Create a pbn to improve website seo the right way

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Create a pbn to improve website seo the right way

Do you need to improve your backlink building strategy for your own web projects? Have you ever thought that a pbn could be the best solution for this? Several users contact us asking for information on the topic pbn strategy to improve website seo, which promises such good results. This in turn generates a lot of unknowns. In this article, you will learn what a pbn is, how to create a pbn like a pro and related information with much greater quality.

What is a PBN?

The acronym PBN comes from Anglo-Saxon terminology Private Blog Network.

It is a group of web pages belonging to the same owner that are intended to help grow another major website. This site is called Money Site and it will be where the most advanced e-business is hosted.

It is also a large network of web pages, linked together, to impart maximum authority and power to the specified domains. It is one of the backlink building strategies, or the most powerful external link building. It may present many hidden dangers if not implemented properly.

The goal of a private blog network

A pbn is a search engine optimization (SEO) file that can be used in many contexts.

Its main goal, as we previously commented, is to help position the web page by creating external backlinks from networks with similar features. And you already know that this is the most important positioning factor for Google search engine.

What are the advantages of creating a PBN?

When building a website, it can be difficult at first to attract a large number of customers especially if you have a small business. One way to promote your visibility is to make sure your website gets an external backlink from another website. Backlink is one of the top three ranking factors for Google search results.

The most popular search engine on the Internet at the moment is Google. In order to rank high on Google and be a part of the first websites that appear when someone does a certain search, it is important that your websites get many external backlinks from other websites.

  • If you can set up the pbn correctly, you will get good results, but if you don’t do it correctly, you are in danger to google.
  • The more PBN links you get, the higher you rank on Google. PBN link building will help you to find later number of PBN links and place them on your website to boost your ranking.

Increase assistance traffic with the help of external backlinks

Getting an external backlink is always difficult and getting a high quality external backlink is expensive which is really difficult for small business especially for beginners or entry level business. To solve this problem, here you can create pbn link which is less expensive and available. PBN is primarily designed to sell links at a cheap rate.

So far, most websites are using pbn links with 10%-20% of the total links. You need to buy pbn external links for your website from a trusted seller.

When you open a business, creating a website is one of the best ways to promote it. Nowadays, most people will search for the information they need on the internet. As such, a website will be the best way to increase your visibility and generate more revenue. A healthy and efficient website is a website with a large amount of traffic, which means that a large number of people check it out.

To ensure that the most relevant customers are attracted, building a base of external links is required through PBN link building. External links will help you target relevant domains and audiences which will allow to improve your website traffic from external sources.

How to create a pbn

We will see the five steps you must take to create an operational pbn:

1. Search for domains

The first step is to go out and find the domains that will make up the PBN. Its cost is not prohibitive, but the more you buy, the more you will spend. You might not mind spending $11 on a domain, but it changes if you buy 10 for $100 or 100 for $1000.

There are certain factors to consider when purchasing domains:

  • Take your time to buy domains. If you buy them all at the same time and with the same frequency, Google will take notice.
  • You are also not interested in getting it from the same provider. There are many inexpensive options so you can vary.
  • They also differ in terms of TLD. Don’t buy all of them with a .com or .es extension. There are many other areas that allow you to have different areas which look natural.

Is it interesting to buy expired domains?

The truth is that expired domains can help you save a lot of time, but before making a purchase, you should consider the following:

  • Not Punished: Any external backlink from a sanctioned domain would be wrong, and would do more harm than good.
  • It was not intended for spam: the link will not be from a page that Google considers spam.
  • You do not have links from China, Russia or India: In general, links that come from these sites are a major source of spam.

There are many tools that allow us to research the market for good expired domains, but there will be a lot that we should keep in mind before making a purchase.

2. In search of hosting

It’s pointless to have a domain if you don’t have hosting. After all, hosting is where different websites will be stored.

Although obviously, you can’t use the same hosting for multiple domains (because it can, but we strive not to associate it with Google).

3. Create pages for each domain

This is the step that will take longer, and it is advisable to do things well to make Google believe that every page is natural and not a source of spam. If you have a website, you will realize that the creation process is almost the same, except for a few differences:

  • You will have to choose a theme that is relevant to the topic and does not duplicate other PBN themes (some can be duplicated, but the less, the better).
  • Forget about network cloning. The problem is that you will have pages with the same theme, title, descriptions, plugins… and Google will immediately realize that something is wrong. If you are a WordPress expert, you can probably clone and change just enough to prevent the search giant from identifying any abnormal behavior, but you have to be very careful.
  • No interrelationships! Although this makes sense, we have to make it very clear. If you connect networks together, if you connect them, it’s like you’re drawing a target for Google to find them.

4. Create infrastructure and content

In addition to creating a good ranking system on the web, with contents linked together, it is important to know the levels of depth and how good linking works. These pages have a reason to link to others to transfer power, but this cannot be done in any way.

We are also waiting for the topic of the content. To create it, you have several options.

  • Write it down: If you have the time, writing skills, and knowledge, you can create quality content to promote your PBN.
  • SEO Writer: If you have a budget, it may be best to hire an SEO writer to take care of everything related to the content.

5. Launch PBN

If you already have a PBN ready, now is the time to make this whole thing work. It would be necessary to be very clear about why we created it: we probably wouldn’t behave the same way if we were to use it to nurture our business as if we were selling links.

  • Thanks to the quality of the content and the good link, we can avoid most of the automatic penalties, even manual penalties.
  • If the main goal of creating a PBN is to improve the position of a particular site, then do not associate all blogs with it. Only choose links related to the topic that are of the highest quality possible.
  • Be careful with the use that may have been given to the web previously. For example, if we are talking about a politics website that has been controversial in the past, this could have repercussions for the future.

Frequent mistakes when creating your pbn

Creating a private blog network carries many risks and challenges. For this reason, it is very easy to make mistakes and make mistakes.

web content

The first typical error relates to creating and optimizing web content. You can’t forget that every pbn page has to position itself in Google rankings.

Otherwise, if the 50-100 sites don’t have authority you won’t do much. You should take care of every page of your pbn.

Use of accounts

Another common mistake is using common accounts for all web pages. We refer to email accounts, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Extensions…etc

We are not suggesting that you should have a separate site for each site either! Ideally, you should break web pages into blocks and have a “compute package” for each block. In our case, blocks of 10 pages.

period and duration

Another common mistake is getting domains and hosting plans for a short period of time. And SEO is like any other business. You have to invest money to be able to get an economic return from it.

If you employ plans that are too short in time, you will run into problems with expired domains and blocked hosting, since it is really difficult to track more than 100 websites comprehensively at the same time. Employment plans of at least one year.

Essential Tips to Prevent Google From Identifying Your PBN

Google will never look favorably on your PBN. In fact, it has specialized algorithms that will be responsible for detecting and punishing this type of behaviour. At the same time, if a Google proxy appears via the PBN, you will likely receive a manual penalty.

Always keep these tips in mind for setting up a PBN.

  • Never buy domains and hosting from the same provider.
  • Do not link to unrelated topics. Anyway, it ties into an intermediate topic that makes sense.
  • If you are going to get expired domains, you should make sure that it has not been SPAM in the past, nor that it has been subjected to any kind of punishment.
  • Don’t just link to a money site. Linking to other sites, even without following links, to give the system a natural look.
  • Write 100% original content for each blog, even if it involves an investment of money and time.
  • Try to combine domains that have related keys in the URL.
  • Do not create all links at once. Let time do what is required.
  • Do not clone pages, and if you do, change the template, themes, widgets, plugins and any other element.
  • Do not use the same Google accounts to use all monitoring tools.
  • Above all, use common sense and be realistic: your PBN could crash at any moment.

Final conclusion

In the world of web positioning and search engine optimization, there is not much, because we depend on changing algorithms. However, it is possible to increase our chances of success significantly by creating effective strategies. And pbn is one of the best. But you shouldn’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s about duplicating 50 sites and linking them together. never.

Creating a private blog network takes a huge amount of work and requires a large amount of financial resources. Although this spending can be amortized if it helps you locate different funds competing for strong keywords.

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