Market segmentation and buyer persona building

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Market segmentation and buyer persona building

The importance of dividing the market and building the personality of the buyer, is that it shows you what the marketing message you want to present to your audience, and it also teaches you how to write your content and what are the vocabulary or terms that must be contained in this content. We must know how to divide the market? Because it is self-evident that you cannot sell the product to all segments of the audience, you must focus on a specific segment to which you direct your message.

Market segmentation and buyer persona building

تقسيم السوق وبناء شخصية المشتري

The market is divided into two parts:

B2B: It is the abbreviation of “Business To Business”, and it means that you, as a company, sell to another company.

B2C: This is an acronym for “Business To Customer”, and it means that your business is directed at the individual customer or the end customer.

There is a very big and fundamental difference in the way content is written in each of the two divisions. Because the individual customer makes the purchase through feelings, which is known as emotional marketing. In this type of marketing, the focus is on some words that address the emotion of the audience, because they often buy with emotion. As for companies, they do not buy with emotion, but rather buy through specifications, which is what is called marketing by specifications. By displaying the specifications and features of what it offers. The form of content in both types is completely different. In the case of “B2C”, a writing form called “Marketing persona” will be used, faithful to the customer’s personal characteristics, demographic, psychological and other characteristics. In the case of writing content suitable for selling to companies, we will use a form called “STP”.

Meaning of the abbreviation “STP”

“S” is short for “segmentation,” which is the division of an activity or place into a group of categories.
“T” is an abbreviation for “Targeting”, which means targeting your products and services to segments that have been segmented.
“P” is an abbreviation for “Positioning”, and what is meant here is the mental image, and this means the impression you want to leave on the audience that you have divided and targeted.

We will now learn how to make a relationship between the three terms, in order to finally reach the marketing message, and what we should focus on in writing the content. We will connect the three terms in this way as shown in the following example. Suppose that you are the owner of an application programming company that will divide the market and build the buyer’s personality by following several steps, which are according to the “STP” model that we explain.

Steps to segment the market and build the buyer persona

The first step is “Segmentation.” Note in your market segmentation that the closer the target you want to you in terms of location, the better. Here we will divide the market into:

Antiques and antiques stores.
Big companies.
Specialized hospitals.

The second step is “Targeting”, which is about the services or products that I offer. In our example here is:

Create e-stores.
Advertising campaigns management.
E-marketing service.

The third step is according to the “STP” model, which is “Positioning”, in which you determine the impression you want to leave with the audience you want to target, and this impression, according to our example, is:

Speed ​​in execution.
the quality .
Best price for quality.

After determining those points in the “STP” model, it is necessary to define the market segmentation and build the buyer’s personality. Each segment of the market needs any of the services you provide. Here, you must be well aware that the subject is completely far from your personal estimates, but this step is done by studying the market well and knowing its requirements. You are supposed to study each of the segments that you specified in the “Segmentation”. Even in “Positioning” we must also define it by studying the market, and note that you must focus on leaving one specific impression for each of the divisions you have identified. Meaning that each division has one goal and one impression I want to give to the customer, and this does not mean that we neglect the rest of the goals, but focusing on a specific goal for each segment is the basis for the success of the marketing message. Here we must note that false promises, as we agreed, are doomed to certain failure. Here, we have explained the “STP” model for writing content that targets companies in dividing the market and building the personality of the buyer.

B2C Model

تقسيم السوق وبناء شخصية المشتري

Now we will show what is most important for everyone who works in the online business, which is the “B2C”, and this means how to sell directly to people. In order for me to do this correctly, you, as a company, must do something called “buyer persona” or (marketing persona). It is done with the aim of knowing the person you are dealing with. In the case of online selling, the skilled seller extracts information from the person’s appearance when he begins to deal with him and begins to identify the data through which he can be persuaded to buy. In the case of selling online, you do not see the person you are trying to persuade to buy your product, how can you know his method and background in order to send the appropriate message to him in terms of age, gender and education. Because if you want to convince the customer to buy, you must talk to him in his way. Many online marketers do good advertisements and target correctly, but they do not give him any result, and this is because they do not know any way to present his message to the customer and what is his way to be able to communicate with him, and thus the advertisement fails.

Here comes the importance of dividing the market and building the buyer’s personality, or the buyer’s personalities, in order to be able to know the characteristics of the buyer and thus be able to send a healthy message to him in their way that suits their personalities. After knowing the buyer’s personality correctly, you can make more than one advertisement in one advertising campaign and this is much better than In practice, instead of making one advertisement that targets everyone in the same way and method and does not give a result, it is better to make more than one advertisement in one advertising campaign. Each advertisement suits the personality of the buyer you are targeting. Later we will explain funnel marketing and the Aida model.

تقسيم السوق وبناء شخصية المشتري

What is the buyer persona?

They are fictional representations of your ideal customers. These representations are based on real data regarding their demographics and online behavior. As well as speculation about their personal history, motives and interests.

How to get the data by which the market is segmented and build the personality of the buyer?

These data, which must be real, are obtained in order to be able to build a correct buyer persona. It is based on real data, as we explained previously through several methods, including:

Your large and confirmed previous experiences for the same market and for the same product, in the event that you have a place or shop through which you sell and you decide to go and sell online in the same market and place. But note that online customers and their personalities may differ from the offline customers you know.
Surveys and polls Ask what people think of my product.
Personal interviews. All these methods so far are just theoretical talk that does not bring real benefit. But if you want to get practical and useful data, it comes from:
Facebook groups and pages, for example. its goals and requirements. This is a practical solution that gives clear and practical results.

There are dozens of models that can be used to make the “Buyer Persona” or the customer’s character, but the best of these models is in writing the Count or Cuban Writing, and it is considered a general model, the “Hubspot academy” model. No, really, we will learn about the buyer’s journey and the difference between marketing and sales

Background, which is a person’s hobbies and studies, a general background about him. Elements of a personal buyer’s work
Demographics, which is about his age, marital status and place of residence.
Personality determinants are the way he speaks, his manner of speaking, and the words he uses.
The goals he wants to reach.
Challenges What are the things that can prevent him from achieving his goal.
How to help
Real sentences and phrases from the reality of the Facebook groups and the comments of the participants in the group.
Common objections are the obstacles that prevent people from buying your products. It is also known through the Facebook groups that you subscribe to.
The marketing message is what I do through my knowledge that I have collected through the previous points.
A short message It is also a marketing message, but in a short, concise phrase.

These are the ten points of the Hubspot model, which can be dispensed with because it includes everything about market segmentation and building the buyer persona. The conclusion here is that the customer’s personal data is obtained through Facebook groups, which is the most practical method. This data is not obtained based on personal conclusions or speculation. The most important point is that you can use the “Buyer Persona”, in everything related to writing content, whether Cuban writing or content writing.

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