How to use sentiment marketing and craft it within advertising

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How to use sentiment marketing and craft it within advertising

Sentiment marketing is the most important strategy for us in marketing strategies. And that feelings are motivating to buy. As marketing pioneer Zig Ziglar famously said, people don’t buy for logical reasons, they buy for emotional reasons. There are many studies and many statistics, all of which prove that people actually buy with passion and not for any other reason. Statistics also prove that content is unforgettable if it is associated with feelings, people often forget what they learned but it is difficult to forget the feelings that you exported to them through your content.

What are the ten main feelings that motivate a purchase decision?

 تسويق المشاعرThere are marketing strategies used in content writing, including sentiment marketing. A set of feelings that motivate the purchase decision that affect the customer’s decision greatly. We will arrange these feelings in order of importance from least to most important, i.e. in descending order.

The tenth emotion in the strategy of marketing feelings of affiliation

Most people, when they feel a sense of belonging in terms of a product or a brand, prefer to buy from it and deal with it. When you say in your advertising content (Come to Umm Ali Restaurant and share the authentic taste with us.. with us, you will feel that you are at home) using words such as, (Come, share with us, and your home) all of these words give you feelings of belonging and very motivate the decision to buy or go to the restaurant as In the example. Before moving on to knowing another type of emotion, we must know where you write those feelings in the content? Let’s agree that the best place to write the feelings that motivate belonging to the content is the title, because it is natural if the title is devoid of feelings and does not attract the reader, the reader will not be interested in reading the advertisement and reaching the request for action.

The ninth passion is greed

What is meant here, of course, is that you make the customer want for himself the maximum possible advantages that can be obtained. When you say in your ad (Buy your favorite meal and get a gift) and here you have coaxed the customer with the gift and this is a correct title, but there is a title that pulls more than that. The customer is more because you wrote 5 gifts and also a free word that draws the attention of any buyer. The best place to write your feelings of greed for the content is in the action request.

The eighth emotion is confidence

It is very, very important for the customer to feel confident about the brand or service he is dealing with. No matter how much you write that you are the best and the best in your field, the customer will not feel confident in this way, later we will talk about dividing the market and building the personality of the buyer, but now what makes him really feel confident are the following:

– Customer testimonials: They are one of the real customers that you have dealt with, asking him to testify about your product or service, either recorded in the form of a video, or even as a written text. in order to verify the correctness of the written words.

– Reviews: What are found on the sites are the reviews from previous customers and their comments about their opinions of the service or product.

Where to write feelings of trust in content that uses the sentiment marketing strategy, do not write customer testimonials or reviews in the final ad but write in the landing pages.

The seventh emotion is comfort

 تسويق المشاعرIf the customer feels comfortable through the advertising formula, this makes him take the decision faster, such as in the case that you said in the advertisement (save your time and effort and buy your orders while you are comfortable with the fastest delivery in Egypt) here you made the customer feel comfortable that he will deal with the fastest delivery in addition to Save time and effort. And write feelings of comfort in the title and it does not hurt if you combine feelings of comfort or savings with the benefit of using the product or service.

The sixth emotion is shyness

One of the important feelings that motivate the purchase is feelings of shyness, such as using words that make the customer feel ashamed of embarrassing situations, such as (forget bad smells and embarrassing situations and use magic foot powder). This address will provoke the customer with feelings of shame that he may have been exposed to before. Also important to know is that feelings of shyness are also written in the title.

The fifth emotion is jealousy

Jealousy is one of the feelings that can arouse the customer’s feelings of purchase, such as using (all your friends, prepare for the summer with a perfect body, come to Dar Jamali clinics and get the perfect body).

The fourth emotion is pride

When the reader feels something that gives him pride and high standing in the eyes of others, he will buy immediately. When you are promoting a dress shop, if you say buy the best dresses in the latest fashions, this will not help you or give any feelings of pride. But in the event that you said (Shine like princesses and wear the thinnest and most elegant dress from Mira’s dresses) here, you gave the customer something of pride. Feelings of pride are also written in the title.

The third emotion is guilt

If the client feels guilty, he can take the decision immediately. The most famous of these examples are donation announcements, which feel guilty and tired in order to make a donation. Also in the event that you used the phrase (your responsibility is to keep your children healthy, help them grow better and eat them Abu al-Khair cheese) here he uses feelings of guilt that the customer feels that your child will not get the proper growth until he eats cheese. Write the feelings of guilt in the title.

The second emotion is happiness

It is to make the customer feel happy while reading the title, and here what is meant is not to mention the word happiness only, but you must make the reader feel the feeling of happiness through your words such as (pamper yourself and relax and forget the pressures and problems with the Korean massage on the sweetest tones). Here you give the customer the feeling of happiness just because he read your words, make you want to go to enjoy and relax, also write in the title.

The first emotion is fear

It is the most dangerous emotion in the stimulating emotion that is used in the emotion marketing strategy. If the client feels afraid, he will take the decision immediately, such as (if you do not want to lose your health and your money in medicines, you must be afraid with Dar Jamali clinics) also write in the address. Note that there is another type of fear, which is the fear that the offer will end or quantities will run out, such as (this offer is valid for one day) in this way the customer will grow in him feelings of fear that he will not catch up to enjoy the offer, or you write a sentence such as (the rest of the jacket is limited) Here, too, the customer has a feeling of fear that he will not catch up on buying the limited pieces available. Write the feelings of fear in the request for action. Thus, we have clarified the most important feelings that will motivate the customer to buy, which are used in the marketing strategy of feelings.



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