How to build a strong backlink that serves your site

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How to build a strong backlink that serves your site

Building a backlink is in fact not building, but let us correct the concepts. It is to obtain a backlink, not to build it. It is no secret to us that backlinks, or the so-called backlinks, are one of the most important factors for ranking the site. Anyone who does the search engine optimization process must know how to create a strong backlink that serves their site, and this is actually not an easy thing. Let us review with you the importance of backlinks and some information related to it.

What is backlink?

The backlink or backlink, as it is referred to, is a word that refers to a website or web page in the same site or in other sites. When you create a strong backlink on other sites, this supports the strength of your site and increases traffic or traffic of visitors on the website It is also one of the most important tools for optimizing search engines and ranking the site in search results. This brings us to an important question, are there types of backlinks? This is what we will show later.

Types of backlinks

بناء باك لينك قوى يخدم موقعك


Backlinks are one of the magic ways to boost your web page rankings, so you have to focus on getting a variety of high quality backlinks known as link diversification. Among the types of backlinks are the following:

“NoFollow” links

In the 1990s and into the early 2000s, many realized that it was easy to create a bunch of backlinks by posting spammy comments on blogs. To prevent search engines from tampering with this technique, the “nofollow” hyperlink attribute was created.

If you ask me are “nofollow” backlinks important to me? My answer to you will be that nothing conclusive confirms its importance or not, but all the data that shows the ranking of good sites shows that all sites that have a good ranking have a balance between “nofollow” and “dofollow” backlinks, so it is also important.

“DoFollow” links

“Dofollow” is the default property of most hyperlinks. Backlink Duflo does not need to add any specific code in order to be a “dofollow”.

Dofollow backlinks are everyone’s favorite, as they are included in the ranking of the search engines that are calculated, and they are considered as a certificate of guarantee for your site, but as we mentioned previously, it is better for the site to contain backlinks and nofollow backlinks.

The importance of backlinks


بناء باك لينك قوى يخدم موقعك

The importance of backlinks lies in the fact that they are one of the very important factors in optimizing search engines and improving your site’s ranking, and this is what all website owners seek. One of the most important backlink services is to increase the number of visitors to your site by increasing the number of backlinks to your site, but you will not All kinds of backlinks improve your site’s search engine rankings. This is because most search engines will rate the quality of backlinks based on factors such as popularity and the nature of the site they originate from. For example, it is not acceptable to have a backlink from a website that exists only to provide backlinks to other usually paid websites.

How to get high quality backlinks

Creating high-quality backlinks involves more than just linking other websites to your website. Search engines rate individual links differently, based on:


The website in which a backlink was created must be appropriate to your site and the content it provides, this is much better and gives strength and importance to your site. Time also must be taken into consideration, as backlinks lose their strength and value over time, and in addition to time and appropriateness, authority makes a difference Large, which is the expected search engine ranking for a particular website. Websites with high traffic and many links received by search engines are more trusted than a website with fewer visitors and fewer links. Inbound links are how search engines determine a website’s popularity. With more internal links, search engines assume that a website’s content is of interest to a large audience, thus giving it more authority than another website with fewer backlinks. Learn about the best high-quality backlink sites to build strong backlinks for your site.

The purpose of building backlinks to your website is to get higher search engine rankings, which in turn brings in more traffic. It is an ongoing process throughout the life of a website. Website owners must constantly add backlinks to maintain search engine rankings, collectively known as “pagerank”. Hence, timing should also be at the heart of backlink building. Old links already indexed by search engines do not have the same value as newer links, which signal to search engines that a particular page is still relevant to readers.

How to backlink to your website

بناء باك لينك قوى يخدم موقعك

You have to follow several important steps to backlink your website:

Create a good reputation for your website in the digital world

Just as on a social level, your reputation in the digital world largely depends on who is talking about you. When a site has credibility and has a large base of visitors and permanent users, whoever publishes a backlink on your site, the good reputation will be transmitted to you, and in this way your site and content will obtain a large degree of credibility.

Looking for a domain with the perfect name

One of the questions that preoccupies any SEO expert is “Do domain names have an impact on SEO?” From a certain point of view, yes they do. However, this does not mean that you can register. A study suggests that a keyword-rich name can help websites get relevant backlinks.

Be in charge of the industry yourself

To make sure that more and more reputable sites are incorporating backlinks to your page, you need to provide content that invites them to do so.

There is no substitute for creating high quality content, especially as search engines increasingly focus on quality and originality to browse good content. Your content should actually contain the following

Achieving the highest standards of linguistic and informational accuracy
Create good content based on researching reliable sources
The content should be attractive and impactful
Your content should inform the reader and nurture his insatiable knowledge about the topic at hand

Getting out of the cycle of creating long stereotyped content, and creating unique content that serves the relevant topic and provides useful and clear information, is the smooth and effective way to get a good and reliable backlink. Here are some effective types of content that make backlink options interesting:

Detailed and specialized guides
Charts and graphs
case studies
Comparative Analytics
audio recordings
photo libraries

keep up with the times

While there is no way to guess the exact formula for boosting your ranking on search engine results pages, you can be sure to always keep up with marketing and SEO trends. Create content that matches the latest fashions and use keywords. Make sure your content and site structure are completely optimized.


In an age where the internet offers new content every day, simply posting unique and engaging content is not enough. There must be a sufficient and effective presence on the social networks most used by the public. Social media has an effective impact in the field of search engine optimization, so sharing distinctive and creative publications frequently is an important step in building a good reputation and gaining new visitors.

Make it easier

Increase your chances of getting a link on a variety of websites by offering a simple and straightforward way to link to your content.

Insert the “Add link to this page” button or HTML snippet below your content to encourage embedding directly into third-party pages. This will not only make it easier for less technically savvy site administrators to insert links, but it will also encourage them to enter a backlink and this is one of the most important backlink services for any site.

What are backlinks?

بناء باك لينك قوى يخدم موقعك

The backlink or backlink as it is referred to, is a word that refers to a website or web page in the same site or in other sites. When you create a strong backlink on other sites, this supports the strength of your site and increases traffic on the website.

How many types of backlinks are there?

“dofollow and nofollow” as we mentioned before into two types, namely:

How to build high quality backlinks?

Steps to building a strong backlink:

Connect with your network

An easy way to get a few backlinks to your website is by contacting your business partners. Perhaps one of your blogs will be interesting for them to link to.

Link building for bloggers

Link building for bloggers can be challenging. Especially when you are just starting out. But it can help you increase your followers and meet other bloggers who can help you. Instead of emailing someone and asking them for a link, you can also join a Facebook group or start blogging as a guest.

Facebook groups

There are plenty of Facebook groups where you can meet and connect with other bloggers. Find groups on any topics you write about, from SEO and digital marketing to seed magazines. You can join the conversation and share your link where this seems relevant. Just make sure it doesn’t appear as spam. And when another blogger publishes what he writes in a blog post, you can leave your link in the comments.

guest blogging

Another option to get links to your website is through guest blogging. Blogs will often seek input from your fellow bloggers and in return will allow you to link to your own content.

Conclusion Link Building is a Growth Strategy A successful link building strategy should always aim to bring a new and ambitious audience to your website. In the end, we hope that you have known the meaning of backlinks, their importance and types, and how to build a strong, high quality backlink.

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