How to do electronic marketing via WhatsApp and the most important strategies

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How to do electronic marketing via WhatsApp and the most important strategies

WhatsApp e-marketing puts instant messaging at the service of our digital advertising strategy, not just a messaging application but the most used worldwide, and this makes it a powerful marketing tool, although not quite ready for it yet, and it makes many advertisers wonder how Work on e-marketing via WhatsApp. Together, we will learn how to do e-marketing via WhatsApp and the most important strategies.

How does WhatsApp work?

WhatsApp itself does not include the advertising feature even today, but there are e-marketing and advertising companies that see it as another way to sell and this includes creating online marketing strategies.

The main objective of this application is to send and receive text messages, photos, videos and voice messages to a contact or groups, this application is available in the most important operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry OS.

التسويق الالكتروني عبر الواتس اب

Strategies for using email marketing via WhatsApp

The presence of WhatsApp in the mobile environment is a powerful presence, which makes it a channel of communication if used correctly, that can help us generate commitment to our brand and help us increase our customers.

The first thing we have to do is to ask the customer a mobile phone number to call, and above all the authorization so that he can send messages, thus creating a database for immediate use by the company, what the company should do is to identify people of different ages, gender and tastes so that they are asked They later get permission to add them to the group chat on WhatsApp.

If accepted, it is recommended to create appropriate questions for each of the group members and to create small groups of 5 people maximum, where you can set an appointment and create a group on WhatsApp with the name of the activity, where indicators of what will be done are shared and this is one of the most important steps of e-marketing via WhatsApp.

Strategies for implementing advertising and e-marketing procedures via WhatsApp

التسويق الالكتروني عبر الواتس اب

There are several strategies to consider if you want to e-marketing via WhatsApp, which are:

Newsletter: It is one of the most used tools in the WhatsApp e-marketing process and can be a great alternative to the traditional SMS that was used at the beginning of the century, with newsletters we can enrich our message visually, send messages now and then every 10 or 20 days Because if this is not done then the user or customer will get tired and stop following us.
A clear example of the newsletter as a WhatsApp e-marketing strategy is the information that municipalities send to citizens with the most prominent issues in their city, it has been used in small towns with great results.
Customer Service: As it is a two-way and instant channel, WhatsApp is a tool to use in performing customer service, with this we can improve customer loyalty, and thus sales for our company.
The faster and more professional our response is, the better the perception of the customer or user will be from us as a company, and therefore will be important to many companies.
Conducting Draws: The ease of sending videos or images along with the ease of spreading the message allow us to use this tool to publish various events such as raffles or contests held in the company.
Instant Promotions: Being an instant communication tool with which we can easily carry out various promotions with the aim of making a sale, we can find a great example in the large stores in the United States that send messages at the weekend with strong promotions aimed at attracting your company.
Create calls: It is a tool for making calls and obtaining user information to measure their interest in the call, these calls are usually made by SMS or social networks, but can also be made to closed groups or members for inviting them to meetings or events of any kind.
Make reservations and direct sales to the customer: Some companies allow their customers to make reservations or sales through WhatsApp, and there are cases that doubled their sales through this tool.

Legal aspects to be considered for advertising by WhatsApp

When submitting a submission, you must comply with various regulations, specifically those that refer to the Law on Services for the Information Society (LSSI).

ARTICLE 21.1 LSSI: It is prohibited to send advertisements or promotional communications by e-mail or other equivalent electronic means of communication not previously requested or expressly authorized by the recipient thereof.
Article 21.1 Paragraph 2 of LSSI: The provisions of the previous section will not apply where there is a prior contractual relationship, provided that the Provider has lawfully obtained the contact details of the recipient and used them to send commercial communications regarding products or services of your own company that are similar to those initially contracted .

Advantages of doing email marketing via WhatsApp

Organic reach: The number of people who see your post when you post on social networks on WhatsApp is 100%, while on Facebook and Instagram it can be 6% or 2%.
You get more visibility than any other channel, because WhatsApp is the app on our mobile that we consult the most.
You can check the success of your shipments in other networks or even when we communicate by email, we never know if our message has already been received or ended up in your spam folder.
You have a variety of content formats images, videos, animations, stickers, links, charts, audios, etc.
You can use WhatsApp Web and make use of desktop computer tools like a good microphone or your webcam to record videos.
You can offer more personalized customer service and communication, and this gives more confidence to your customers.

What can you do with e-marketing via WhatsApp?

Inform about offers and promotions.
Launching new products.
Invitation to events.
Share your blog articles.
Conduct raffles and contests.
Count news and updates.
Provide customer service.
Confirm orders, shipments or reservations.
Send traffic to your website or your social networks.
Send interesting content to users.
Create an online SEO course.
Use broadcast for email marketing via WhatsApp.

Broadcast lists allow you to create a list of contacts to send information, these lists can be named and reused as many times as you like, recipients receive these messages as if it were an individual message and when they reply they do so individually, they can’t tell who else is in the list, nor They can even tell that they received the message through a list.

Thus, you have learned how to conduct e-marketing via WhatsApp and the advantages of e-marketing through this application.

What are the other uses of WhatsApp

E-marketing can be done through WhatsApp, as it is one of the most important and most used applications on the phone

WhatsApp Marketing Strategies

Newsletters, Customer Service, Calling, Direct Selling to Customer

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