The problem of stopping the ad account and its solution

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The problem of stopping the ad account and its solution

This is one of the problems of stopping the “Boost Unavailable” ad account. You can enter on your page and find a button called myself. This indicates that the ad account has a problem, such as the payment method, a breach of one of Facebook’s policies, or the account has been suspended by mistake. The artificial intelligence of Facebook can get confused and make it clear that this ad violates some policies and the ad account is suspended. These reasons can be a reason to stop your ad account completely, but the main and most important reason we will review below.

Ad account suspended problem

Perhaps one of the most important reasons for stopping the advertising account is to verify your new account. If you create a new account, it needs to verify this account, to ensure your identity. The solution here is to give him the data to run the ad account again.

As for the radical solution to this problem, you have to have more than one advertising account so that if one of them stops, you will have alternatives and you can continue. To solve this problem, submit a review request to Facebook and see if the problem they have to solve.

But how do I submit this request?

  • First, go back to your personal account.
  • Then we click on the Facebook sign in the top left of the page.
  • After that, we choose “Ads Manager” through which we submit a request for review, and a page with “You’re restricted from advertising” appears, meaning that the account is disabled. How good the account is, and it says “Disabled”.

مشكلة توقف الحساب الإعلاني و حلها

  • This page also shows the things that are not allowed to be done under the name “Restrictions”.
  • But you want to tell them that they have the problem and not you. Click on the “see Restrictions” button, and a page appears, from which we click on the “Request Review” button, which means submitting a request for review. In this case, your advertising account will be closed within 30 days by clicking on the “continue” button.
  • Then a message appears asking you to help them identify you to make sure that you are the owner of the account by clicking on the “I’m not robot” box and then pressing the “Continue” button, and another page will appear entitled “number” Mobile a Add in which we write the phone number for your account To send you a message to confirm this number.
  • Then press the “send Code” button, and it will send the 6-digit code to your mobile phone, read the message and write the 6 numbers, then press the “Next” button.

Ad account suspended problem

  • A page appears asking you to “ID” any personal card, passport or any official document, in order to make sure of your identity and that the account is yours.
  • A dialog box appears containing images from which we choose what we want. We start “Uploading” your passport, ID or driver’s license, then press the “Open” button, and a page titled “Upload Your id” appears stating that we have uploaded a photo of the passport or ID card.
  • From there, click on the “Continue” button, and a message appears thanking you for providing the information and confirming their keenness to review that data properly, to verify the validity of your data. At that time, your account is suspended until the data is reviewed.
  • Now we have to wait for the review to be completed, this review can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours. If the review was reviewed and the ad account was unblocked after approximately 24 hours, and the account was returned again, this indicates that the word “Boost Post” appears on the button in blue. In this way, you can use your own ad account and solve the problem of stopping the ad account, and you can promote the various publications that you have, or create ads from the “Ad Manager”.

Facebook Business Account

The suspension of your advertising account can happen for one reason or another. I have already submitted a request to return the account, it takes from one to three days. During this period, you are obliged to stop all the ads you are working on until the approval of the account recovery. Instead of stopping your ads, create an account on “FB Business Account”.

What is a Facebook FB Business Account?

It is an account called a Business Manager account that is created from your personal profile. All work is transferred to it. You can also transfer the main advertising account on Facebook Business and transfer all your work to it, that is, the pages you created from the personal account can be transferred to the FB Business Account. You can also create more than one advertising account, each one with a different “time zone”, a different payment method, and a different work as well.

“FB Business Account”, you can organize within it the ads that you implement, and you can create ads for more than one company and page, and you can create more than one ad account, but this requires first creating an account “FB Business Account”. You can transfer your pages from your personal account on Facebook Facebook Business and this gives a lot of ease in management. You can simply add people who can help you manage the page. You can also do this step through the personal account, but you will have to go back to the page and enter its settings, from which the “page role” begins And set whoever you want.

As for Facebook Business, the topic is different. There are not all these complications. The topic is very easy. This is because of the easy management of pages on Facebook Business.

FB Business Account

The “FB Business Account” is also more secure. Transferring pages from the personal account on Facebook Business: This means that these pages have an owner or “owner”, and the advantage in that is that if you assign “admin” to the pages you want, he can take over the page and take it from you in the normal mode. But if you transfer the ownership of this page to Facebook Business, then Facebook Business becomes the “owner” of the page and not the “admin”. That is, his responsibility is higher because he is the owner of the page, and therefore if you assign “Admin” to the page.

He kicked you out of the page because he is “Admin”, so there is no problem mainly because Facebook Business is the “owner”, meaning he can exit this person and appoint you “Admin” again, so this system is called security. As for the people we add within Facebook Business, we do not give them the powers to administer the page only, but that they can manage the ad accounts. We ask Facebook Business that a specific person manages the ad accounts for one or more accounts and ask him to appoint another person to view the statistics of the ad account referred to. Adding people to ad accounts with pages enables you to make the necessary interactions between all of this. In addition, Facebook Business created the “Pixel”, and you can share audiences and other things.

How is an FB Business Account created?

  • First: You must make a “Login” within the personal “Account”. (Facebook Business is made from the personal “Account” and not a new account) as shown below:

مشكلة توقف الحساب الإعلاني و حلها

  • Second: Go to a new Tap in the browser, as we can see:

توقف الحساب الاعلانى

  • Third: In the “URL” address, write “” and then press the “Enter” key on the keyboard. The “Facebook Business Suite” page will appear where you can manage my Pages. When you choose “Index” from the left menu, you will see all the messages received on your page or on the “Account” of “instagram” as you see:

توقف الحساب الاعلانى

  • You can now reply to all incoming messages.

How do we create a “Business Account”?

  • We write this in any browser “”, and this page will appear to you as we see below:

توقف الحساب الاعلانى

  • On this page, you are welcomed and asked to create the “Create Account” located at the top right of the page.
  • The next window appears, in which it asks to write the name of the business account. (You can write the name in Arabic or English, but if you write it in English, it must be the first letter “Capital”.
  • You are asked to write your personal name and the name of my e-mail (an e-mail is written other than the Facebook e-mail).

Then we press the “Submit” button, as we can see:

توقف الحساب الاعلانى

  • A message appears confirming that your “Account” has been created and asks to go and “Confirm” to confirm the email we actually use.
  • Open your email and you will find a message from Facebook, open the message and press “Confirm Now”.

Now that you have a Facebook business page, we notice that the “Account” is completely empty and does not have any “assets”. Thus, the pages that you will add to the “Business Account” and “People” have all the powers and the advertising accounts and the “Ad Account”. Thus, you have avoided the problem of the suspension of the ad account.

In the following article, we will learn about the types of campaigns on Facebook. Follow us with all that is new.


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