Your step-by-step guide to leading search results

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Your step-by-step guide to leading search results

The main goal in getting the search results (Google) is to get the highest ranking in the search engines.

To be familiar with everything related to the “on page” in order to outperform your competitors in the search engines. To do this, you have to master search engine optimization or what is known as “SEO” to get high content and also increase your targeted site visitors, and this is what we will talk about in the search lead, how to top the search results, the best way to top Google search results, and what are the most important search strategies in Google .

Google search strategies

How do search engines rank search results? In order to know the answer to this question, it is necessary to know the search strategies in Google, according to the different purpose behind the search and its quality, and what suits the content of your site, and these important strategies:

1- Improve your website.

2- Giving all sufficient information to facilitate communication.

3- Enhancing presence through internal and external backlinks.

4- Enable “Google My Business” on your website.

How do you top search results in Google?

Search engines use their own algorithms to index information and make it available to users. The more we understand how SEO works and apply what we’ve learned to our sites, the more likely we are to improve our Google rankings. The matter has evolved in the application of SEO strategies in the implementation of search engine optimization projects for sites available on the Internet with a methodology consisting of 6 steps to learn how to lead the search results in Google.

Keyword search

Keyword research is the first way that Google search results come out and it is not a good idea to appear first for a keyword that no one is searching for, or that does not reach your target audience. When optimizing your website, research in depth for keywords that your potential customers might already be typing in to hire your services or buy your products.

Research what your competitors are doing, use keyword research tools for SEO, and check server logs for words that actually attract people to your site. These are the words that you should work on in your website for a good SEO project. Depending on the keywords, it determines the structure of the site.

Select the message you want to display in Google results.

An important step for how to top Google search results is the text when the site appears in Google search results. It mainly consists of a title, description and a “URL” as shown in the following figure:

Each of these three elements is generally manageable, learn how to change them:

Title: Usually displayed based on the title selected from the start.
URL: The path and name given to the file. Google may also display the short URL or breadcrumb. (Try to put names that are intuitive and understandable to the keyword you want to work with in SEO.)
Description: Google usually displays the content of the meta description.

Attention to every page – programming and content

When programming every page of your website, take some precautions, and focus on:

Reduce page load time as much as possible. For example, try compressing images.
Repeat several times the keyword you worked on in SEO to build the content of the page.
Create unique content, avoid duplicate content.
Develop relevant content that grabs the attention of your target audience.
Create a backlink to the site.
Ensure that the robots.txt file is not blocking important pages on your site.
Submit a sitemap.xml file to Google that contains your website URLs, images and videos.

Backlink between pages

Try to create a backlink between the pages of your site.
Search the content of your website for text that can serve as a link to relevant content, as we did in this article.

Link building

One of the main factors is the quantity and quality of backlinks from external sites pointing to your site, as well as the relevance of the link’s source page to the topic of the page on your site that receives the link. The position of the link on the page, the text surrounding it, and the amount of links leaving the page are important factors that Google considers. This is the “Link Building”.

Posts and site experience

Google strives to provide a positive experience to its users with every search made. Likes, shares, and references on sites or social mechanisms like Facebook are effective ways to interpret user experience, and Google is increasingly looking to read these signals to determine your page’s relevance to top results. In addition, it is also important to adapt your pages so that they are easily accessible to users browsing on mobile devices.

Although it was not made clear whether or not this is a ranking factor, Google stated in 2017 through one of its communication channels, the Google Webmaster Blog, that pages that are not accessible on mobile devices may not get On such high positions.

Thus, we have provided you with a somewhat detailed guide on how to top Google search results, Google search strategies, and how SEO works. You can learn more about the steps and secrets of Google search strategies by visiting our blog from here.

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