How to adjust targeting and build audiences on Facebook

22 February، 2022 154 مشاهدة

How to adjust targeting and build audiences on Facebook

Targeting and audience building on Facebook is well established in online marketing, where the term “goal-oriented approach” appears frequently. Companies often spend large amounts of money on marketing campaigns with the aim of promoting a product as much as possible and thus increasing sales. With the right targeting, banner ads, videos, and search engine ads are shown to potential customers. Now, in this article, we will show you how to create and target the audience correctly.

How to determine the audience to whom we show the ad?

1- Through a page entitled “Campaign”, we click on “Create”.

2- A page titled “Create New Campaign” appears, as we can see below:

إنشاء الجماهير على الفيسبوك

3- Here is the goal of the campaign, and let the choice be “Messages”, as we see:

إنشاء الجماهير على الفيسبوك

4- Another page with the same title appears with the phrase “Choose a Campaign Objective”, then click on “Continue”.

5- Another page appears through which we created a “Campaign” and set the special goal. On this page, it asks for the name of the advertising campaign, then we click on the “Next” button, and another page appears with the name that we wrote.

إنشاء الجماهيرعلى الفيسبوك

With this, we have entered the “Ad Set” for creating audiences on Facebook and within the ad group.

6- Audience or audience (identify the audience based on the “Pier Persona” that we have created in order to identify and know the target customers. This “Pier Persona” translates to determining the age, gender, interests and locations of the target audience.

7- It is very possible to create audiences before creating the ad. You can create several audiences with your specifications that you choose. Once you need to use any of them, you can refer to the “Use Saved Audience” box and use any of the previously saved audiences.

8- When creating audiences on Facebook, a list of audiences is supposed to appear, and then we choose the audience that we saved previously.

9- We close this page by pressing the (x) button, a message appears entitled Publish draft items, and then the Close button will be pressed.

10- The “Ad Sets” creation page appears, and you will find the “Campaign” that will be challenged or canceled.

11- A message appears entitled “Do you want to delete the campaign”? From there we press the “Delete” button, as we see:

غنشاء الجماهير على الفيسبوك


It is best before you start creating the campaign that the audiences are created.

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How are audiences created on Facebook?

1- By clicking on “Business Tools”, several options appear. We choose “Audiences” (the audience).

2- The Facebook Business page is entered under the title “Audience” as you can see below:

إنشاء الجماهير على الفيسبوك

3- From this page we create and save the desired audience. But you must pay attention to an important thing that the audience is created at the level of a particular ad account. If you have more than one ad account, you can click on the arrow next to it and choose the ad account you want to create the audience in, as you see:

كيفية ضبط الاستهداف وإنشاء الجماهير على الفيسبوك؟

4- From these options, we click on the advertising account we want, and the name of the advertising account we want to work on appears.

6- By clicking on “Create a Saved Audience”.

إنشاء الجماهير على الفيسبوك

7- We are presented with several options for the “create audience”, the most important of which is the choice of the “Saved audience” and this audience will be a new audience that we create from the beginning. It defines the audience’s interests, age, gender, location, and everything related to the audience. After that, it is saved for use whenever we need it.

  • As for the rest of the options for creating audiences on Facebook, they are “Custom Audience”, which means a custom audience, based on previous information I have. If you have previously made an advertisement or video and it got views, for example, 90%, I can ask Facebook to create an audience from those who watched the video, and it creates a custom audience.
  • The “Look like Audience” audience, which is similar to the Custom Audience about which I already have information, relies heavily on “Custom Audience”.
  • “Special Audience” is a special choice for foreign countries such as America because it is an audience that is shown some kind of advertisements related to different policies, elections and loans. Advertisements related to employment and housing. This type of advertisement requires agreeing to some of the terms and obligations

8- To start creating an audience, first we press “Create Saved Audience”, and this screen appears as we can see:

إنشاء الجماهير على الفيسبوك

9- Creating the audience, which requires you to specify several things, including the location, the place, the age, the gender, their interests, and the language spoken by the audience you are targeting. Targeting.

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