Example Of A Logo

Example Of A Logo

We are proud that the company has created many works for the Kav Store platform, and these works include its visual identity, and this is an example that you can claim.

How do we design the logo?

The logo is one of the most important parts of any brand’s identity. Here at Nofal Seo, we design professional and distinctive logos for companies that are simple and fully express your identity and business. There are steps and stages that we follow during the logo design journey until we reach the result that satisfies the customer and satisfies us as a professional company in its field of work. Those stages come as follows:

Knowing the client and understanding his field accurately and in detail.
Study the market, analyze the sector and study the competitors to determine the target audience that you want to attract.
Defining objectives, such that they must successfully meet the expectations of the company for which the project will be implemented.
The inspiration that the graphic designer finds that allows him to implement everything the company wants to convey to the consumer through his creativity by doing the proposed logo.
Drawing the logo At this stage, the designer draws everything that comes to his mind.
The next thing is to digitize the chosen graphic in a design software, and once that is done, the print is either searched or designed according to the type of image.
A file detailing the full path of construction and design is provided. It is presented to the client and tested whether the final form meets his needs or not.

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