The best web design company with more than 14 years of experience

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The best web design company with more than 14 years of experience

“Nofal SEO is the best web design company with more than 14 years of experience. There are many ideas that help create large and diverse websites and make a lot of profits, and you can create the site yourself while you are in your home via the Internet, and some people and groups may resort to design companies. Sites and applications so that they get a distinct site and can profit from it, and there are many companies specialized in this field, including Nofal Seo.

Website development companies

The best web design, e-marketing, corporate website design, website management, writing exclusive content and SEO services by specialists is Nofal SEO, and it creates and designs websites at the cheapest prices, competitive prices that suit all levels. Nofal Seo creates a news website and a website for your business With strong hosting and a domain according to your business activity, the prices of website design in Nofal Seo range from 2500 to 4000 according to the customer’s choice, where the company writes 100% exclusive contents for your site in Arabic and English for competitive prices 500 words for 30 pounds, and Nofal Seo creates a site An electronic website that is suitable for search engines and all Internet browsers, mobile devices and tablets, and is compatible with international standards in website design. A team specialized in design and programming takes care of creating the site, taking into account the technical standards of search engines, because the observance of these standards is the most important thing about d Build a website.

The cost of designing a website in Egypt

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The price varies in terms of the features and requests that the customer wants. There are many types of sites. If the site’s tasks are too many, then the cost will certainly increase significantly, but we offer you a list of sites design offers

We have 4 web design packages:

The first package: a suitable plan for start-up companies

5gb ssd hosting
Premium and professional logo template
Technical support for one year
Adjust your site to search engines
Archive your site


2500 /LE

The second package: a suitable plan for medium companies

10gb ssd hosting
Distinctive design and distinctive logo
Technical support for one year
Website seo settings
Archive the site
Fantastic Fries
5 emails for your company


3000 /LE

The third package: a suitable plan for large companies

Host unlimited space
Premium and professional logo template
Technical support for one year
Archive the entire site
100 premium backlinks
Company advertisement
great articles
Create a marketing plan for your company


4000 /pound

Fourth Package: Special Programming

The price is determined by the type of programming you want, the tasks and the functionality of the site.

Types of websites

There are many websites and there are many types of them, namely:

Commercial: They are sites that sell products to merchants and offer their services, and the Internet address of commercial sites often ends with com.
Country codes: Websites from other countries have a country code at the end of a web address such as Great Britain with its uk and Canada with its ca.
Entertainment Sites: The purpose of entertainment sites is to entertain and entertain people in their spare time, and the Internet address of entertainment sites often ends with .com.
Educational: The goal of educational sites is to provide information about specific educational places such as schools, universities and nurseries. The address of educational sites ends with edu.
Military websites: Military websites are intended to provide all information about the military, its services, and missions, and the web address for military websites ends in mil.
Governmental: The purpose of government websites is to collect information about government institutions, government offices, and government departments, and this information is very reliable from the site, and the Internet address of government websites ends with .gov.
News Sites: The purpose of news sites is to collect information on exclusive events taking place in the country, and the web address of news sites ends with org.
Personal: The purpose of personal websites is to collect information about individuals and share photos, videos and information with friends, and it is not ideal for marketing work, web design company

Programming languages frequently used for website design:

javascript language

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What is the best web design company in Egypt?

Nofal SEO is one of the best web design companies in Egypt.

How much will a professional website cost?

The cost varies according to what the client wants from the additions to the site, but with Nofal Seo we provide price plans that suit everyone

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