Advantages and offers of an electronic marketing company and web design company in Egypt

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Advantages and offers of an electronic marketing company and web design company in Egypt

At Nofal SEO, the best web design and e-marketing company in Egypt, we do all e-marketing procedures that promote your business effectively. We create websites, taking care not only of aesthetics but also accessibility, ease of use, speed, cross-browser compatibility, cross-device compatibility and we always maintain a very strategic and creative approach to providing a service aimed at engaging new customers and new opportunities for your business. In this article, we will explain to you the advantages and offers of an electronic marketing company and a web design company in Egypt

Website design company in Egypt

Nofal Seo is one of the best website design companies in Egypt. Tailor-made e-services highly integrated with most advanced web design strategies, e-marketing, social media marketing, development and creation of websites and e-commerce websites also in a full service format. We start from the belief that planning, design and technology are the most effective answer to enhance the success of electronic business.

We follow our clients all the time, from branding, to website design, to website development, to content creation and social management that aim to achieve high performance and engage in their communication channels. We are there to listen to the customer’s idea, and together turn it into a project capable of ensuring measurable results and the certainty that every part is analyzed, designed and implemented according to the best technologies available in the market. Startups, small businesses, and large multinational corporations. In these 10 years of activity, we have had the pleasure and honor of working with brands from the most recognizable to the most disruptive. Find out what we can do for you.

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Why is it important to have a website?

Because a website is an essential tool for all businesses that want to make the most out of the operations and sales opportunities that the online world offers. Now give your business a secure, efficient, Google-friendly, website, allowing you to deliver products and services efficiently and better organize your business.With Best Website design company in Egypt.

What are the characteristics of an effective website?

One of the key points of a website is the conversion goal, which is the ultimate goal around which a website is designed and built.
In terminology it is called user experience, or attention to the positioning of information and website functionality, to ensure that its use is as simple and intuitive as possible from any device.
For a site to be effective, it is important that the information reported is clear, and expressed in simple and effective language.

What are the best web design companies in Egypt?

Nofal Seo is the best web design company in Egypt that provides website creation services on an open source content management system and the creation of e-commerce websites. Develop custom web applications, web services, and APIs.

App development for smartphones and tablets using native or cross-device technologies for Apple iOS, Android or Windows and UI and UX design Assistance in AppStore, Google Play and Windows Store Custom software development and analysis services: management, monitoring and control and client server applications.

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Services provided by the company

Nofal SEO is a web design and hosting company in Egypt that also specializes in e-marketing, we help your company grow and increase its visibility on the Internet! The company offers many services including: creating, developing and designing websites, websites and applications design, e-commerce websites, social media marketing, mobile application (iOS, Android), hosting, online management (CRM), search engine optimization, Creating newsletters, indexing in search engines: We will mention to you some other services provided by the best e-marketing company and web design company in Egypt.

Website design and e-marketing

Website creation services for open source content management system and e-marketing sites creation.
Develop custom web applications, web services, and APIs.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aims to boost rankings on search engines.
Web hosting services.


Client Side Technologies: Many years of experience in web development and design, we use all the current most prevalent technologies (html5, php, javascript, css3, etc.), with a particular interest in the latest technological frontiers and experiment with new libraries and tools to maximize the expressive power of the projects implemented, with Pay special attention to performance and safety.

Programming languages: Our experience in the field of information technology allows us to choose the most suitable set of technology for each project. Several programming languages used: C, C ++, Java ” Python, Ruby, PHP, XHP, HACK, ASP.NET, ASP, JavaScript , Perl”.


We give visibility to your online initiatives, through targeted marketing strategies. We create a tailored marketing plan for you.

Mobile app development

We design websites and apps, develop and market iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android apps. Mobile applications are an excellent tool for entering and staying in touch with your customers and fans: they remain installed for a long time on their smartphones and allow instant communication thanks to the sending of notifications.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a web-based marketing service that increases exponentially, through social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Instagram, …), the popularity and reach of your brand, products and services. Presence on social networks is necessary and very profitable.


SEO is a very important part of e-marketing. Having a good “SEO” means that getting a good ranking on the search engines is undoubtedly one of the best ways to promote your website, our SEO team works hard to position websites and get results Over time, permanent and “Google” algorithm. We focus attention on the contents that allow your chosen keywords, or through our reference after a thorough analysis, to climb the SERP faster!

Mail Marketing

Email remains the best online marketing channel for building relationships with customers, both clients and prospects. Our web company helps you create effective newsletters and manage email marketing campaigns with the best hosting in the world.

Why is it important to do online marketing?

In order for your business, product or service to be known and recognized in the online world, this website must be supported by an effective digital marketing campaign. In this field, we are interested in identifying the most appropriate ways to increase the popularity of your site, service or product and thus the image of your company.

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Stages of an email marketing strategy

Creating a potency goes through some standard processing steps.

Analytics: Let’s analyze together your project and the best tools to improve it.
Strategy: We evaluate and plan the best strategy for developing your project to make it unique.
Execution: Let’s apply what was defined in the previous stages: this is the moment when ideas are formed.
Launch and Optimization: It is not enough to create a website, nor to think about it and design it carefully, if you do not act after it in a concrete way. This is where SEO, social networking and online advertising campaigns come into play.
Evaluation of results: We analyze the results of campaigns and determine where, how and when they can be improved. You never stop growing!
Advantages and offers of an electronic marketing company and web design company in Egypt

Just having a website for your business is not enough. You need an effective website that builds your business.

The most troubling problem with digital marketing today is that small business owners do not see how important their website is to their business. The look and feel of your site can make or break you. While doing this without anyone’s help will save your money. For sure, within a year you will realize that you have lost more revenue and goodwill than it would have cost you to hire a professional web design company. The current websites are not like the ones that existed 5 years ago at all. They fill both as a round-the-clock marketing tool for your business and as a tool to make your life easier. So what is the big problem with implementing your site professionally? Check out the reasons below why you should leave your website design to the professionals.

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Positive first impression

When a user visits your website, an opinion is formed about your business. This opinion depends entirely on the appearance of your site. Even if you offer the best service or products in the world, but your site doesn’t look good. Users may leave within seconds. When you take the extra step of hiring a professional web design company, they will develop an attractive website for your business that will help you increase visitors.

faster site

Most websites do not work optimally. An experienced web design, web design and hosting company is well versed in many external plugins and tools to integrate into your website to improve speed and security. So, a web design company knows these things very well. This means that you will have a website that works without errors when someone is browsing it.

Compatibility with the latest mobile technology

Since you are not a web developer, you will likely have little knowledge of new and upcoming technologies for responsive websites. Mobile-optimized designs are constantly evolving and growing. An increasing number are accessing the website using mobile devices every three months, so now it is important to have a mobile compatible website.

Best of all, you don’t need to create a separate version of your mobile website. Your website design only needs to be responsive. A professional web designer knows how to create a website using this technology.

Attract more visits!

Content that looks good on smartphones and tablets will be instantly recognized by users who in the long run will prefer it to more popular websites.

SEO optimization:

As a result of streamlining content and user traffic. Keywords are gaining more importance and internal and external backlinks will lead to SEO recovery.

Makes updates easier:

Building with a responsive website design takes time, but when it comes to making updates, everything becomes easier for programmers.

Easier Website Management:

A community manager will appreciate being able to monitor the site from their cell phone while channeling the full power of a computer to analyze the stats.

The transition from social networks to the web has become more fluid:

All social networks (at least all we know) have a responsive website design, so if your company manages an account in any of them and within the content they are redirected to your website. The best thing is that it also has a responsive design.

In short, responsive design is not only useful, but necessary to grab users’ attention. Just being online is no longer enough, you have to be one step ahead.

Nofal SEO web design company in Egypt is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for the best web design companies in Egypt and the best web design service you will find our best specialists ready to meet all your needs.

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