The importance of e-marketing for companies

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The importance of e-marketing for companies

The importance of e-marketing for companies e-marketing has a great impact on upgrading the brand of companies and institutions. Together, we will learn about it, the benefits of e-marketing for companies, and the importance of e-marketing in the Corona crisis.

Online marketing is a combination of all the new technologies on the web. Online businesses have more visibility and, therefore, more brand awareness and transcendence.

As companies that resort to online marketing have more direct contact with their potential customers. It allows us to know the needs and desires of the customers themselves and this is one of the

The objectives of e-marketing, and therefore, the ability to satisfy them directly, and in the same way, the ability to compete with the rest of the digital companies.

In this article, we will talk about the importance of social networks for companies, SEO strategies, search engine marketing as well as email marketing, the four signs of marketing and how important they are, market strategies and their purpose, and what is the difference between e-marketing and traditional marketing.

The difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing

Traditional marketing differs from e-marketing, in that the management of traditional marketing resources takes place in a physical environment while in digital marketing it is not necessary to work in a physical environment and the intermediaries disappear. For example, buying airline tickets where the customer can do it directly with the company without for example having to go shopping.

In this way, marketing is divided into two environments: strategic marketing and operational marketing, the first being so fundamental, that if it is not thought through, we will implement operational actions that may or may not be successful.

These environments are clear in traditional marketing, but with regard to digital marketing: if the strategic goals are not clear, actions will be taken that will not be able to identify the needs of the company, and in this way the importance of creating a clear vision and marketing strategy for the company.

The consumer mind has no limits, just like marketing. Digital marketing converges with a more informed customer, who, far from being the recipient, is now the person who produces content that echoes the products or services we offer; Share their experiences with their friends on social networks documented with photos, videos, comments, likes or recommendations.

In other words, digital marketing can establish guidelines to follow during the buying decision process and the critical factors that come into play when a customer does the same, as it can be one of the most complex analyzes where different elements come into play.

The importance of e-marketing for companies

Social networks are very important for businesses and form a large part of the success of online marketing strategies, as they allow:

Better communication between the company and the customer

Through social networks, an innovative image is presented and communication with customers is facilitated. Through messages and opinions, the company can understand what users think of the brand.

Increase web traffic

One of the main goals of good network management is to direct traffic to the web, where the company’s services and products are exposed, thereby increasing its sales.

User comments

Through the messages generated in social networks by users of products and services, the resulting failures are known in the companies themselves and are not seen by managers.

Create a qualified audience

How do you relate to your audience today? Do you know who your customers are? Which consumption habits do they have? their behaviors? their professions? Another important point in corporate digital marketing, is the fact that you are able to build an audience that really wants to consume your product, your solution and relate to that base until it becomes loyal. In addition, you can organize these contacts, either through registered emails, subscribers to a newsletter, or even fans on Facebook. Over time, this audience will become one of the company’s core assets.

Speak to the right audience at the right time

Digital marketing has the potential to go ahead and not only build the right audience, but also to communicate at the right time. Unlike offline marketing, which is often impossible to accurately define the audience you’re talking to, digital marketing gives you the potential for a more accurate level of segmenting your audience.

It is also possible to create more than one audience and split communication for each type of audience. With the tools on the market, it is easy to monitor user profiles and their activities. Thus, it is possible to segment the people to whom you want to advertise a product, service or content in a very specific way. It allows you to customize your actions and marketing campaigns much more, and this is one of the goals of e-marketing, and here lies the importance of e-marketing for companies.

Lead the competition

Many companies in Egypt still do not invest in e-marketing, despite the importance of e-marketing in the modern era, so if you start investing today, you will differentiate yourself from a good part of your competitors. We have already talked in this article about the importance of e-marketing for companies, as e-marketing is the best option for companies that need to grow. Your company can differentiate itself from the competition by creating quality content that helps customers identify and solve their problems.

low cost

We are not saying that email marketing is free. not. But with the tools that exist today, with the power of high targeting and various strategies for optimizing websites for search engines, investing in digital marketing has become much cheaper than investing in traditional media.

Over time, the price of offline marketing has become very high. Advertising on television, radio, newspapers and billboards has a high cost. It is a high investment that most companies, especially those with low turnover, cannot find a return.

Digital marketing, if it requires a minimum investment, can be much cheaper than offline marketing. It is not surprising to say that online marketing strategies also occupy a large part of the marketing strategies of companies.

Accurately analyze the results

As mentioned earlier, digital marketing allows you to more accurately define your audience and what their tastes and preferences are. In the same way, it is possible to track the results of any digital marketing action with the same accuracy.

Search Engine Marketing Strategies

Search engine marketing strategies are essential in managing online marketing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It consists of content creation and web optimization, which are the factors that make it appear in the first results of search engines.
SEM (Search Engine Marketing). They are a set of advertising actions in search engines and web pages. I was able to give visibility to the brand, services and products you offer.

Email Marketing

Another essential factor to consider in digital marketing campaigns is email marketing. The main objective of this procedure is to create a feeling of belonging to customers and, as a consequence, of buying.

What are the four elements of marketing and how important they are?

In marketing, both traditional and online, there is a formula for defining and working on marketing strategies. The four elements of marketing are a basic concept for a person dedicated to marketing, and these four variables explain how marketing works in a complete and comprehensive way.

the product.

It is the main ingredient. The entire marketing process revolves around the product, being the main component of any marketing campaign. The product or service is responsible for meeting the needs of the target audience.

selling points.

The point of sale is understood as the distribution of the product, that is, the process through which the product or service reaches the consumers. Due to advances in technology, it is common today to find online sales as a point of sale.


It relates to the amount of money the consumer has to pay for the product. Marketing is one of those responsible for changing the price. Price is the first thing that the vast majority of people look at when buying a product. Marketing is one who is responsible for increasing the selling price without having to change the product or service itself.


All those channels, technologies and means that make the product recognizable. As with point of sale, technological advances have revolutionized the means of merchandising. Years ago, it was promoted on billboards or on radio or television. Today, the vast majority of companies promote their products online. It has become easier to conduct quality advertising through the online channel, and it has gained prestige and popularity.

Market strategies and their purpose

In the marketing strategy that you can also use advertising, and most of the time they use Facebook to introduce themselves. This site explains how Facebook ads are used. Advertising is a very effective way to publicize the company, the new product or service if that is what they want.

For this, it is important to know what the customer or customers in general also need. Because as we said, the customer or customers are always right, so we must always be on their side. When making marketing plans, business plans or setting up a company, it is necessary to know the data from:

Consumer analysis.

In short, corporate e-marketing and its tools go beyond traditional marketing. Thus, we have learned about the importance of e-marketing for companies and the benefits of e-marketing and the difference between it and traditional marketing and different market strategies.


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