it may be a phrase or a term of 3 or 4 words. It is the secret to the success of content writing, and it is definitely your guide within the article so as not to deviate from the article’s goal and message. So, the keyword is the backbone of your topic or article and certainly the link that connects you to your customers or readers who are looking for a topic for your keyword. The main player in SEO operations, and the most important element in ranking content for search engines is the keyword. Today we will learn about many of the hidden aspects of this term and we will know how to design a successful keyword strategy, which contributes to your ranking in the search engine.

The importance of the keyword

The importance of the keyword is the role it plays as a mediator in the process of providing value in all its forms (information in an article – the result of scientific research – product – service – …. etc.) for those who search for it within search engines. The importance of words can be summarized in specific points.

Reach the target group

You cannot reach the target group without specifying a set of keywords that match the value you want to provide to your visitors, and this is much better than trying to reach everyone without a satisfactory result.

Increase organic traffic

Certainly, if you follow an integrated strategy for keywords related to the value you provide, the search engines will seek to show your content to your target audience from this strategy easily and conveniently.

Successful advertising campaigns for marketers

Targeting a group of appropriate and important keywords for your audience is one of the most important reasons for the success or failure of your advertising campaigns in particular, your sales volume and your profits in general.

Types of keywords

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One day, while searching on the most popular search engine “Google” for “coffee shop”, you may encounter completely different results from the results of the search term “espresso coffee shop” than the results in the special search “Illy espresso coffee shop”.

The question here is….. Why does the result change every time I search even though they are all subscribed to the keyword “coffee shop”?

The idea is that the search engine includes the results of each keyword separately, and the keyword here changes by adding or deleting a word, and I will not exaggerate if I say a letter.

Words are divided into two types:

Keywords: They are words consisting of two or three words at most, and they are targeted by users when searching for information or offers of unknown source.
Long-tail keywords: They are words that consist of a group of words or phrases, that specify the exact goal of the customer and are often used to search for the completion of a transaction or purchase of a specific commodity.

Dropping on the previous example, we find that both the words “coffee shop” or “espresso coffee shop” are words, and “Illy espresso coffee shop” are long keywords.

It is necessary to know that the greater the length or number of words in the keyword in search engines, the better because the competition for the long word is less. In addition, keywords are usually very competitive and need a lot of effort to get a leading position with them.

Keyword acquisition tools

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Google search console

One of the important services that Google provides to website owners, marketers and SEO specialists. Among the advantages offered by this service other than fixing indexing problems and displaying visit data, it helps you focus on a keyword that gets high natural visits without the other. This service helps you make informed decisions about your content in the future after conducting a marketing analysis based on clear and tangible information.

Google Analytics

Another tool from Google that helps you manage and analyze data and information about traffic, visits and clicks. Google Analytics gives you a report on the keywords that attract visitors to you and what words to target. You can now get the most visited pages on your site and start a strategy for the keywords associated with those pages to get more traffic.


One of the most important tools that give you accurate results about keywords, their percentage of appearance, and the so-called “SERP” of competitors, analyzing their pages and identifying words. This tool is one of the services launched by Neilpatel, which specializes in SEO services and e-marketing, which also allows you to know the map of backlinks for you and your keyword competitors.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a treasure trove for e-marketers who never run out of ideas and information, as well as a store of content for writers. The tool provides search statistics for specific words and their use at a specific time, as well as their correlation with other words around the world. The tool may help you choose the right content for you at the moment or include some of the frequently used words in your content to take advantage of the volume of searches and publishing around it.


A unique site that helps you get your words using what is called “Google Autocomplete“, and the words are analyzed by the target language and platform. You can get the most and best keywords by choosing an interactive keyword, and you will get a group of keywords associated with it in addition to the search volume and the cost of one click on it in the ads.

Google Keyword Planner

A distinctive free tool from Google that can be obtained with a Google advertising account, to take advantage of it in choosing the appropriate words for your site and your budget in advertising. By choosing the keyword and placing it in the search rectangle, it shows you a large group of related words, the average monthly searches, the volume of competition for them, and knowledge of the highest priced keywords, in addition to their trends in the past three months. This tool is the perfect choice for e-marketers and SEO experts.

Paid Keyword Tools


One of the most important sites for getting keywords, in addition to checking site pages. The site enables you to get the words of your site by crawling and analyzing your site and getting all its links and files archived on the Internet. Ahrefs allows you to get a complete strategy from the appropriate keywords for your site, in addition to indicating the size of the competition, and many things that are of interest to every professional SEO expert.


A great site that helps you test your site and learn a lot about external links related to it. The site is characterized by its famous “Mozbar” tool that helps you to identify the strength of your site’s domain “DA” and the strength of “PA” pages, as well as the rate of “spam score” harmful to the site, in addition to examining links and determining their types and knowing the number of links or backlinks on each site. You can get the right set of words for your site using the paid plan.


A unique platform to get the right set of words for your site, in addition to analyzing the site and determining the advertising strategies of competitors. The paid version of the platform allows you to get detailed keyword reports. Which creates a lot of traffic on the site, in addition, you can determine the keyword strategy of your site from the reports available to you on the site.

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