Ads and Account Quality Policies

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Ads and Account Quality Policies

Advertising Policies are the guidelines that apply to ads, keywords, and websites. All ads posted on Facebook are subject to an approval process to ensure that they are safe and appropriate for users and do not violate these policies and terms. Over the course of the lessons that we explained, we got acquainted with many business tools, but now we will learn, now on the most important of these tools, which are related to advertising policies and account quality, in the following we will explain that.

What is Account Quality?

It is one of the business tools. Which we have known before, such as:

  • ” Ads Manager “
  • “Events Manager “
  • “Experiments “
  • “Business Settings “
  • “Audiences “
  •  “Store Locations”
  • But the tool for advertising policies and account quality is considered one of the most important tools, because through it we solve any problem we face in the advertising account, such as an advertisement that has been rejected or an advertisement that has been paused, and it is found in the “All Tools” as we see:

سياسات الإعلانات وجودة الحساب

Here is a question that arises before addressing how to use Account Quality, which is why the advertisement is rejected?

The answer is simply because it is possible that the advertisement violated one of the advertising policies. The other question here is what are Facebook’s advertising policies? These policies must be read in order to avoid breaching them. Because there are things you will not believe that may be in violation of the advertising policies on Facebook. You can view these policies by searching for us in Google, you can write Facebook ads policies, or you can write this “URL” directly “” and enter the policies page and get acquainted with them as we see:

سياسات الإعلانات وجودة الحساب

You must read the advertising and account quality policies carefully in order to know the standards that must be followed in order not to violate these policies. Your ads will be rejected.

How to identify the reasons for rejecting ads?

  • From the “All tools” choose the “Account Quality” as shown in the image above.
  • A page called “Meta Business Account” appears.
  • On the left side you will find several options:
  • “Account issues”: These are the last problems that exist in the advertising account.
  • “Account Status Overview” is an account overview.
  • “facebook account”: This is the personal account and the problems that exist in it
  • “Meta Business Account”: It shows you the problems that exist in the business account, as we see:

سياسات الإعلانات وجودة الحساب

  • In the event that you want to know the reason for rejecting your advertisement, click on the option called “Meta Business Account”.
  • You will be shown the rejected ads and the reason for rejection.
  • In the event that you violate a policy of advertising and account quality policies, delete the advertisement completely and make a new advertisement that complies with those policies.
  • But if your ad is correct and you are sure of that, and this may be the fault of Facebook itself, because it is the artificial intelligence who reviews the ad. You can send a request to review the advertisement, in person, through one of the Facebook employees.
  • Once you submit the review request, you will receive a message stating that your ad will be reviewed.
  • Note, do not take this step unless you are sure that your ad is correct and fully compliant with the policies.
  • This is the most important point, because all the ads that are suspended as a result of errors in the review, you can do a manual review so that the ad works again.
  • But note that you must make sure that you did not violate any of the advertising policies, and that the rejection of the advertisement is just a mistake in the review.

Knowing the reasons for rejecting ads and how to solve them in the event of an error and getting to know the advertising policies is one of the most important points in the advertising policies and account quality.

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