SEO rules that ensure you get the first results

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SEO rules that ensure you get the first results

SEO Rules Search engine optimization seems relatively easy. You choose some keywords, well your page is optimized for SEO, right? It is not so, and although many people understand the basic principles of SEO, few can apply the rules of SEO correctly and effectively.

What is seo?

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SEO is a discipline focused on improving the visibility of a website in the list of search engine results.

In the mid-nineties, the information received by search engines depended to a large extent on the indicators that page managers wanted to provide. This semi-manual web crawl process opened the door to bad practices.

Many pages appeared in searches without anything to do with what the user was searching for, and as a result generated a feeling of mistrust towards search engines on the part of navigators. The formula for fine-tuning search engine results was to create  more complex algorithms

Why are SEO rules important?

Users usually visit the first pages that appear in search engines as a result of their search, in many cases not beyond the first page. Having a website for a position in the first positions ensures that visits reach and increases the odds of selling, reading or hiring.

There is an interesting issue that we have to consider regarding site visits and SEO. The percentage of visits a website gets and the average time users spend on it are SEO factors. This data refers, in part, to popularity and the ability to grab a page’s attention.

When a search engine detects that a site is visited frequently and that every user has been browsing for a long time, it tends to improve that site’s position in results pages (or “SERPs”).

It is important that the visits to the website are real and of quality as well

How do I know if my website is optimized for SEO?

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“SEO” can be divided into two large interrelated areas: “SEO On Page and SEO Off Page”.

“On Page SEO” includes actions that can be performed within the web domain itself, while “Off Page SEO” includes external factors that measure the positioning of search engines that you cannot control using “On Page SEO”.

The factors external to your site are the most interesting to search engines (off-page SEO). However, the simplest and most easy way is to check if your website is optimized for SEO by measuring or checking some values within your site.

The values you can measure are:

Page loading speed

The slow website gives the user a bad experience. Time is money, and most of us quickly quit a website when we find it takes too long to show results. So analyze your website and make changes to it to be very fast.

The location must be compatible with the phone

Your site must be suitable for a mobile phone as most of the searches are done now from it..

Contains a custom title

It is the address that appears in search engines to inform what the user will find on this site. Each web page should have a title that is descriptive/attractive, adaptive and unique. In fact, title optimization is a point of great importance in on-page SEO, as it directly affects CTR (see below).

For example: Instead of this address for the page “Home – Online Store – Shoes – Bags – Offers”, “Online Shoes and Bags Store, with Great Offers” would be more usable and readable

the description

Description is the information that we find under the title in any search engine that explains the content that the visitor will find on the site.

The appropriate keywords

They must be included in the headings and, of course, within the content. “Google” is a word repeated many times without meaning because it is not attractive or practical to the user. However, it is highly recommended to mention .

URL format

To be readable and easily accessible to the human eye

Avoid broken links

Broken links are links that appear on a website that are no longer useful, either because they no longer exist, the address has been modified, or the address specified is incorrect.

In any case, broken links are very harmful to your website: they cause user frustration, cause a negative brand image, and lower your site’s indexing.

Attractive, interesting and unique content

The content of your site must be attractive, strong, distinctive and original. Do not copy content to your site. This gives you credibility and strength with the user and with search engines, and this is one of the most important

Seo writing rules.

What are the rules of google seo to determine the position of my page?

We will highlight two factors that Google, among many others, considers important in determining the position of a web page:

Site or domain authority

One of the most important variables taken into account to determine the authority of a website or domain is the quantity and quality of links pointing to that website. Honestly, it’s all about online reputation.


It is the degree of agreement between the content of the page and the search performed by the user.

Terms related to search engine optimization and SEO rules you should know:

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Browser VS Finder

A browser is a tool that allows you to surf the web or other computer connections. Examples of browsers are: “Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer”. There is always one or more of them installed on your computer and smartphone.

Whereas, a search engine is a computer program or system that allows locating information based on the search terms provided by the user. The most popular web search engines are “Google, Bing, Yahoo”, the former being the most used in Spain so far. There are search engines that are widely used in other geographic regions, such as “Yandex” in the Russian region, or “Baidu” in China.

Organic Center.

When we talk about organic sites, we mean that the website or online store has not been paid for the position it is in. The site you occupy is the place you deserve according to the standards and algorithms of browsers.

Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) or Paid Ads.

Taking advantage of the definition of the organic position, we explain the paid position. That is, the company invests in the search engine payment system (Google Ads, Bing Ads …) to be among the highest positions. The search engine is obligated to mark it with an “ad” tag in the upper left corner, to distinguish these results from organic entries.

SERP – Search Engine Results Page

It is the results page that a search engine provides when we request information about certain terms. What interests us about this for SEO purposes is the position our page currently occupies in the SERP. For example: You can search for the term “red leather shoes”, and in the list displayed by “Google” you can check your website regarding that term.

Key words

There are many customers who ask us for keywords for your website. In fact, it is one of the questions they ask us, regardless of what knowledge they have about the Internet all this is one of the most important SEO rules.

Why is search engine optimization so important?

SEO is one of the most important digital marketing strategies because it allows for greater visibility and more traffic that comes from search engines (organic traffic).

What are the criteria for search engine optimization?

Basic on-page SEO consists of using the keywords we want to position ourselves for not only in the text, but also in the images, description, etc.

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