The buyer’s journey and the difference between marketing and sales

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The buyer’s journey and the difference between marketing and sales

In order to understand the difference between marketing and sales, we must first understand the so-called buyer’s journey. It refers to the customer’s experience throughout the buying process from discovering the product or solution to completing and acquiring the purchase. This journey will define the customer’s relationship with and perception of the brand.

The stages a customer goes through in the buyer’s journey

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Recognizing the stages the customer goes through is very important to understand at which stage the customer will make the purchase decision, understand the market segmentation and build the buyer’s personality. The buyer’s journey is divided into several stages:

perception stage

At this point in the buyer’s journey, the customer begins to realize that they have a problem. Here, the intervention is done by using the content rating, because it is possible that the customer already has a problem, but he is not aware of it. Example in the case that you represent a company that sells computers and target an audience of graphic designers. At this time, you can pose his problem to him or create a problem for him such as (Enough of modifications from customers due to the changing colors. Look at your designs again and get out of the cycle of modifications). At this stage, you do not sell, but now we expose the customer to the problem he already has, but he is not aware of it. .

Thinking stage

Here the client realized that he had a problem, and after you also intervened in crystallizing that problem, he became fully aware that he had a problem. Then comes the stage of thinking about the solution. Here also in the buyer’s journey, you intervene with the Content Rating, in order to offer him the solution. Here in the example that we presented earlier, you can start offering solutions, for example (buy a new computer whose colors are clearer with greater possibilities, so you will save a great effort and a stream of endless modifications ) Here, too, at this stage, you do not sell, but rather give advice on possible solutions that suit the customer’s problem. Here you can sell indirectly by displaying samples of your customers who have acquired a computer from you and help them complete their work quickly and easily.

decision stage

It is the last stage of the buyer’s journey. After I helped the client to identify his problem and provided him with a possible solution. The customer begins to make a decision, and often at this stage the customer begins to make comparisons between the solutions available to him. In the case of our example, he will search and compare the computers available to him. He will search for the best device, the best price, and the highest capabilities. At this stage, you begin to intervene with the Cuban Rating and Beacon by making an explicit advertisement such as (Save your time, increase your income, and buy the latest computers with a powerful graphics card. Precision: AMD RYZEN 5 3400G Quad-Core 3.7 GHZ, Motherboard: MSI B450M PRO-VDH PLUS, RAM: Vengeance LPX 8 GB, HDD Seagate Barracuda 1TB, Case: THERMALTAKE V200 + PSU500W at unbeatable prices. Contact us now and enjoy a special discount) By knowing the buyer’s journey, we can now tell the difference between marketing and sales.

Marketing: It is putting the product in front of the interested person and making him believe that this product helps him and makes him achieve his goals. He solves his problem, and this does not mean that you will say false and untrue things because lying is not allowed in marketing or selling. We can say that the main goal of marketing is to spread awareness among interested people.

Sales: is the conversion of interested people resulting from the previous two stages into customers, meaning the goal of direct sales is to obtain sales and complete the purchase process. Thus, we have been able to identify the difference between marketing and sales by defining the buyer’s journey.

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