Ad Clicks or what is called Google Ad in our way

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Ad Clicks or what is called Google Ad in our way

Ad Clicks or what is called Google Ad in our way. Click ads, or the so-called Google Ads, are a method that originated in the late nineties, and it is a tool that helps to differentiate the results when searching on Google, and this helps entrepreneurs display their products and services in obtaining large numbers of visits and customers on their site.

What do google ads mean?

With the help of “Google Ads” you can create a funded advertisement, and this is a great opportunity to increase revenue and increase sales generated from this business. The appearance of the advertisement provides solutions to customers at the moment when the customer needs help.

In the event that you are searching for what is “Google Ads” or Google Ads, this indicates to us that you want to exploit the largest capabilities of the digital advertising network in the world to market and promote something and achieve a high profit through it in one way, and there is the large “Google Ads” platform, which is one of the most important The platforms that many business owners, marketers and brands rely on, whether large or beginners.

From it, you can choose the keyword related to your brand, your products, your services, and your product, and when customers search for these terms, your store ad will be shown to them, and you pay only when the user clicks on your ad and visits your website or contacts your business using “click to call”.

Types of Google Ads

There are many marketing strategies that help expand your brand reach, and one of these strategies is advertising.

Every marketing strategy system aims to convert potential customers into actual and real customers. Choose the right campaign type from here:

  • Display ads on websites:

Display campaigns allow you to reach people with visually appealing ads as they browse across millions of websites and apps The Display Network is a great way to extend the reach of your search campaigns to other parts of the web The Display Network also allows you to follow remarketing ads to customers Existing, here are customers and sales leads Use highly engaging calls to action to increase sales and subscriptions Use visually appealing calls to action to increase sales and subscriptions Create memorable ads to make people aware of your brands or consider your product and expand your reach beyond search results To target people browsing applications and web sites.

  • Text ads in search results:

Here, search campaigns allow you to reach people as they search on Google for the products, goods and services that you are working to offer, it is something to increase sales, leads or traffic to your website, as you can show your ads to customers who are actively searching for your products And your services, and it is chosen to enhance your sales and subscriptions via the Internet. Keep in mind that you should use your potential customers if you have a longer sales cycle, and write text ads and choose keywords that do not need files or special things and you can reach people who are looking for an activity that you do you submit it.

  • Video ads on YouTube:

Video campaigns allow you to display video ads on YouTube and other websites. Some types of video campaigns can help you increase overall awareness of your brand. Others are designed to increase conversions or get people to shop on your website. Use video ads. To make people aware of your brand or consider buying the product you offer, to create action focused video ads, you will use Campaign Sub-Type “Drive Conversions”, expand your reach beyond search results to target people on YouTube, follow through With people who have already seen your ads or visited your site.

  • Promote websites on many channels:

Local campaigns work by helping you bring people to your physical stores and places, and then your ads will be automatically optimized to appear through the search engine and the display network. Online ads are used to promote your products and attract shoppers to your existing stores. To promote and market offers and events, you must advertise in-store events and offers. Local promotions, and it displays detailed information about the site and helps people find your place of business and specific work hours, and one campaign will display your ads on the search network and the display network on multiple YouTube channels.

  • Product listings on Google:

In the search results and the “shopping” tab, shopping campaigns are very ideal if you are a retailer looking to sell the inventory of your products. Store owners can also use local warehouse ads to promote the products available in your physical locations, and this is used in product listings that attract attention and attract the eye for promotion For your retail products, customers and sales leads, make people buy from your online store or sign up for more, sell your local store inventory to nearby customers. Ad Clicks or what is called Google Ad in our way.

Features of Google Ads

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  • Ad targeting:

If you are investing money in advertising, you will need to see an increase in return on investment. This is why it is important to target your ads properly. To better understand the benefits of targeted advertising, it is easy to divide them into two sub-categories based on the parties involved; Consumer and Advertiser Consumers are the receiving end of all ads so if they are not interested or connected to your message then you need to click on the drawing board again as an advertiser, if you do targeted ads right then the consumer will benefit in the following ways which are:-

More effective delivery of desired goods (service or product) directly to your door, example of this: If you want a specific thing and see an advertisement targeting the style and idea of ​​that thing you want and are looking for, you are more likely to buy it immediately, and for more direct delivery of the message that Related to your interests, if you enjoy any of the elements around us and that element is presented in ads in a way that relates to that ‘lifestyle’, you are more likely to be interested and develop a more efficient campaign.

  • Control your costs:

Google Ads or what is called Google Clicks gives you control over how your money is spent, there is no minimum and you can choose how much you will spend and you will only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

  • Manage your campaigns:

Google Ads also provides you with tools to easily manage and monitor accounts, and if you manage multiple Google Ads accounts, the MCC Manager account is a powerful tool that can save you time, allowing you to view and manage all your Google Ads accounts from one place easily.

You can also manage your Google Ads account offline using Google Ads Editor, which is a free, downloadable desktop application that allows you to quickly and easily make the changes you want to make to your account, and you can use Google Ads Editor to manage, edit, and view multiple accounts at the same time. , copy or move items between ad groups and campaigns, and undo and redo many changes while editing campaigns.

  • Targeting and remarketing:

Targeting gives you the ability to display your ads to reach people with specific interests i.e. people who are interested in your products and services and show them relevant ads.

Google Ads offers different methods of targeting, here is a look at the options you have with online ads that can make your marketing campaigns more targeted and they are:

Ad Location: Display your ads on Google search results pages and on websites that are part of the Google Search Network and the Display Network.

Age, location, and language: Choose your customers’ age, location, and language.

Days, Times, and Frequency: Show your ads during certain hours or days of the week, and limit how often your ads appear.

Devices: Your ads can appear on all types of devices, and you can set which devices your ads appear on and when.

  • Protect your brand:

And your trademark must be registered so that there is no problem.

  • Ease of measuring your success:

You will collect a huge amount of data in a very fast time, if you want to see what happens when you drive a large number of visitors to your site, this is the best way to learn. Adding the clicks advertisement or the so-called Google advertisement in our way.

With Google Ads if someone clicks on your ad you will know if they click on your ad and then do something of value for your business and buy your product, download your app or phone in an order you can track that too, by knowing which ads are getting clicks and which ones are You don’t get clicks, you’ll also quickly see where you’ve invested in your campaign, which in turn can increase your return on investment, you can get other valuable data, including how much it costs you, on average, for an ad that leads to purchases or phone calls to your online customers You can also use analytics tools to learn about your customers’ shopping habits and how long, for example, they tend to research your product before buying.

Disadvantages of Google Ads:

  • Your landing pages should be top notch:

Ad Clicks or what is called Google Ad in our way. Google looks at the quality of your landing pages too, so your website should be fine as it relates to the search query. In the end, you can’t just rely on google ads to get traffic, your landing pages have to be good quality and relevant to your ads, so you can’t neglect your SEO, by improving your website landing pages your quality score will increase Which means you pay less for your clicks.

  • time consumption:

There is a fairly steep learning curve when it comes to Google Ads, and mistakes can cost you a lot of money, and you need to invest a lot of time after setting up the campaign to make sure you get it done right, and then you need to keep monitoring it to see what is converting and what It is not converted and the like.

  • Ads have limitations:

You are limited to the number of characters you are allowed There are three 30 character headlines and two large lines for a 90 character description and a customizable display title You ideally need to include an eye catching title and keywords, benefits and call to action in that too There is a lot to fit in your ads It’s very accurate.

  • Pay per click to your website:

This means that you will pay whenever someone clicks on your ad, regardless of whether that click converts or not, so you may get clicks from visitors who have no intention of buying your product or service.

  • If you don’t have a budget your ads will stop:

Google Ads has a very short shelf life and when I say short it means when your budget is spent your ads are turned off, compare this to SEO which is a long term investment with a longer lifespan.

What is the solution to the problems of fake clicks on Google?

  • Go to Facebook / Twitter Ads.
  • Setting IP exclusions in Google Ads (formerly Ad Words).
  • Adjust your ad targeting.
  • Run remarketing campaigns on the Google Display Network.

Solutions to the problems of closing Google accounts

Ad Clicks or what is called Google Ad in our way. The problem of closing a Google account is a problem for which many solutions are available, and until the optimal solution is chosen, the user must explain the problem in detail in order to determine the appropriate solution to the problem, and we present to you these solutions to solve the problem of closing or disabling an account.

First solution:

To solve the problem of closing the Google account at first, you must find out if the account has been disabled or this is a technical problem in your phone, and if it appears on the page that your account has already been closed, then follow these following steps to solve this problem:

1- Go to the main page of your closed account.

2- Click on try to recover the account.

3- Follow the steps that are asked of you carefully.

Second solution:

1- Submitting a request to Google to recover the account.

2- Follow the required steps.

3- Send this data to Google by pressing “send”.

Third solution:

Before deleting any hacked account, keep in mind that you have to use a security check in order to know more about your account that has been accessed, in this way you can take steps to reduce further damage to you caused by the hack.

You can see if they have been accessed so you know if they need to change your passwords.

You can see if they have been downloaded so you can let your contacts know if they should pay attention Save contacts to your account to watch out for suspicious messages, and you can check for any unauthorized payments so you can dispute them.

VERY IMPORTANT: Once you delete your account, you can no longer use Security Checkup to review activity in that account at all.

Review and download your information

Before deleting your account:

You should review the information in your account to learn how to download the data you want to keep. If you use your Gmail address for online banking, social media or apps, you must add a new email address for these services. Update your account recovery information. If you try to recover your account later.

Delete your account

Note: If you have more than one Google Account, deleting one will not delete the others.
Scroll to the left, tap on Personalization & data.

Click on delete a service or your account, click on delete your account.

How do we get a good result for advertising?

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If you are struggling to know the best ways to promote your business; Or even what are your options, you are in the right place.

Social media is another free way to promote and market your small business, the most popular business accounts are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, but be sure to use other sites that may be specific to your industry such as Pinterest or Reddit.

In this post I will be giving 15 effective ways to promote and market your business, whether you have no budget, limited budget or wiggle room:

  • Create and verify your Business Profile on Google.
  • Create a business blog.
  • Share your content.
  • Run Google Ads.
  • Get customer reviews online.
  • Prioritize Facebook.
  • Monitor and respond to reviews.
  • Connect and contribute on LinkedIn.
  • Advertise on YouTube.
  • Upload videos to YouTube.
  • Experience an influencer marketing collaboration.
  • Join and participate in a connected online community.
  • Attending trade fairs.
  • Run email marketing campaigns.

Who is interested in Google Ads?

  • private companies.
  • Services such as (cleaning, moving furniture, maintenance, and so on…).

And many of these companies face many problems in Google, such as: accepting the advertisement and the result that is found in Google in terms of ranking in the results, as well as the cost, as well as fake clicks in the Novel SEO company. Or what is called Google advertising in our way.

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