How to use LSI keywords and place them on the site to lead the search engines

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How to use LSI keywords and place them on the site to lead the search engines

“LSI” is an abbreviation for the word “Latent Semantic Indexing” It is a method used by search engines to index and retrieve pages, and it is necessary to know how to use LSI words to get the most benefit from them.

LSI keywords are words or phrases that you can use to add more context to your content and they help search engines index your content. How do search engines work? What is the way to use LSI keywords.

How do search engines work?

Search engines crawl every page on your website, try to understand it, and index each page under its relevant categories, which is where LSI keywords come in. LSI keywords are just variations of your primary or target keyword.

What are LSI keywords?

LSI keywords are synonyms for your target keyword that help search engines have more information about your content. Earlier, Google only looked at the number of times you used the main keyword in your content. At that time, targeted keyword density was the main concern of marketers or those working in the field of “SEO” or search engine optimization.

However, this is no longer the case. Google checks your webpage to see if you used LSI keywords, because these additional keywords or help words provide some additional information that just the keyword doesn’t convey. For example, let’s say you’re writing a blog post about Web Design.

In this case, Google will scan the content, title, meta description, URL and image alt text for LSI keywords such as “web design”, “web design companies”, “web design company” and “best web design”. This is so that you can better understand your content and this is how LSI keywords are used.

If you look closely, you’ll see that all of the LSI keyword helpers tell Google exactly what’s going on in your content. While “web design” could be your keyword, phrases like “best web design company” and “web design companies” add more context that enhances your content.

What is the importance of LSI words?

“LSI” keywords are important because they help search engines better understand and index your content. This means that your pages will have a greater chance of appearing in the search results for search queries related to the words you target and want to appear and lead in.

Keep in mind that Google understands the meaning or context of an article by establishing relationships between the different keywords used in it. LSI keywords are formed by adding related words or phrases to your primary keyword, thus providing more information about the topic being raised and as a way to use LSI keywords.

If you know what additional keywords Google wants to find for an article on a specific topic, you can use those keywords to add more value to your content. This will not only make your post more relevant, but also increase the likelihood that it will rank in the SERP for your target keyword.

Are all LSI words synonyms?

The simple answer to this question is no. The words can sometimes be synonymous but this is not always the case. The “LSI” keyword can be any term closely related to your main keyword. For example, the LSI keywords for the keyword “SEO” would be additional keywords SEO and SEO. They are not synonyms but general terms related to the primary keyword, which is SEO.

Next, we’ll learn how to find LSI keywords.

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How do you find the correct LSI words?

We’ll first look at the different ways you can find “LSI” keywords to include in your content and how to use LSI keywords.

Check related searches in Google

The easiest way to find LSI keywords for any post is to enter your keyword into the search bar. Next, scroll down to the Related Searches section. If you are writing about “face masks,” you may also want to include information regarding their price, texture, washability, etc.

طريقة استخدام كلمات LSI

For any search, related searches will tell you what to include in your content besides the keyword. In addition, you can also check out the “Also Ask” section to get a better idea of ​​the search intent. We will complete the following methods for extracting auxiliary keywords, and what is the correct way to use LSI keywords?

طريقة استخدام كلمات LSI

Methods for extracting help keywords

Normally you will only get 7-8 “LSI” keywords for your content, if you want a more comprehensive keyword list in “LSI” then you should take a look at the other methods below.


One quick way to get a list of LSI keywords is to use a free tool like LSIGraph. All you have to do is add your keyword in the search bar. Let’s try adding the keyword, “heels”.

طريقة استخدام كلمات LSI

When you click the “generate” button on the right, here are the results you get. The tool also displays search volume, trend, cost per click, and other details.

طريقة استخدام كلمات LSI

Please note that keywords are not added in a specific order. So, don’t assume that the items listed at the top should be used more or are more important than others.

Google Autocomplete

Another easy way to find out LSI terms for free is through Google’s autocomplete feature. When you type in what you’re searching for, Google makes various suggestions that you can take and include in your content. For example, this is what you see on Google when you enter the keyword “immigrate to Italy”. The words in bold are the words you should aim to include in your content.


The third way to find LSI keywords on Google is through the snippets you see in SERPs. Google highlights in bold some terms that match your keyword. For example, if you enter the keyword, “sunflower oil,” Google also highlights the phrase “sunflower seeds” in bold.

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These two terms are closely related, so you might add sunflower seeds to your LSI keyword list for the keyword, “sunflower oil”. These are the LSI keywords that Google wants you to add to your content. You can easily find 7-8 keywords by checking different pages on SERP.

google images tags

Another less obvious trick for finding LSI words for free is via Google Images. If you know how to use it well, it is actually a gold mine of LSI words. Here’s how you can use it. First, add your keyword in Google Images. For this example, let’s move on to the keyword, “off page”. As you can see in the screenshot below, Google displays related terms in the top panel. These are all LSI keywords that you can use to optimize your content.

طريقة استخدام كلمات LSI

How to use LSI keywords in your content

Once you’ve found suitable “LSI” words for your content, the next step is to add them. This leads us to the following questions:

  • What is the way to use LSI keywords normally in the content?
  • Where should you add LSI keywords in your content?

Now we’ll talk about how and where to add LSI keywords so that Google can find them easily, yet they don’t seem out of context or out of context.

How to use LSI words naturally in your writing

When you check the list of LSI keywords from the automatic keyword generator, you may realize that it is not easy to add them. Sometimes it may not make grammatical sense or it may be difficult to add in the flow of normal content. In such cases, what should you do? Here’s how to use LSI keywords naturally in your content:

  • Break larger content sections into smaller sections and add your LSI keywords as subheadings.
  • Add questions related to “LSI” keywords to start a new point.
  • Add definitions for “LSI” keywords if they are relevant to your content.

Let us understand it with the help of an example. Let’s say the keyword for LSI is “automatic soap dispenser”. Here’s how to use it in different ways in your content:

  • Statements: The biggest benefit of an automatic soap dispenser is that you can dispense soap in a touch-free manner.
  • Questions: Do you want an automatic soap dispenser for your bathroom?
  • Subheadings: How to make an automatic soap dispenser

Don’t these sentences sound natural? This way, you can manage to include LSI keywords and deliver value to the reader without disrupting the content.

Where should you add LSI keywords in your content?

Once you know the right LSI helper keywords, you should start adding them to your content. Adding them naturally in context is a great idea, but you shouldn’t stop there. You should also add your LSI keywords in the following places:

  • meta descriptions
  • title tag
  • Alt tags for the image
  • H2 and H3 tags
  • URL
  • Main content

طريقة استخدام كلمات LSI

Google checks all of these places to understand the context of the article. That’s why you should add LSI keywords there. However, don’t try to stuff them just for the sake of adding them. Add them normally. Additionally, in your content, you should aim to include it in different sections organically. Typically, the ideal keyword density is 1.5%. However, for LSI keywords, there is no rule or discretion to add them. You can add them where it is normally possible.

In conclusion

Understanding how LSI keywords can help you boost your search rankings can give you an edge over your competition. In addition, they are very easy to find and integrate into your content. It’s all about some smart optimization to get ahead of your competition. If you do your LSI keyword research right, you will see that your post turns up better in SEO tools. Now, my friend, you are ready to search for additional LSI keywords, and to know how to use the correct LSI keywords.

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