The best professional seo course in the modern way

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The best professional seo course in the modern way

Nofal Seo is the best academy that offers a seo course to study seo, which is one of the most important fields required in the labor market today, and which is included in all areas related to the sites leading to search results. We at Nofal Seo offer an SEO course that makes you professional and qualifies you to work in major companies. Below we will present the content of the SEO course.

Best seo course with certified certificate

In Nofal Seo we offer you a professional seo course with a certified certificate, in this course you will find the basic techniques and advanced techniques and you will be able to ask all the questions that will be answered as quickly as possible. This course is distinguished from other courses in that it is under the supervision of the expert and specialist Ahmed Nofal, with many years of experience in this field.


(This course is for one individual and each person who implements the work and will have all the necessary tools so that he can achieve the desired results and be confident in his work)

Who is Nofal Seo Company?

It is a company that provides many services with great experience in the field of web design, e-marketing, SEO services, website management and writing good content at the hands of a specialist and professional SEO expert.

Seo course content at Nofal Seo Academy

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The Seo course at Nofal Seo contains several things, including:

What is SEO and SERP?
Explanation of “ON Page SEO”.
Full “meta” spelling.
Explanation of “sitemap”.
Clarify the addition of “yoast”.
Description of site speed
The necessary plugins for WordPress.
How to put excellent content for search engines.

The necessary tools are explained

We explain all website optimization tools for SEO.

“ahrefs” explanation

We explain “ahrefs”, how to analyze keywords and backlinks, and how to get paid accounts.


It is one way to get easy to compete keywords for small sites and big sites.

Explanation of “MOZ”

You will know everything about the “moz” program and site, as well as the way to extract harmful sites on your site and good and bad backlinks.

Explanation of “Search console”

You will learn everything you can to follow your site and analyze pages and keywords.

“google keyword planner”

It is a free program that provides many free services for Google, which helps you a lot in the field of SEO and you will learn everything about it.

Explanation of “OFF Page SEO”

Backlink explanation.
Types of backlinks.
competition between sites.
Professionally inspect other websites.
Explanation of common errors.
Publicize sites in search engines.
Explanation of Social Signals

Below we will take a quick look at SEO and its importance

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective way to increase the quality and traffic of your site by appearing in the results of search engines such as Google. Thus getting high quality visits.

What do I mean by traffic quality?

It means attracting visitors who are actually interested in your site or your product and not random visitors. That is, trying to reach these distinguished users who are interested in the products you sell. And distinguished visitors are people who are interested in the content you provide or your products because the more people who click on your pages in search engine results. The number of visits increased and this step is among what you will learn in the Seo course.

What is the importance of search engine optimization (SEO)?

SEO is an essential component of your company, which can lead you to the success or failure of your business. To understand how search engine optimization can tangibly help your business, we suggest 3 points, which correspond to the three basic elements that SEO itself relies on.

SEO helps you to:

Search for keywords related to your business

Knowing the keywords most searched for by potential customers allows you to improve your website based on these clues, and better understand your goal to activate marketing strategies at different levels.

Increase your brand awareness on the web

Link acquisition and link building activities consist of SEO strategy to get links and citations on other websites. In this way, it improves the presence of a site on search engines and generates brand trust and authority, in the presence of positive reviews and judgments on the quality of products and services offered to the customer.

Increase brand value

It is the goal of every business owner. It is a long-term goal, and when achieved, it guarantees the success that every entrepreneur aspires to. SEO is probably the only e-marketing strategy that is able to guarantee lasting results over time, because when a website manages to position itself among the top search engine results, it usually stays there for a long time.

In the end, do not passively wait for users to search for you, but search for the most important keywords for your business and learn how to work SEO like a professional by taking an SEO course.

Where can I take an SEO course?

With Nofal SEO company, you can get the best SEO course that qualifies you to the labor market.

What is the cost of the SEO course?

You can take a seo course with us and do not think about the cost because Nofal Seo offers various price plans to suit everyone

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