Facebook algorithms for posted photos and videos

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Facebook algorithms for posted photos and videos

Previously, Facebook had very special conditions, and Facebook’s algorithms were conditional and specific for the images and videos that were published. We find, for example, that it was stipulated that the text written on the image should not be more than 20% of the image size. It was also required that there be no buttons such as subscribe now or “Subscribe” or the video icon button, for example. This has become a thing of the past. Facebook is now like any other platform, nothing is required.

Facebook Algorithms

As we explained that Facebook’s algorithms and conditions for image texts are now over, we can now see an image like this on the Facebook page.

خوارزميات الفيسبوك بالنسبة للصور والفيديوهات المنشورة

Previously, it was impossible to accept an image of this format because the text has more than 20% of the image size. Now it is completely normal, write whatever you want and in any number of words, even if the whole picture is text, there is no problem at all.

خوارزميات الفيسبوك

As we can see in the image shown in front of us, for the Facebook algorithms previously, it was difficult or even impossible to accept an image of this format with all this amount of text and with the presence of the “Book Now” button located in the bottom left of the image. Facebook was objecting previously, but YouTube and Google. They do not have a problem with the general form of the advertisement, but of course there are conditions similar to other platforms, such as that the images or videos are not pornographic, and do not contain violence. Or hateful, intimidating, or racially discriminatory. These terms are found on almost any platform, and these are the general terms.

If you want to know the terms or policies of Facebook, you can access this link. www.facebook.com/policies/ads. And through it, you can know all the Facebook algorithms, which are general conditions that do not have complicated or incapacitating conditions. The question we ask now are there specific measurements for photos or videos posted on Facebook? Answer: Yes, there are certain measurements, whether for photos or videos.

  • For square measure, we call it a 1:1 ratio, whether video or image.
  • It is preferable that the “Resolution” of the video or image is 1080 x 1080 pixels, ie 1080 in width and 1080 in length in case the image or video is square.
  • There is another measurement, which is “Landscape”, whose ratio is from 16 to 9, as shown in the figure in front of us:

خوارزميات الفيسبوك

This form of video we call HD or Full HD, and most of the video size is 1080 x 1920 pixels, and the image is of the same size on Instagram. If you make a post, the conditions that apply to Facebook for measurements also apply to Instagram. As for the video, does it have a specific duration? Yes, it has a certain duration: For Facebook, the duration of the video that you download as a post is from one second to 4 hours, but there is no video with a duration that reaches that at all.

For Instagram, the video length does not exceed two minutes, from two seconds to two minutes at the most. If you want to make an advertisement compatible with the two platforms, in this case, the duration of the video to be downloaded should be no more than two minutes, because when implemented as an advertisement, this advertisement can be displayed on Facebook and Instagram alike as long as it complies with Facebook’s algorithms. This also applies to publications that It is posted on the page.

Is there anything else that can be posted on the page? Also the answer is yes, there is the “Dark Post”. It is a post that is not published on the page, but you design it while the advertisement is working, and it is inside the advertisement itself, it is not displayed on the pages. While you are working on this “Post Dark”, you can diversify the video in this case. You can make a 3-minute video and ask him to show it on Facebook, and alternatively you make another video and ask him to show it on Instagram.

Because it’s “Post Dark” and not a Post already on the page. That is, the “Posts Dark” that we implement inside the ads do not appear on the page. But thanks to its presence, we can diversify and put more than one video, from which you can display a number of different videos. This is for the videos that are shown on the story. Summary of the above. If you want to make a post on Facebook in order to take this post in order to make an advertisement, you have two dimensions: Either it is a square that is 1080 x 1080 pixels. The rectangle is 1080 x 1920 pixels, as we can see:

خوارزميات الفسيبوك

Whether it is a photo or a video, and the duration of the video is more than two minutes. This is normal when advertising, because its duration is one minute, and therefore it does not reach the maximum duration of two minutes. And when you see the posts on the page. Is it possible to make an advertisement with it on the two platforms together or not, as we have a 30-second video and its size is a suitable rectangle of 1080 x 1920 pixels as we can see:

خوارزميات الفيسبوك بالنسبة للصور والفيديوهات المنشورة

This can be done as an advertisement on the two platforms together, but in the event that there is another video of two minutes and five seconds, this video cannot be advertised on Instagram, this is only possible on Facebook because its duration is more than two minutes. As for the posts that are square and rectangular images, they can be displayed on the two platforms without any conditions. Ie is not conditional like the video . As for the written text, does it have conditions as well?

Answer: Yes, it has conditions. For Facebook, it is assumed that the number of characters in the post does not exceed 63,206, and this is a large number. As for Instagram, it is not more than 2,200 characters. Therefore, when making a post on Facebook, it must be taken into account that it does not exceed 2000 characters, for example, in order to be able to display it on Facebook and Instagram at the same time. Facebook advises that the number of characters does not exceed 125 characters, ie from 20 to 25 words, so we must take into account better from the beginning that the text does not exceed 125 characters and this is one of Facebook’s algorithms like this text as we see:

خوارزميات الفسيبوك

It’s nice to write a simple text so that the customer can read it. This is because large texts often do not read these conditions. They must be taken into account when making a post in order to fit ads on Facebook and Instagram, nothing more than that. As for “Organic Reach”, Facebook’s algorithms, and “Organic Reach”. It means natural access without ads.

If we assume that this page has 10,000 Fans and you make a post to be seen. This post is supposed to reach all of these people without ads, and as we know that the maximum reach is 2.5% so far.

Meaning that if you have a “10,000 Fan” the maximum access will only be 520 people no more than that, and if you have a hundred thousand it will reach 5200 people, this is the “Maximum”, and it can be less than that. But how do I get to the maximum and why does it always decrease? The answer to this question is summed up in three years inside Facebook’s algorithms affecting the “Organic Reach”, which are:

  • The first of these factors is the date of publishing the post on Facebook, and through experience, it has been proven that the date of one or two at noon is a very appropriate date. Or from eight to ten in the evening. These are dates that suit most countries and it is the most appropriate date for publication.
  • The second factor is that the post contains “Links in post text”. When Facebook sees a link inside any post, it reduces the size of the “Organic Reach” or the natural reach of the post. Because he doesn’t want people to leave Facebook and go anywhere else. If you want to put a link in your post, its place is not between the lines of the post. Because this will make the post reach no more than half a percent, so when making an advertisement, we do not put the link directly. We put a “Boost post” button. This button takes the customer to the platform, the link we want to go to.

خوارزميات الفيسبوك

The link we want can be placed in the “Comment”. We notice that we have put the link in the first comment, and this means that when we go to the first comment and click on the link. It will direct us to the place we want the audience to go to. This has no problem, the important thing is not to include the “Text” any link. In order not to leave the public from Facebook and remain as long as possible on it. This is about “Reach Organic”, but when making paid ads in this case, there is no problem.

In this case, you can put the client’s links so that he can exit the “Application” of Facebook, there is no problem at all. Because the cost amount has been paid, the customer has the freedom to act. In the case of Organic Reach, Facebook works hard to always keep the customer within the application. In order to see other ads and thus the result is that Facebook earns more.

Facebook algorithms

  • The third and most important factor for Facebook’s algorithms. If you have a million followers or subscribers on your page and none of them is interactive. In your post, Organic will not reach them. Because we already knew that 2.5% of the people on the page. Not all the people on the page, this percentage must be interactive. Meaning, if you have 100,000 people on this page, but the interaction of them is 1,000 examples, that’s 1%. He can connect those 1,000 interactors. It’s important to keep the people there.

You have on the page always interacting in order to preserve the “Organic Reach”. And get it to its highest levels. Always make your publications carry phrases that encourage the audience to interact. As shown in the picture, if you have a problem, wait for the live or leave your problem and we will solve it for you. All these statements make the audience leave comments and the purpose of the comment is to make the person interactive. This is one of the interactive subscribers that you will receive later on advertisements for sales or posts that we will make in an “organic” form.

خوارزميات الفسيبوك

All I care about is that the audience interact, share and like. We can make them feel like making different creative posts like this post that we see often. This is an interactive post that asks you about the number of animals in the picture.

خوارزميات الفيسبوك

We see a lot of such posts, the aim of which is for the audience to start commenting and interacting on the post, and each of them leaves his answer. This is our goal to achieve higher engagement on the post. In the event that you made a post on your page that has one hundred thousand subscribers, which is supposed to be as we know.

Taking into account all the factors related to making the post, the normal reach of the post should be 5,200 people as a maximum. But after an hour, you found that the post had reached 80,000 people, eighty thousand people. That is, 80% of the followers of the page, but what caused this surge in the number of followers that the post reached?

The reason lies in, that the post has already reached the percentage that it is supposed to reach, which is 5200 people, but the rest of the fans came by saying that the post was liked and they shared it. The post began to spread and spread, and here is our dependence on the content or the “Content” of the post, as the content is the king, as it is said. So if you make good content and get creative with it, include photos, videos and anything useful for your fans. It is possible for your post to spread.

The important thing is that you knew all the basic Facebook algorithms for the “Organic Reach” and knew the factors that affect the natural reach of the post. In the next article, we will learn about tuning the advertising account on Facebook.

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