The importance and types of marketing content

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The importance and types of marketing content

Clear, relevant, engaging and consistent content is what drives a potential customer to take the action you want. The more content you create of any type, the more customers you will attract over time. More importantly, you will also keep more loyal customers. Content marketing today is one of the most important forms of promoting your products or services, or even promoting your brand.

What is the content?

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As we all know that in 1996, Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft, wrote an article entitled Content is King. From the day this article was written, this saying has become popular among everyone who deals with the Internet, “content is the king.” In this article, the content on the Internet is the place from which you can make profits. The good content is what remains and the rest will perish. But the question arises, what is the content? Content is anything that is created for presentation to the public, such as:

Landing pages or website pages.
Posts written on Facebook.
Tweets on Twitter.
Publications published in blogs.
video clips.
Graphs .
Advertising texts.
Advertising banners and banners.
Usage manuals.

All of these are different and varied forms of content, and not just these forms of content. There are many different forms of content. The important thing here as we agreed is that content is king. Any form of content if it does not contain good content that applies the standards of good content that we will discuss later, will not give the desired results for marketing content and will not be popular.

What are the different types of content?

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Here are several marketing strategies used in content writing. There are many types of written content, but here we have summarized them into four main types, which are as follows:

literary content.
Media content.
Marketing content, which is the most important to us, and which we will address in an explanation. We will highlight the characteristics of each type of content.
Literary content

Examples include novels, literary stories and poetry. All these forms of literary content and successful literary content must have several characteristics, including:

It must provide artistic value.
It has an element of fun.
It is purely the author’s imagination, and here it depends on the writer’s readings, culture and talent.
Content that addresses the mind and heart and conveys a range of feelings and sensations.

technical content

Such as research, scientific theses, books, manuals for use, regulations and instructions. In the event that you are writing this type of content, several conditions must be met, including:

The content must be useful.
It concerns a wide range of the public.

He noted that the technical content, unlike the literary content, does not contain the element of imagination, but rather it is serious information that does not address feelings and feelings, and the writer of the technical content must be familiar with the subject he is writing about and is completely proficient.

media content

It is about press news in newspapers, magazines, and news websites. Media content must be characterized by the following:

The news is true and true
be modern
The news is in the talk of the hour, or as it is said, a trend
Obviously useful and interesting

Preferably news that contains statistics according to the topic you are dealing with. We have addressed the types in a simple way, but the important type for us is the marketing content, and this is what we will discuss in some detail in the following:

Marketing content

It consists of articles on my blog or website, posts on Facebook, tweets on Twitter, and advertisements in all its forms. The important thing here is that the marketing content is primarily aimed at selling or enhancing your brand awareness. Also, the function of marketing content is to direct the audience to make a specific decision, such as buying, writing a review, sharing the post or video, or writing a comment. But although the marketing content is what concerns me, but we have clarified the rest of the other types of content and this is for a reason, that if I can mix my marketing content with any other type of content. The result of this combination will be a distinctive creative content.

Integrating marketing content and other types of content

In the event that we mix marketing content and literary content, we will produce what is called story marketing, meaning that you will combine the advantages of marketing content and the advantages of literary content. You can achieve the main goal of marketing content, which is to sell or promote the brand, but within the framework of a fictional or realistic story. The important thing here is that you will convey certain feelings to the audience through which I can direct them to take a specific reaction.

In the case of merging the marketing and technical content, my main goal will be to sell as well, but the form of writing will be of a serious type related to scientific research, and I will link it to marketing. Like selling skin and hair care products, you can use scientific research that talks about skin and hair care and mix it with your marketing content. The same situation when mixing marketing and media content will result in what is called news marketing. By knowing the latest news, which is widely circulated among people, and start linking it to my product or service, and create marketing content aimed at selling or promoting the brand.

What is content marketing?

Since we have made it clear that marketing content is the most important type of content for us. We must define it, in fact there are several definitions of marketing content, but we have collected a comprehensive definition that covers marketing content, according to what Joe Pulizzi said, which is as follows:

Content marketing is a strategy that focuses on creating and publishing content that is described as useful, relevant, consistent, unique, and exclusive. The content must be free from spelling errors. It is written colloquially educated people. In order to attract and retain an audience. This is in order to push the audience to conduct a process that has a beneficial return or the so-called (Call to Action), whatever you request can be implemented by the audience because it is an audience that interacts with what you write.

Types of marketing content

In terms of shape:

Written content: such as the content of landing pages or websites, posts on Facebook, tweets on Twitter, and advertising texts.
Visual content: such as photos, videos, infographics, and infographics. And if we notice that even the visual content is originally written content designed with video or images.

In terms of purpose:

Content Rating: It is the marketing content for the purpose of interacting with the audience, meaning that it is possible to make a publication and ask the audience to share and like. My main goal is audience interaction.
Cuban Writing: Advertising content for the purpose of generating sales. The main goal is to get sales, not audience interaction. In fact, they are very similar, but the difference lies in the interaction button or the action I want the audience to take.

Anatomy of content marketing

Any marketing content of any kind, whether content or copy writing, is divided into 5 things. The difference is only in a request for action or the “call to action.” These 5 elements are:

an introduction.
body .
Action request.

The bottom line here is that creating the right and appropriate marketing content is the cornerstone that gives you direct access to building an audience that will become your customers later.

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