Marketing strategies used in content writing

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Marketing strategies used in content writing

As is well known and agreed that marketing strategies are the way to increase company sales, but they also help us achieve multiple goals before reaching the sale (increase recognition of your brand) and maintain customer loyalty. But here we will not be talking about marketing, but rather about strategies that will help us in writing content.

What are marketing strategies?

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The first of the marketing strategies is called the advantage marketing strategy. In the case of using this strategy, you must in your content define the product and its specifications.
The second strategy is benefit marketing. In the content, you will have to mention the benefits to the customer from using the product. There is also the so-called how to use sentiment marketing and formulate it within the advertisement, which we talked about before.

Example in the case of marketing a sports hat company. In the case of marketing, your content will be a description of this hat. For example, it is made of a material that absorbs sweat and allows ventilation, suitable for the size of any head, and attractive colors that suit everyone. In the case of benefit marketing, your content will focus more on the benefits of that hat, such as that it will protect you from the sun and dust. You can wear it in rainy and sunny weather. There is a famous saying that says “mention the benefits, not the advantages,” because the customer is very interested in the benefits that he will get when he He buys the product. Benefit marketing is divided into two strategies:

Functional Benefits (Benefit Marketing)

Here, we are talking to customers about the benefits that the product carries. Example: Get your favorite meal from “KFC” with 300 calories. In this example, I have mentioned one of the benefits of the meal, but you will not find many who understand the meaning of 300 calories and whether this really benefits them or not.

Emotional benefits (emotional marketing)

In the case of emotional marketing, if we apply the same example, enjoy your favorite fresh meal from “KFC” and maintain your ideal weight. Here in this example, I played on the customer’s feelings and gave him a sense of security and joy. Therefore, marketing with emotional benefit is one of the best marketing strategies that it is always preferred to use in writing content. Marketing with functional benefits is also used, but with less emotion, and marketing with benefits, but to a much lesser extent than before.

How to integrate different marketing strategies?

We also agreed that we always prefer to use emotional or emotional marketing in content writing. But we will also not neglect the rest of the strategies in writing our content. We will integrate all the strategies into the private content, as we know that any advertising content consists of:

the address
the introduction
the body
Action request. You must note that the advertisement is not the only place where you write content, but here are the landing pages or the “landing page”, which are the pages of the site that the customer goes to when he clicks on the request action button, and they are very important pages through which the customer completes the purchase process, but Splitting the content of landing pages is different from dividing this ad content, which we will learn about later.

It is important now to know which strategy you will use in any place of the advertising content. Let’s agree that all parts of the advertisement are dominated by the use of the sentiment strategy, not only that, but we include a small part of the functional benefits or marketing benefits, when the customer reaches to press the action button and goes to the landing page, at this time I include the written content on the landing page On all marketing strategies, we put into the content sentiments, benefits and specifications.

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