SEO course details

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SEO course details

Search engine optimization processes depend on many methods and strategies that change all the time. It changes according to the status and size of the site, as well as the examination and evaluation procedures by search engines. In the details of the SEO course, we will learn together about the axes of the course’s training program and everything you need to know about search engine optimization

seo course details

Learn how to improve your website’s ranking in search engine results, and how to make your website appear on the first page of search results in Google, and other popular search engines with ease.

This training program in website advertising and SEO serves those interested in the field of e-marketing and e-commerce, as it trains them on the latest mechanisms and methods of improving their site to appear in the first search results in Google and other famous search engines.

Website Advertising Course Objectives (SEO)

At the end of the program the trainee will be able to:

Website analysis and knowledge of strengths and weaknesses.
Analyze competitors and learn about their marketing strategies.
Optimizing websites for search engines.
Choosing the main keywords.
Differentiate between “SEO white hat & SEO black hat”.
Professional “SEO on page” & “SEO off page”.
Use of SEO tools.
Making successful marketing plans for the sites.

Training Content in the SEO Course

The details of the seo course, the seo course is divided into several sections that can be summarized as follows:

What is “SEO”?

How search engines work.
The difference between search engines.

key words :

Choose keywords.
keyword density.
Placement of keywords.
Keywords in the URL and filenames.
Keyword in page titles.
Keywords in the subheadings.

Meta Tag:

Content is king.
Specifications of good content.
Good content for visitors and search engines.
Duplicate content.


The importance of backlinks.
Internal and external backlinks.
Text link.
Wrong practices in the development of backlinks.
Backlink building.

Marketing with SEO

What do you learn in the course?

Learn what search engine optimization means and how to generate search results.
How to choose keywords and how to compete for them.
Configure the site internally for search engines.
Increase site speed and how to increase site efficiency.
Knowing the secrets of writing a successful text to rank in search engines.

Target groups to join the website advertising course

Employees in the field of e-marketing.
Workers in the field of e-commerce.
Great website owners.
Those wishing to take advantage of search engines such as Google to get visits to their sites by improving the results of the site’s appearance in search engines and appearing on the first page of search results.

Thus, we have reviewed the details of the SEO course and the training content that will be taught in the course, and who are the target groups for the SEO course. You can communicate with the best SEO professional to improve the ranking of your site by sending a message on the form below.


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