Fix duplicate URL and link using URL redirection

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Fix duplicate URL and link using URL redirection

Avoiding duplicate content is important if you want to maintain your blog’s uniqueness, and it’s simple in principle because normally it’s only you who writes on your blog… and you already know that you won’t be repeating the same content twice and the same titles.

However, there may be multiple people collaborating on the same blog, or you may have copied the content of a post yesterday and today as well, or maybe you have two different posts but by chance with the same title, thus, risking a duplicate URL Maybe two entries with text that are very similar to each other Some for any reason. We will learn how to fix duplicate URL.

How to avoid duplicate URLs

Avoiding duplicate URLs is relatively simple, if you think you’re risking it happening with a certain repetition, the most important step is to be careful how you choose the type of blog posts URL. To choose it, you just have to access your WordPress blog admin panel and search the menu on the left for the “Permalinks” option. Then we define in WordPress how we want to display the URLs for each post. It can be solved in two ways:

  • The best way for search engines like Google is to choose Personalize and add /%post name%/ and the result is that your blog URLs will look like this:

This is a very popular, straightforward, and practical option but it puts you at risk of duplicate URLs only if two or more titles match, and the larger your blog and the more posts it has, the more likely it will happen.

  • Second you just have to add something else, for example the date or /post_id% /%postname%/ … by adding /%post_id%/ you attach the post number to the URL, which is a different value for each entry, so make sure you don’t duplicate the address because it will look like Like this:… By adding the post number (350 in this case) make sure your URL is completely different from any other title on your blog.

Following the previous example you can access your blog posts in two different ways:

They give the exact same content, the same post.

How to link duplicate URL using URL redirection

You can create URL redirects to direct visitors from non-existent pages to active pages. This change can be permanent (301 redirect) or temporary change (302 redirect). Learn how to create redirects in the URL Mappings panel.

301 . redirect

A 301 redirect directs visitors to another URL when they click on a link to a page that does not exist. It tells search engines that a page has moved, and moves the rankings in the results from the old page to the new page.

To use a 301 redirect, only the new URL must exist. Ensure that the old URL is not found by deleting the previous page, deactivating it, or changing its URL.

301 redirects should be used in the following cases:

  • If you change the page URL in the page settings.
  • If you remove a page from the site and want to redirect to the home page.
  • If the URLs are different after importing the content. In this case, it’s usually because the old site didn’t have a link to a blog page, just posts.
  • If you intend to redirect it to another domain.

302 Redirect

A 302 redirect directs visitors to a website to a different URL when someone clicks on an old page link. It tells search engines that the page has moved temporarily. Search engines do not give the new page the same ranking in results as the previous page. However, since this is temporary, it allows search engines to keep the original page rank holding its place, where it will be available again.

The 302 redirect is typically used when a store or restaurant changes products and offers seasonally. You should use a 302 redirect in the following cases:

  • If you have to temporarily unsubscribe a page and update it with new offers.
  • If you want to replace one page with another temporarily, since you have different offers throughout the year.

From the above, we can conclude that if we fix the duplicate URL by changing the URL, we will use the 301 redirect method, and thus we have learned how to fix the duplicate URL and link it using URL redirection

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