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Marketing strategies used in content writing

2 March، 2023

As is well known and agreed that marketing strategies are the way to increase company sales, but they also help us achieve multiple goals before reaching the sale (increase recognition of your brand) and maintain customer loyalty. But here we will not be talking about marketing, but rather about strategies that will help us in […]

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Sales Funnel and AIDA Model

21 February، 2023

A marketing funnel is a way to better measure and get to know your potential customers, which covers all activities from attracting new visitors to making sales using a marketing strategy, thus increasing the monthly sales volume of your business. It is now in the era of e-marketing. It is considered a digital marketing methodology […]

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How to use sentiment marketing and craft it within advertising

15 March، 2022

Sentiment marketing is the most important strategy for us in marketing strategies. And that feelings are motivating to buy. As marketing pioneer Zig Ziglar famously said, people don’t buy for logical reasons, they buy for emotional reasons. There are many studies and many statistics, all of which prove that people actually buy with passion and […]

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Market segmentation and buyer persona building

9 March، 2022

The importance of dividing the market and building the personality of the buyer, is that it shows you what the marketing message you want to present to your audience, and it also teaches you how to write your content and what are the vocabulary or terms that must be contained in this content. We must […]

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The buyer’s journey and the difference between marketing and sales

6 March، 2022

In order to understand the difference between marketing and sales, we must first understand the so-called buyer’s journey. It refers to the customer’s experience throughout the buying process from discovering the product or solution to completing and acquiring the purchase. This journey will define the customer’s relationship with and perception of the brand. The stages […]

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The importance and types of marketing content

20 February، 2022

Clear, relevant, engaging and consistent content is what drives a potential customer to take the action you want. The more content you create of any type, the more customers you will attract over time. More importantly, you will also keep more loyal customers. Content marketing today is one of the most important forms of promoting […]

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