The largest and most important web design companies

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The largest and most important web design companies

If you are thinking of designing a website with a web design company, whether it is a personal website or a business website. Today there is no need to be an experienced graphic designer to design a website with a beautiful design, there are many tools to support you in this essential step we will explain In this article with the best web design company.

Definition of web design with the largest and most important web design companies

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Web design is an activity that consists of planning, designing and implementing websites, a web designer is concerned with how a web page is created and developed as well as how customers interact with it, good web designers know how to put design principles together to create a great looking website They also understand ease of use and how to create a site that customers want to navigate because it’s very easy to do.

This requires taking into account mobility, interaction, ease of use, information structure and media interaction such as audio, text, image, links and video. It is considered within the multimedia design.

The combination of good design with an evolving content hierarchy increases the efficiency of the web as a channel for communication and data exchange, which provides capabilities such as direct communication between producer and consumer of content, which is an outstanding advantage of a medium.

Web design has seen wide application in online business sectors especially on the World Wide Web. The web is often used as a medium of plastic expression itself, artists and creators make web pages another means of presenting their productions and use it as another channel to disseminate their work.

Web designers need to create a prototype before they can showcase their creations live in order to gain customer approval or feedback. These prototypes are mostly created using tools such as “HTML, CSS, Java, Illustrator or Photoshop”.

The most basic stages of a web designer to create a web page

The best web design companies in Egypt offer the basic stages of web design:

The first stage: is the visual design of the information to be edited, in this stage we work by distributing text, graphics and links to other documents and other multimedia objects that are considered relevant, it is important to make a pre-drawing or pre-design on paper before working on the computer, this Having a clear arrangement on the design will make it easier.
The second stage: is the structure and hierarchical relationship of the pages of the site, as soon as you have this graphic, you go to “write” the site, for this and mainly to deal with the links between documents, Hypertext Markup Language or “HTML” was created.
The third stage: of search engine optimization or search engine optimization and this consists of optimizing the content structure to improve the position in which the page appears in a particular search, graphic designers do not like this stage because unlike text, even in 2012 you can not get new results in search engines Search high fee websites.
Currently web designers specialize in specific areas of design, in particular designers have been distinguished in “UI” (User Interface) and “UX” (User Experience).

8 steps to designing a successful website

Here are 8 steps you must follow to design your website successfully and give your website the amazing impact it deserves:

Step 1: Define your strategy

It sounds obvious but before you tackle the design of your site, ask yourself what its purpose is and what goal you want to achieve. etc. Before delving into your content strategy, it is important to know how you want to market your brand, the goal is to build something that is attractive and authentic.

Once you define your goal, you need to ask yourself what actions you want people to take on your site. Did you create it to provide information? to sell your products? to gain subscribers? The answers to these questions will determine the visual appearance of your site.

Step 2: Look at the trends in terms of design

The visual appearance of the sites often changes depending on the situations. But note this point even if the design is inspired by it, the modern design will not necessarily suit you.

For 48% of internet users the visual aspect is the most important, so we should take the time to find out what the competition is doing.

Step 3: Choose your platform

There are many tools that allow you to create your own website and its visual layout. without having to know a single line of code. Let’s start by taking a look at the most famous of them: “WordPress”. Used by many web design companies


 اكبر واهم شركات ويب ديزاين

WordPress is an open source, self-hosted content management system. It allows you to fully control the appearance and configuration of your site, technically it is free. Because in reality you will have to pay for hosting, domain name, necessary plugins, etc.

The only downside to WordPress is that it is not suitable for everyone, especially the less educated. It’s better to be comfortable with the code or have someone who is really good at it on the team.

Step 4: Choose a template

Now that you know what content your site will contain and why you created it. You definitely have a clearer idea of ​​what it will look like.

The template is the backbone of your site, on which all the elements you will add are located. Most platforms offer pre-cut templates with sample content. Templates are often segmented according to segments, making it possible to choose a template that works for you with the right features.

Step 5: Select your brand color

Now that you have all the basics, it’s time to think more about your site design, remember that every detail is part of your brand’s overall image, everything matters: colors, font, images, etc.

Step 6: Improve Your Content

Once your site starts looking like something, you need to get people to go there. So you should be interested in two things: positioning and SEO.

Step 7: Publish your site
Step 8: Analyze and Optimize

At the core of the goals of the best web design companies in Egypt and the results that we can obtain by creating your own website. We want to be your partner and not just a supplier, and we advise you on the best strategies to win the competition and confirm your brand on the Internet. We are the largest and most important web design company in Egypt.

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Which is the best mobile app design company?

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What is the cost of designing a website?

The cost of web design varies according to the customer's requirements and capabilities.

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