Where does the ad appear on Facebook and how to take into account the ad format in the places it is displayed

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Where does the ad appear on Facebook and how to take into account the ad format in the places it is displayed

We will now know, where the ad appears on Facebook. Facebook Ads appear in certain places, all of which are just as important, since there are people who visit Facebook from their computers and others from their cell phones, which is why you should take both aspects into account when creating your ad. We’ll see how to take this into account below.

How to start a new campaign?

  • We will click on the “Create” button on a page called “Campaigns”, and a page entitled “Create New Campaign” will appear, and you can choose any type, let it be “Brand awareness” as we see:

 الإعلان على الفيسبوك

  • When you press the “Continue” button, a page with a new campaign called “New Campaign” will appear. When you enter any ad group within the campaign, you will see the data of this group, and from this data we choose the “Audience” previously created
  • At the bottom, we find an item “placements” (where ads appear), and it has two options: the first: It means the appropriate places to display your ad. Second: It means that we choose where our advertisement appears, and when you click on the last option, a statement will appear for you as we see

اماكن ظهور الإعلان على الفيسبوك وكيفية مراعاة شكل الاعلان فى أماكن عرضه

  • When we want to delete a selection from these places, we delete the check mark from its box.
  • Below are the sub-places for each of these applications, which are listed under “Placements”.

Where do ads appear on Facebook?

7 places where our advertisement can be displayed as we can see below:

الإعلان على الفيسبوك

We will now learn about the 8 choices and what are the most important places to display the ad.

1- The “Stories” option is present in the “Application” and contains three sub-selections.

2- Choose “In-Stream” which is video ads only, and when you open it you will find one place with the phrase “Facebook in-Stream Video” which means video ads that appear while you are watching some videos.

(Meaning, when watching the video, the video is cut with sound and image to display the advertisement, and after the advertisement is finished, it returns to the video again.

3- Choosing “Search” means, do you like your ads appearing with search results, and when you open them, only one place appears called “Facebook Search Results”. That is, when you search for a specific thing within Facebook by typing a specific thing, you will see a set of results for the thing you are looking for.

Where do ads appear on Facebook?

4- The “Messages” option means that if someone opens his messenger, he will receive a message from a specific page for a specific advertisement (this message is not among the messages, but it will be replied to him personally inside his “Inbox”.

5- The “In-Article” selection is a special platform that Facebook created for bloggers or who have sites with articles so that people can make a link between their Facebook page. (This is because when adding any article, the article is automatically downloaded to the Facebook page).

And the extent to which it benefits: that Facebook puts ads in its articles and gives a return to the author of the article from the ads that are downloaded.

6- Choosing “Apps and Sites” means that your ad will appear on sites and applications. (Facebook has become like Google, it has partners Apps and many sites that participate in Facebook).

All of what was explained above, we can make an automatic placement for all these options by checking the box for the selection:

  • “Automatic Placements-Recommended” under “Placements”. After that we run our advertisement and after a while we see the statistics and from these statistics a specific place of the advertisement appears and through the report we choose “Manual Placements”. We start selecting or deleting things that appeared in the report and were unsuccessful.
  • At the bottom, we find an option called “Show More Options.” When you click on the adjacent arrow, several other options appear, including:
  • In the item “Devices”, you can press the Edit button, and it will ask you where to display the advertisement for devices, whether “Desktop” or “Mobile”. This means, do you like to display your ad on mobile devices only, either desktop devices only or both. (It is preferable to leave the default mode).
  • The option “Exclude Skippable” When the “EDIT” button is pressed, one option appears, which we specify if desired, as we see below:

الإعلان على الفيسبوك

  • The “Brand Safety” item is related to the display locations and every campaign you implement you will find this word inside as we see:

الإعلان على الفيسبوك

By reaching this step, you will have known where the ad appears on Facebook, and in the following article we will learn about the brand safety on Facebook “Brand Safety”.


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